Does anyone have something positive to say about this group?

I was an officer of the U.A.C.C. for several years. I supported the club by running for office, supporting and participating in all the shows/events around the United States, writing many educational articles for the club journal and even winning an award and getting commendations from four different presidents of the club.  Since board meetings were held only once a year, it took time to learn what was actually going on behind the scenes. The more I witnessed and learned it became evident I wanted nothing to do with this group.  I resigned from my directorship and the club.

To try and save some face, one on the board fabricated a list of allegations about my time on the board. Not a single allegation is true!  Unfortunately, a weak president of the club knew none of it was true but allowed the officer to print the false allegations.

When this was produced, the president of the club wrote me stating allthough I am not a member I will be missed and I am welcome to continue to attend the shows where I could still exhibit my inventory. This would have been a violation of club rules but this is how they work.

I have not done so. Since that time I have been asked (in writing) to re-join the club. I refuse to do so as I just cannot attach my name to this group and be associated with some of its members.  In my opinion, the club is much worse than it was when I resigned.

I not only feel this way, many, many others do as well. The following are just a few quotes from emails from very well know individuals in this hobby.

With reference to a U.A.C.C. board member, a collector writes: " a small time player. No one who collects autographs and knows what they are doing takes him seriously...I doubt the UACC will be around much longer...I don't know what will cause its final demise but it will be intereting to see...I have been in discussion with some other serious collectors. They all agree that the Pen & Quill is a disaster...."

Another writes: "...I tried to advertise in the UACC's publication, but that organization is really messed up. The guy who was the contact person...was supposed to get back to me after I sent in the requested paperwork...On top of that I had sent in some photos to another one of their officers for them to use in the Caught Signing section and never received any acknowledgment or reply.  Ditto another UACC officer when I sent in some items for them to use in their Neil Armstrong study..I sent an email to this Michael Hecht guy, telling him that I wasn't happy that three different UACC officers basically ignored all three of these issues-thinking that as president, he would do something to help. But even he didn't reply. What a joke! What's the deal with these people?

These people who run for office in the UACC will ask for your vote. Yet in documented cases, if you were lucky to get a response, it is usually "we are all volunteers".

Another email from a very high profile dealer in Europe writes: "..I can only laugh about the club although I should cry...."

Many former members both collectors and dealers have separated themselves from the UACC.  At one time not long ago the club boasted over 2,000 members.  With the hobby larger than ever, more sellers of autograph than ever, the membership is less than half.  The last registered number given to a so called seller of autographs was #334.  Count the number of seller/dealer members they actually have, it's only 147.  More than half the membership are gone!  It's amazing how many approved sellers have been removed for ethic's violations, the rest just wanted out!  Look at the names of the sellers and count how many names you recognize. Most of the professional autograph dealers that were once members are gone. Only a handful remain and some just by habit.  Many will agree the club is now basically a dues collecting club.  As long as some still pay dues, the club will exist.  What do you get for you dues?  Who knows, but many know what they no longer get.   No club shows in NY, Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, Ft. Lauderdale or Washington, DC.  No published member directory. No longer is there a financial report from the club accountant published.  No club magazine mailed to members. Not all complaints sent to the ethic's board are responded to.

Many are aware it has been my policy for years to offer a 10% courtesy discount to professional autograph dealers.  In addition, I offer a 5% discount to professional collectors who are not members of the U.A.C.C.  By request, I am pleased to announce that effective immediately, I will raise this discount to 10% so collectors are on par with dealers.

I am not the only dealer who offers a discount to collectors who are not members of the UACC.  I suggest before purchasing an autograph from any dealer to ask if they participte in a similar program. You may be surprised.


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  • Dear J. Ryan,

    Many thanks for your kind words and support.  There's and evil blowhard in the UACC that is very upset that I resigned from that group. Not only did he fabricate all the absolutely false allegations about me he also posted my personal information, such as my social security number on the web. This is the same person who counted on me to authenticate for him.  I have his personal information such as his driver's license number, birthday and social security number but I refuse to get in the same sewer he resides.  What's sad is the long time president is very weak and cannot control the blowhard.  As a result, the club has lost more than half their membership. Those who have morals, and more than this one reason, both collectors and dealers, have left the club. Many I have talked to would consider rejoining if and when the club wakes up and disposes of the blowhard.  I for one knows the club would have a good chance of rebuilding its reputation, regaining many new members and watch the club grow verses a steady decline. The regrowth would take only about two years.  As for contacting Mr. Johnson's attorney, I have spoken to a few attorneys regarding the UACC.  All agree one shouldn't sue someone who has little or nothing. In addition, as awful as that club is, it would not be in the best interests of the hobby to see them close down because of my lawsuit.  The advice is, if they try to sue me, then countersue.  There's always their threat to sue me and the reason it doesn't happen is they claim they couldn't contact me.  Hogwash!  They play their silly games stating to their board of directors that I didn't have a driver's license, I didn't have a voter ID card, I worked out of a "mail drop", etc.  All 100% false. This group deserves where it is today and it's a darn shame,  all because of one individual.


  • Miles. I can offer you a wonderful signed photo, black & white, full face of Falk with a cigar in his mouth. A very bold, black ink (Sharpie) inscription with fabulous contrast "To Ray, with all good wishes, Peter Falk".  Half the Sanders price guide of $149.   $75.00 with free shipping.

  • If anyone has a Neil Diamond, or Peter Falk autograph available at a reasonable price let me know. thanks!
  • Dear Mr. Koscal

    most everyone believes the club is basically non-existence.  Anyone close to the hobby knows how much good you did for the uacc.  The sanctions they created were and still are a joke.  Shame on that club.  Why don't you call Johnson's attorney's and sue them.

  • what a wonderful idea.  I hope this helps clean up the hobby.

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