The UACC continues to be an international joke.  This corrupt organization is down to its lowest membership in years. It has taken quite some time for members to see through the "BS".

The club has been run for decades by one or two members who have run this group into the ground.  Some members will tell you they are still there simply because of habit.  Many others, mostly professional autograph dealers were able to break the bad habit and all are doing quite well  being void of what's left of the UACC.

It is still very sad that this club could have been something positive for the hobby if it weren't for corruption and deceit.  All that was needed throughout the years was an honest election.  The Board of Directors fought very hard against this.  They fought against having an outside accounting firm at no cost to them count the ballots.  They always counted their own votes. What more needs to be said!

Here we go again....the long held presidency of Michael Hecht is over.  Where's an election?

Where is the Vice-President?  Can't really blame him for not wanting the position then why be Vice-President?  Just more insanity and embarrassment.  Now is it said that Al Wittnebert has taken the position of President.  He writes: "it appears that I have assumed the position of President of the UACC". Pray tell how did that happen!  Kicking off the new presidency he (a member of the UACC since the 70's) states: "I am hopeful (hopeful, doesn't sound too positive) that in the coming years we can stabilize the UACC...."  He finally admits the UACC has been unstable for a very long time mostly under (I say this with a smile) his leadership.  The club for quite some time is basically "out of service."  No shows, no public meeting, the magazine is in turmoil and that's when it is even printed. Look at the comedy show of UACC Speakers.  The club lists it has 40 speakers around the world that can speak to your group or class.  Not a single engagement is listed and that's been for quite awhile. The joke continues as Al Wittnebert is asking for more people to join the Speaker Program. You can see where this group is going. So very sad!

More to come!

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  • I recently went to the UACC  site and made an attempt to buy from the UACC store with no success.  The online store is not working at all.  I think the only updates on the site is Al Wittnebert taking over as President.  I also saw the  GO FUND ME page for the UACC .  The  UACC  seems to be just in name only.  


  • Karl, you hit the nail on the head.  What's left of that outfit is there to protect themselves. Just try filing a complaint against one of their favored members. Chances are it will be totally ignored by the so-called ethics committee.  Look how lame this group is, the president passes and the V/P is no where to be found. Then some one steps up, no elections, and says he doesn't want the job but steps up to the throne. What a joke!

  • Stephen, One of the Science teachers that I worked with retired. You signed a copy of the Ad for the Alien Autograph for me, to give him. He really got a kick out of it. I work in my old High School and to be honest, I think of every staff member as a friend. I wish more places operated in such a manner. The UACC had a great thing and people ruined it. I have fond memories of The Platts , Mary Benjamin , and a few other dealers. Many of today's dealers have a "cut Throat attitude". The UACC is a silly club today, because the membership has zero benefits .

  • Karl, for some reason I  remember your name.  I was there in the 70's, the political/financial situation behind the scenes was attrocious. To see how the board controlled the ethics charges filed against its "favored dealers"  is believable.  If regulr mmbers really knew what was going on the club would hve folded "almost did" in the early 90's. There has been nothing left the lst dozen and more years except a memberhip dues collecing organization for those who want to illustrate a useless logo on their sites.  Now down to a one person conrol colecting dues with little or NO expenses. Quite a scam.

  • I joined the UACC  in the mid 1980's. They had an informative magazine that was printed on magazine stock. This magazine held valuable information. Four times per year, the UACC had a wonderful autograph show in New York. I allowed my membership to lapse when they stopped publishing the magazine, Pen & Quill. I still attended the autograph shows. Unfortunately, there are zero autograph shows and no magazine is being published. I fail to see what a UACC Membership will do for me.

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