Third party authentication and how it really works

Tomorrow we may begin to show some emails amongst third party authenticators including non-experts used by other auction sites.  To say this will shake things up in the industry would be an understatement.  When you see how they truly authenticate autographs you may be so disgusted you will try to find a way to remove stickers.  I won't comment on the emails.  Just share a couple to get started.  I have over 80,000 emails that show FRAUD, SCAMS, LAUGHTER, and so forth by those you may trust or who you may think know what they are doing.  These emails will show you what a joke they are, and how your collection may be a joke as well for entrusting these folks to give you their opinion backed by nothing but a bunch of slander towards competitors.  Stay tuned!  This will be the best read of the past 3 decades!  It's time collectors are informed as to what is really happening and it also shows what fools the hobby has been for entrusting in them.  We won't mention any names, nor post our thoughts as the emails are self explanatory.

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