I was just informed of the passing of Travis Roste. He passed away on Friday, February 8, 2019.  Travis was a friend of the autograph hobby and a friend of www.autographplanet.com. ; Travi Roste was considered one of the foremost specialists on boxing autographs.  He was one of  a three person team in WBC Authentication. Travis who lived in Hutchinson, Minnesota will truly be missed.

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  • Good job back then, but look at it now. A few undesirables have the contacts in house at eBay to remove anyone they don't like. Nasty politics and the one's with the power have some of the worst reputations and  bad documented historys  in the hobby!  Frtunately most know who they are.

  • I was aware of this and it is still sad to hear.  condolences to nora and the kids.

    Long before the autograph wars or perhaps during them Travis and I teamed up to remove tens of thousands of dollars from EBAY that were forgeries.  The nice part of the initiative was it didn't matter who they were from or authenticated by.   That was also a time when EBAY didn't play favorites with select authenticators.   I should find the list that was maintaned and the dollar amounts that were saved.  memory says around $100,000 in forgeries were removed.  

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