U.A.C.C. - Universal Autograph Collectors Club - Why It Is Failing

The U.A.C.C. has been in a downward spiral for many years. The club once bragged it had over 2200 members. Today that information is kept secret. The club no longer publishes a membership list. Why? Some estimate the membership in now under 700.

As more collectors and dealers understand how the club works behind the scenes, the more the membership drops.

Nothing seem to go right and there are many reasons for it. Most likely the number one reason the club is failing is because many of the same old persons are running the show.

When membership dues drop that speaks volumes. The club is hurting. No longer do you get a report from the club accountant. No longer do you get a membership list, How long did the club go without issuing a club journal? How much money was kept by the club by not issuing a magazine or have the postal expenses. Several shows a year at one time, not one for years. Basically a non-existent ethics board (if there’s a filing against a favored member). Look at some of the members, an “admitted” forger of autographs, shill bidders, millions of dollars of forged autographs sold, forgeries authenticated as genuine and more.

If a person selling autographs displays the U.A.C.C. logo, they have paid their dues and support the above.

Many letters of complaints have been filed by members of the U.A.C.C. and many of them have been totally ignored. Complaints were filed with the U.A.C.C. ethics board against former presidents and board members Bob Erickson, Paul Carr, Michael Hecht and treasurer Al Wittnebert. Those people who support the club, by paying dues, are not aware of many of the complaints.

Those running the club obviously believe if you ignore a letter, it will go away. Not so!

Several stories will follow this one illustrating what goes on (or doesn’t) behind the scenes at the U.A.C.C.

Starting with the current president of the U.A.C.C., Michael Hecht, there was a major scandal known at “Hechtgate.”

The following letter was written to Michael Hecht. He did not respond to it.

Michael Hecht did not feel that this letter warranted a response.

Two weeks later, Mr. Hecht received the following email inviting him to a major autograph event and the chance to meet and greet hundreds of collectors and dealers from around the world. A wonderful public relations opportunity to promote the U.A.C.C. and tell his side of “Hechtgate.”

As usual, Michael Hecht remained in hiding. This is just the beginning of Michael Hecht’s lack of leadership. He continues to ignore complaints filed against him and he is unwilling to work with the autograph community.  Much more to come.

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