3 examples are shown here, What the Vanderhoven believes to be the genuine template for the forgeries is shown at the left in each example,

"Love always and forever"

"Be Good"


The forger of the Liz Shaw "Love always and forever" item made the mistake of copying the "xxxx" from the original template. this made it easy to locate the original as placing "x's" within an inscription is something that Jimi seem to have done only once or twice, perhaps 1/3000 I've looked at.

Unfortunately many recognise the Liz Shaw book as genuine:

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  • Excellent job Grant! Fine study for me to add to my reference files. It woudn't surprise me if one of those who issued a COA was also a consignor to an auction.  It's even more possible that one who signed one of these Certificates can't come up with a source.

  • Wow! It's 2015 and these are still considered genuine by TPA's?
  • Oh God, Bob Eaton and Bill White also signed off on these forgeries.  Why is this being ignored?

  • Looks like Roger Epperson screwed up again.  I am not an expert but even I saw the starts and stops. I wonder why those clowns at the other site don't give credit where credit is due?  BAWAHAHAHA!

  • Good Job Grant!  It's refreshing to see somebody knows Hendrix's autograph!  I doubt many will praise you for this work as it's becoming apparant nobody knows his autograph like you! Is this mistake six figures?  Half a Million? A million dollars in mistakes? 

    Stay Groovy!


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