This outfit has had its share of serious problems.  There are still a handful of ethic's charges against some high profile members that were refused to be acted upon.  Some very serious complaints that got tossed under the rug.  There are some requests to have them published and the vote on that is still out!  Problem with that is that many who may read the charges will want no association with the group and the last thing this hobby needs is to see a club that's been around since the 1960's and watch its members deteriorate then to see the club fail is not good for the hobby.

The Library of Questionable COA's is getting off to a roaring start.  It is estimated that about September 1, 2016, it will be in a position to share its holdings with the International Autograph Community.

Patterns are forming and what is already on file is quite shocking!  Some very household names in the hobby are included repeatedly. 

One has to love the fact that the U.A.C.C. tells their members to only purchase an autograph from a club member.  This is just a "small" sample of what you get when following that guideline. Illustrated below is a color photograph of Brendan Fraser.  I have yet to find any dealer in modern celebrities that will state this is anywhere near a genuine signature.  The overwhelming response is that it is a very poor forgery.  Yet, this items comes with a COA from someone selling autographs (if you are selling you are a dealer) and the seller clearly states on the COA that his company is a member of the U.A.C.C.    In addition, the COA spells the celebrity's name wrong in two places.  Apparently placing the U.A.C.C. name on his COA is with the purpose of trying to impress someone.

The buyer is not impressed nor is any of those who have seen this photograph.

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  • This group has been on life support for several years.   It'll take one person on the Board to pull the plug.  The last "seller of autographs" got number 335.  Yet the group is down to about 100 US sellers.

    All "sellers of autographs" are supposed to be vetted.  How much more proof does one need that those at the top are simply amateurs.  It appears since the sellers are vetted, the seller begins to sell bad material after they are allowed to display the UACC logo. Good Grief Charlie Brown!

  • According to the UACC website, Passamenti/Monte was expelled from the club for selling non-authentic material. How bad do you have to be at this to have arrogate authenticators at the UACC claim you're an idiot?

  • That's the standard excuse from Frost/Feigenbaum/Dr. Frost...he never makes mistakes (in his words)'s always a conspiracy against him. Just stand behind him  in his shop or at a card store and watch him go to eBay, pick out a forgery and the item in his hand doesn't match the forgery. The idiot paying him $5 has his genuine item marked fake.  Who can forget Frostie selling an item with his useless COA and when it was tried to be returned, he claims he never sold it. Then the collector comes up with a photo of the item hanging in Frost's store right near his failed hot dog stand.  Some people are worse then crooks and this is well documented.  These clowns, when this library is well under way will no longer get away with "clerical errors." Many will be exposed as "forgers." It's amazing what is starting to become clear and the autograph public will have access to the files.  Thanks for your input!

  • This can be blamed on a "clerical error" as "they" say...

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