The Universal Autograph Collector’s Club has had it’s share of problems in the past. Many believe it was brought upon itself. The downfall of this group is quite evident if not from the massive drop in membership alone.

Some feel the downfall of this club started with a letter from the club’s accountant directed to the club.

At one time the club did publish the yearly report from the accountant. The letter below ended that.

This was the last time the club published the accountants review of the club’s finances. An officer of the club will tell you that current reports are available by request. As a Director of the club, for a few years, I tried several times to get the accountant’s report and was refused.

Reread the third paragraph of the letter once again. It speaks volumes!

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  • I think I paid by check. This was a long, long time ago. I was a member for several months and it just wasn't worth the fight over a few dollars. I was already spending way more time than should have been necessary to obtain refunds. In three instances, it took 8-10 months. I did get a couple of issues of The Pen & Quill, a complete waste of ink and trees. Ads for dubious dealers, photos of award presenters and recipients, board member interviews with other board members. That's about it.

    I don't believe that the UACC states one way or another 'satisfaction guaranteed', but, even if they did, they would not honor it any more than they do their autographs. I cut my losses and vowed that I would illustrate my problems and experiences with them and their dealers every chance I had. And, unlike them, I'm a man of my word.

  • Seattle Signings, if you paid by Credit Card, why not do a charge back, or with a bank check, you can dispute the check.  Unless they state somewhere on the website, then you would be owed any money back.  If you look at it as a whole, what did you get for the money you paid?  NOTHING.  So why not get a full refund.  Paid for something that was not delivered.

  • I'm shocked this group did not want you to reimburse them the postage for sending the letter.  I knew Wertman, a wimp who followed directions.   

  • This was my response from the UACC following my request for a refund of unused dues due to my complete dissatisfaction with the club's total failure to honor their own Code of Ethics and hold member dealers accountable for honoring their guarantees. The UACC's ethics is as lacking as their member dealers knowledge of autographs.

  • It sure seems the UACC is just a dues collecting club with nothing much to offer.  Get screwed by anyone of the favored members and see how far your filing ethics charges goes.  I know of cases they were not even acknowledged.  When a new person joins and experiences what you have, and wants out after a few weeks, this group states your membership fees are not refunded, even a percentage of it.  Take the money and run, it's become a poorly run BUSINESS.  Shame on those who support this group and keep it on life support. 

  • DB, there are many people who have a lot of negative things to say about their experience with the UACC. This is all under the presidency of Michael Hecht.  Many are shocked regarding the  improprities  within this group with Hecht looking the other way.  Many believe the way this group has acted since the early 90's has given our hobby at a minimum a black eye. Much more is to be said about this group. I forsee many collectors coming forward with their personal horror stories.  There is much talk about a boycott against UACC sellers of autographs.  RD#'s appear to be the hobby's red fllag!

  • With all these problems you would think the president of the U.A.C.C. would resign.  They haven't commented on the shill bidding, the imprisonment of Doug Allen and Bill Mastro and those to come.  In fact not only do they do nothing about this criminal activity, they make them officers of the club!  What do they do, If anything?

  • seems pretty shady for a registered non-profit.  They are required to file 990n as well as state annual reports.  The annual reports that are filed in Fl are less than poor.  The 990s have some information but overall seem to be missing many years according to the source below;

    UACC Annual Filings

    UACC 990n FInancials   as can be seen in this filing there was a significant drop-off in total revenues from 2012 of $27,770 to $10,397.  990 2014 filing for FY2013

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