This is just an ongoing situation where Regisrered Dealers of the UACC are selling forged autographs.  As always, these orginal photographs bearing forged signatures and useless COA's stating they are members of the UACC are on file with the "Certificate of Authetication Library."

The following three photographs bearing forged signatures of basketball player Hakeem Olaluwon were sold by a seller of autographs who claims to be a member of the UACC. This is stated on the COA's.  Most interesting is that three COA's go by three different company names yet the rubber stamped signature of the owner is the same on all three.





The same seller of autographs who claims on their COA that they are members of the UACC is also selling the following two items as authentic.  Experts have determined the following two signed items are forgeries of Joe Carter and Steve Avery.





 Not surprisingly another forged item is found on a color photograph of LeeAnn Rimes.  This was sold by different member of the UACC. This is confirmed on their COA and lists their Registered Dealer Number.


The UACC recommends that collecors only purchase autographs from memebrs of the Registered Dealer program.

We are Autograph Planet hope your collection does not resemble the numerous examples sold by UACC sellers of autographs that are on file at the COA Reference Library! 

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