U.A.C.C. Appears to be Finally Shut Down

                                                U.A.C.C. Appears to be Finally Shut Down


The U.A.C.C. (Universal Autograph Collectors club) has been in a downward spiral since the mid 90’s however certain members of the club effectively were able to continue to have uninformed members send in yearly dues with little to show for it.  It is estimated that approximately $30,000 a year or more was sent into the club treasurer for dues and advertising. The club went over one year with very few expenses and not even publishing the club’s quarterly booklet.  Since the 1980’s the club’s treasurer would no longer publish the club’s annual financial report.  Many attempts to get a financial report were unanswered.

 There has been no movement in the club since March 2018.  For over a year and two months since Al Wittnebert announced he has assumed the club’s presidency (no vote was taken) the club has died.  No words, or actions from the club’s board since March 2018.  Much blame can be pointed to the club’s vice-president Tom Folenta for not assuming the role as president. Also much blame for the club’s  demise can also go to Al Hollonquist, Director, Dave Phillips, Director, Tricia Eaton, Director,, John Reznikoff, Director, and Steve Zarelli, Director and Anthony Pizzola, Public relations.  Not a single word from any of them announcing the status of the club

The club established in 1965 seems to have finally come to an end headed by the group named above.

The club’s serious troubles began in the late 1980’s where politics played a large part in the club’s daily actions.  There were serious issues about holding  honest and transparent elections. Serious issues where ethics complaints against certain board members were ignored by the ethics Board. Serious issues of board members voting and giving awards to themselves.  In addition, giving awards to non members of the club with the sole purpose of embarrassing the person to join the club. This was upsetting to many who volunteered much time to the club by supporting shows and writing stories for the club booklet and being ignored for an award.  Most embarrassing is since 1995, thirty autograph dealers who were given the thumbs up for membership were expelled for lack of ethics.  One can only imagine the huge amount of spurious autographs these thirty sellers have sold to collectors.

During the club’s downfall no awards were issued after 2014. Apparently no one was worthy.

 The last event held by the club was a disaster. An educational course was advertised by the club to be held in Sept. 2016 at a library in Florida.  The library was contacted and the librarian was unaware any such meeting was held.

It is estimated that the club’s membership has dropped much more than half in the last ten years.

Because of the club’s reputation I was notified by two lifetime members of the U.A.C.C. that they wanted to drop their membership. 

 On the web site www.autographplanet.com you will find stories illustrating what some of the club’s dealer members, in good standing, have been selling.  It's not pretty!

As always, multiple attempts to contact quasi self appointed president of the UACC Al Wittnebert have been ignored.

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