The Roger Epperson SPIN machine has started..

By none other then Chris Williams.  AKA, Tom Tresh on YouTube:

On his video's he says that collector's must invest in 3rd party authentication, and that they are IDIOTS and MORANS if they don't.

Here is what he said about all this stuff going on with Roger as of late, and it's very eye opening:

Reply by Christopher Williams on Wednesday
I'm still waiting for someone to respond to to my question "Why don't buyers of autographs take responsibility for their purchases?"

Why is it that later down the road, if there is an issue, the collector always blames the authenticator?

Very interesting don't you think?  Coming from a man, who stands on a soap box, always saying to buy and trust them, now is saying don't?  Sorry Chris, you can't have it both ways!  Who's the idiot now?  These people that TRUSTED your authenticators are getting burned left and right by their "OPINION".  WHO ELSE IS TO BLAME?  You say "trust these people"  now that they did just that, you are saying "man up and take the loss"??  Come on, how about you grow the fuck up!

Jeffects said it best here!

Reply by Jeffects on Wednesday

Oh, was that a question you wanted answered?

Generally people don't expect an answer to an obviously rhetorical question.

Is this the new direction were going to go here, after Frosts "forged LOA" attempt failed?  Blame the stupid collector for trusting the word of, and expecting some due diligence from the self proclaimed "experts".

Here's a shocker, some people don't do their own taxes either.  They trust the guy who does it for a living.  If he knowingly doesn't do his homework, (claims he does and claims to be virtually infallible,) then takes my money and doesn't deliver, I consider that fraud.

Virtually every authenticator is also a dealer, they authenticate their stuff, their friends stuff, slap a COA on each others stuff, and then consigns it anonymously to an auction house (just like here).  Most are in bed with each other.

Good luck ever getting PSA to verify any Morales stuff, or Epperson to verify anything from Mueller.  Regardless of authenticity.  Half hate the other half, and that just hurts sincere buyers/collectors who trusted them to render an honest "opinion".

You do your videos, "This is Bad... Crap... Garbage...."  but I have never seen you offer anything to help collectors as to what to look for, or identifying a forgery when buying an autograph.  And now you just blame them?

How do you inform anyone, or help buyers become more informed?  You have an agenda also.

So someone want's to buy their kid an autograph of their favorite star.  Do you want them to do six months of research just to not get ripped off?

Or perhaps they could just buy from a dealer who says they are an "expert" (also an authenticator), have been studying autographs for 30 years, they offer a lifetime guarantee.  (no such thing, by the way) That sounds pretty safe...;. Then lets say,

You go to Mister Expert, someone you trust, and have done business with many times, and you plunk down 10 grand for a signed album.  You go to PSA, and they say it's a fake.  You try to get a refund and your old pal says, Take it to my friend (and only my friend) at PSA, "he'll pass it now."

Are you kidding me??

You ask the dealer for a refund (lifetime, remember) they say tough luck, threaten you, insult you, and your only recourse is a lawsuit.  Who the hell needs that???

Wouldn't it just be easier to live up to ones word, Uh, I guess not.

What exactly did the buyer, the guy who's out 10 grand, do wrong? to deserve that? other than to trust someone who proclaimed themselves "The Best" (his friends all vouch for him) offered a lifetime guarantee and delivered nothing but headaches and legal fees.

If you want to save the world, how about warning your fans on You-Tube about these MJ forgeries that are flooding the market for tens of thousands of dollars, even with a "REAL" COA attached.  The $50 Mantles and Jeters can wait a week.


Mr Jeffects, I could not have said it better myself!  The truth hurts, and it's hurting them hard right now.  He like everybody on that website want to have it both ways.  Trust 3rd party, but when 3rd party is later found to be wrong, you can only blame yourself for trusting somebody other then yourself.  No finger pointing to me mr you tube video star, you have nobody to blame but yourself.

And that statement is somewhat true... trust yourself, not 3rd party, no matter how good they say they are.  If you dig around you can see that these experts are just "SELF PROCLAIMED" ones. 

The current case going on, is asking for school records and university degree's and college courses that awarded them these worthless statements.  When they can't provide them, what will happen?

MORE SPIN from CHRIS W is what is going to happen!

THE SPIN MACHINE is in full effect!  Just don't get caught up in the lies and bullshit!

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  • I would stand up and try to restore myself. Honestly. I'm not letting some weasels do this to me. 1 small mistake! After 25 years of hard work I'm not letting these weasels stroke themselves while standing on my shoulders! I'm knowing that it's going to be tough for a day or two, but I'm standing up and taking my rep back. california weasel is pissing on me and a Florida weasel is thinking this is his chance to take my place? Ain't gonna happen!
  • Just as a man, and trust me I've been around the block and I can take care of myself, I find it dishonorable the way that the owner of that site just threw his supposed friend under the bus. I'm not picking sides here for a minute, I think it was disgusting and a weasel thing to do. Everybody is dumping on one while weasel washes and laughs about it all just pretending to care. big Frank don't let weasels dump on him and certainly not in public.
    when the proctologist puts his second hand on your shoulders during the middle of the examination.............?
  • Just a side note, Roger has done this to himself, he needs no help from ANYBODY in damaging his reputation!  He is what he is, and this is one reason why he was left  the IACC/DA years ago, instead of being thrown out as demonstrated by Steve Kochael on another post.  That way he could say he quit instead of saying he was thrown out for selling bad stuff. 

    IT IS WHAT IT IS and he is what he is!

