When Stephen Koschal announced he was selling his 40 year collection of exemplar's I contacted him stating; "Your selling your knowledge?"  He responded back; "Yep, good reasons."  I told him I would buy it before even knowing the price.  This collection houses examples of autographs sold forty plus years ago to current.  There must be over 300 examples alone of just Jimi Hendrix as that is one of only a few files I looked through.  What is also fascinating is to see the chain of custody over time.  For example Charles Hamilton sold a document in the late 1960's as Paul Revere's son.  Later, a modern day auction house sold it as Paul Revere's autograph evidently losing the Hamilton letter claiming it was the son who signed it instead.  With this collection, which I believe should be instead in a major institution or library one could virtually determine the authenticity of anything related in this archive by simply looking at all the various examples sold over the past 40 plus years by different major auction houses and in some cases lesser known individuals.  There must be several million examples in this collection but to count them would be impossible.  If this collection was in the hands of a Third Party Authentication Company and they actually used it they would without a doubt be the best in the industry due to the knowledge and accumulation over four decades to accomplish this task of literally every signature one can think of.  This is the same collection Mike Frost boasts about on his PAAS website as having access to.  He doesn't.  It's currently in my garage.  

Stephen Koschal posted the below statement earlier this week describing this archive to which I immediately purchased.  If any collector, dealer, or expert want access to any person of fames signature exemplar's and in most cases who sold them and when,  I will be more then happy to share what I have regarding tons of examples of any person's signature as sold from whether it was four decades ago to recently or all in between.   Most experts agree that one's knowledge can only be ascertained by how many items they have handled based off a specific person of fame's autograph.  This collection puts all the top sellers from the past four decades worth of exemplar's into one collection.  It simply would be impossible to replicate! 

Stephen Koschal Exemplar/Reference Collection
Being offered is the unbelievable autograph exemplar collection created over the past 40 years by Stephen Koschal.
Exemplars date from the catalogs of dealers and auction houses from the early 1970’s to the present.  If an item was illustrated in a  Charles Hamilton or Paul Richards or other reputable autograph dealer catalog, the illustration and description was cut from their catalog.  ln most cases the name and date of the catalog was written on the slip.
Thirteen books and over 250 articles on autographs have been published solely by using this collection.
There are  26 letters in the alphabet, yet this collection boasts 278 folders to cover the alphabet.  The 278 folders are housed, alphabetically in 20 crates.  Some of the more popular items have so many exemplars they have their own folder. Some examples are:  Apollo XI,  Churchill, Cosmonauts, Dali, Harvey by Jimmy Stewart, Hemingway, Hitler, Marilyn Monroe, Picasso, Popes, Presley, Sinatra, etc.
Baseball player exemplars are housed in 33 folders.
Every subject in the field of autograph collecting is covered.  This remarkable collection is certainly one of a kind and most likely the most complete collection of identified exemplars in the hobby.  This is an instant and ultimate reference library for any serious dealer or authenticating company.
For additional information call: 561-315-3622   or   email skoschal@aol.com 

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