3 examples are shown here, What the Vanderhoven believes to be the genuine template for the forgeries is shown at the left in each example,

"Love always and forever"

"Be Good"


The forger of the Liz Shaw "Love always and forever" item made the mistake of copying the "xxxx" from the original template. this made it easy to locate the original as placing "x's" within an inscription is something that Jimi seem to have done only once or twice, perhaps 1/3000 I've looked at.

Unfortunately many recognise the Liz Shaw book as genuine:

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  • "Subtle differences distinguish the Austrian forgery from known genuine exemplars!"

  • Latest style of Hendrix forgery making its way to the US market. Vanderhoven is on top of it! althought this forger has duplicated many differing trait combinations he is certainly no match for Vanderhoven and other dedicated slueths at "Planet"

  • and it has the same aging you'd expect front and back.
  • I can see yellowing in my cobain signed photo on front and back.
  • also do colors in photos tend to fade a certain way over time? I haven't owned many signed photos.
  • Awesome thanks I'm gonna go check this out! This is where I need to up my skills is learning the paper and or medium analysis aspect of this hobby.
  • This link has some very basic information about photo paper:


    There is more detailed information out there about the various papers that Kodak and other manufacturers used at various times. Those with more experience than I will have to provide that.

    Never forget or overlook the obvious. Official Major League baseballs were produced with the Commissioner's or League President's name printed on them and only for specific years. I've seen Ruth sigs (who died in 1948) on Lee MacPhail balls (who wasn't AL President until the 70s). Stories have been written about record album covers that were produced after the artist on that album had died. The same thing happens with books. And older items start to look aged over the decades no matter how well they were maintained. You can keep them out of sunlight but the paper still oxidizes.

    If I can locate some more specific guidelines, I'll post them.

  • grant or anyone else, how do I learn about items autographs are on. How do you differentiate between all the decades to be sure your photo was printed in the correct one. Say 60s 70's 90s and so on. If there is a link to this kinda thing post it if not any info would be appreciated. Thanks!
  • " 'Seeing is believing' is an idiom first recorded in this form in 1639 that means "only physical or concrete evidence is convincing". It is the essence of St. Thomas' claim to Jesus Christ, to which the latter responded that there were those who had not seen but believed. It leads to a sophistry that "seen evidence" can be easily and correctly interpreted, when in fact, interpretation may be difficult."

  • Jesus
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