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General George A. Custer’s Personal Effects

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                by Stephen Koschal
29 June 2017

When someone visits my office it usually means something exciting is about to happen. I don’t get too excited after 50 years being in the autograph and collectible visit. But yesterday Todd Mueller came to my office on his way back from what he felt was a major find. Before looking at his latest purchase he wanted to sit down and go over the provenance. The provenance was very good traceable back over 100 years.

The items in this collection was sitting in our own backyard here in the Colorado Springs and Manitou Springs area (Indian Country). An elderly woman has these items in her possession for over 100 years and was given to her by a notable person who was friendly with Elizabeth B. Custer and many Indians.

The first item I examined was a wonderful handwritten letter by Elizabeth B. Custer mentioning Indians. The collection once included General George A. Custer’s uniform and quite about a paper related items and letters but they were donated to the Custer Museum near Little Big Horn.

Held onto were other Custer related personal items. Included in the sale to Todd Mueller was Custer’s personal shaving kit and his binoculars. Highlight’s of the sale is a bugle made by the Wurlitzer Company and Custer’s Springfield rifle.

                       Steve Koschal holding General Custer’s Bugle and Rifle

These items and more will be consigned to an auction of Mueller’s choice before years end.

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