U.A.C.C. - Another Blunder - Major Embarrassment

   The U.A.C.C. – Another Blunder- Major Embarrassment

The Universal Autograph Collectors Club has been known to many to be a joke of the industry. The geniuses who run this club have dragged it through the mud for decades. Those at the top who have given themselves every award one can imagine are the ones responsible for having most of their educated members leave the club. The number of members is now at such an embarrassing new low, the club will not acknowledge recent questions regarding its numbers. 

One embarrassing and mis-leading  item the club has been selling for years is a photo of the Times Square Kiss.




                      V-J Day photograph of the kissing sailor in Times Square.

 The photographs they are selling are without question the one taken by Alfred Eisenstaedt.  Other similar photographs were taken in Times Square by other photographers.

However, copies of all the Eisenstaedt photos the U.A.C.C. has been selling is signed by a sailor named Carl Muscarello who only claims he is the person in the photograph. This has been proven wrong.   Muscarello’s facial bones and other features do not match the sailor in Eisenstaedt’s photograph. The club has been selling these mis-represented signed photographs for $25 plus $4.00 shipping.



There are at least a dozen sailors that claimed to be the sailor in Eisenstaedt’s photograph.

It has finally come down to two men thought to be the actual sailor. George Mendonsa was one of the two but it seems his name is discounted because Glenn McDuffie has passed five polygraph tests confirming his claims.

McDuffie spent time with a Houston Police Forensic artist who measured hi ears, facial bones, hair line, wrist, knuckles and hand.  The artist states McDuffie’s stats match the sailor in Eisenstaedt’s photograph.

Those who have purchased the U.A.C.C. photograph might want to try their luck at getting a refund.   The sale of U.A.C.C. merchandise was controlled by Al Wittnebert, Treasurer who has recently announced he has taken over the presidency of the club without an election of the membership.

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