UACC, AL Wittnebert, Judy Garland Autograph Study

I take this opportunity to respond to a request from William Q that he posted on  regarding an item he has signed by Judy Garland.

Years ago, I was a Director of the UACC.  At that time the UACC wanted to give the impression that they were an educational group.  The president of the UACC, Bob Erickson asked me to write an educational autograph study on a popular person of my choice.  I chose to write a study on the autographs of Judy Garland.  It took me a few weeks to go through my vast exemplar file of items signed by Judy Garland that I was positive were authentic.  I put together the autograph study beginning with early examples to later examples of her signature.  The only thing I didn't have was a piece for the cover that I thought was outstanding.  I located a fine colorful example that Paul Fraser had in England and asked his permission to use his exemplar on the cover. Mr. Fraser gracioulsy agreed.  The Autograph Study of Judy Garland was sent to the UACC, camera ready.

Weeks later the study was published by the UACC and to my astonishment I was not the author.  The author was now the  treasurer of the club, Al Wittnebert.  Furious, I contacted the president of the club, Bob Erickson and his response was "It's what's best for the UACC."   Since then I have discovered this same thing has happened to other members of the club.  The  stories the authors wrote to be published were also stolen. Even an author as far away in Germany had the same experience.

Now, Al Wittnebert claims that he is the new president of the UACC.  It certainly appears through the years that the club rules and regulations only apply to paid members and not officails of the club!

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  • Talk about corruption this has been going on for years.  We/you and others write the articles for the club magazine and then the chosen few take the credit and give themselves an award at the end of the year.  Most all those awards are for work done by others.  So sad there are still some sellers of autographs left that sendin dues andsupport this corruption. Collectors who see sellers displaying the club logo should give that seller a second thought.   Dues coming in every year yet this outfit has little or no expenses.  For decades this outfit refuses to publish a financial report.  The good news is that much more than 50% of the membershp is gone!

  • I had the same experience. I sent in an article about Lillian Gish to "Ps & Qs" , Pen & Quill,  my article appeared word for word, but someone else was listed as the Author.

    I corrosponded with Lillian Gish for nearly a decade. My article reflected those years and all the letters I received . I felt hurt. 

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