  • More BS from Steve Cyrkin:

    Reply by Steve Cyrkin, Community Manager 10 hours ago

    The Led Zeppelin album is genuine, but all of this has been discussed before. You're beating the same drum here again and again, and rather dishonestly, frankly. You're twisting what I said as well.

    You have accused Roger again and again of supplying the Michael Jackson drawings. It's clear that all you want to do is try to unjustly damage the reputations of Epperson...and RRAuction as well.

    You're abusive and demeaning to members here.

    I can't let this continue.

    I'm suspending you. You can contact us in a month or so if you want your account reactivated, and we'll discuss it.

    ...unjustly damage the reputations of Epperson...and RRAuction as well...

    WHY ARE THESE GUYS INVOLVED IN 2 different CLASS ACTION LAWSUITS if it's "unjustified" Steve?  Why has the court sided with the team that filed the lawsuit 10 times if this is unwarranted? 

    Why are you yourself being sued, with more lawsuits to be filed Steve?

    You are just as corrupt as the people you try to protect, and the hobby and world are seeing it for what it is, SPIN AND BULLSHIT!

    Good luck in court Sir's.. you are going to need it!

  • Wow!  The truth is starting to come out!

    When all else fails, bring up Todd Mueller or Autograph Planet.

    Has anyone heard from Roger on this? I am surprised he has been so silent. He usually has no problem sharing his opinion.

     Reply by Steve Cyrkin, Community Manager on Thursday


    No profanity here please.

    If you're going to make all these accusations, how about having the guts to use your real name?

    You are required to use it, because you said the other day that you hosted collectors shows, which makes you an industry professional, even though you call yourself a collector in your profile.

    Each profile says it:

    What kind of member are you? Industry professionals must use their real names and identify themselves as such. (You don't have to pick just one!)

    So tell us your real name, and change it in your settings."



    What in the world are you talking about?  I have never once stated I hosted anything (collectors shows included)

    That IS my real name.

    How about a little honesty and a little less fabrications.


    You're a liar Steve, or have a real problem with comprehension.  I suggest that you read things twice or three time before you accuse someone of lying.

    You'll probably get slapped around less frequently if you said it to someones face (Guts? Ha Ha).  I have never used any name other than my own on any chat site.

    You have access to that and my information, but keep lying to your minions here, perhaps they might even believe you.  You want my social security number also.

    Do I also need to remind you about Frosts history?  What you've said about him?  Brutal! But true, Ha Ha.

    According to you, he has been a liar and a forger for 20 years.  But now he's your buddy. and respected?  Not in the real world.  

    Are you a liar?

    is epperson selling forgeries?

    is frost an established forger/liar according to you?

    I think so.

    Jeff (once again for the stupid kids here, my real name)

  • Frost is nothing but a liar, who really cares what he says!

  • I was asked to jump in here because there is some untruths/mis-information that I can clear up. As co-founder of the original IACC/DA and the IADA I can assure everyone that Roger Epperson was indeed a member. See illustrations from the official membership directory. Why he would say he was not, your guess is as good as mine.  I can also state he was not thrown out from the organization. What actually happened is that Epperson exhibited his signed autograph albums at almost every show.  Many complaints came in from collectors that claimed the albums they bought did not contain genuine signatures.  Back then, the person known as Mike Frost now known as Michael Feigenbaum said to me we have to do something with Epperson. Back by Frost who was partners in the shows, iwas asked to draft a letter to Epperson stating he would not be alowed at future shows until his inventory was examined by an autograph expert.  Roger Epperson never did another show. Years later Frost/Feigenbaum on purpose created confusion backed with someone elses money, opened a one man club IACC (Internet Autograph Collectors Club). He made everyone that he wanted to, a new member. He even picked a person as President without their knowledge.  Frost and his backer stated to throw people out of the club to hurt their reputations.  Frost received plenty of emails from very disturbed members of the autograph community who wanted nothing to do with thsi new one/two man group.  From that time on you all know what Frost/Feignebaum is all about! 

  • 6. Members agree not to knowingly sell, exchange or advertise for sale any autographed or related material which is forged or where the signature is a mechanical reproduction or is otherwise not genuine;


    So is RR auctions who are a member, with Bob's Daughter Tricia Eaton is a "director" going to have a investigation into them while they are being sued in a class action lawsuit or will you turn the other cheek and look away, because it's one of your guys?

  • From the UACC's own website, that Mr. Steve Zarelli says Roger is a member of.

    11. Members are required to refund the full purchase price of any autographed or related item at any time where lack of authenticity can be proven and where proof of purchase is supplied; however, requests for an extension of time to return purchased or exchanged autographs or related material shall not be viewed as an acceptable reason for delay of payment for said material beyond the agreed-upon terms of the transaction. This rule does not apply to "as-is" (as seen) material which has been properly documented under article (5) five.

    That being said, what about the Led Zep signed album that Roger authenticated and sold that was deemed UN-AUTHENTIC.

    Why is he not held to this set of standards, set forth by you and the UACC?  Same goes for RR Auctions!  Who are members and who are part of the UACC as RD043.

    Guess you go back to the "we don't care who sold what or to who" quote from the president!

  • It should be noted that the UACC's new position on autographs and items sold is this:


    Over the years the UACC has been dragged in to controversial issues which I believe hurt the club and membership as a whole. Our new Board of Directors has taken the approach that we are an educational organization and our mission and our goal is to educate the autograph collector so they may make an educated purchase or acquisition. In truth we don't care who sold what to whom or who said what to whom. We are not a police force. Our realm is that of our membership to who we serve. We can not solve the world's problems or take sides in any petty disputes. We do require all members adhere to UACC Code of Ethics as well as our policies and By-Laws.

This reply was deleted.