The "Boston" Comic Con aka SuperMegaFest Apr 8 - 11

and a friend of mine is doing a david bowie tribute at the music fest.   Certainly can't wait to see Sherri f earl, I mean the bandit or is it Paul Crewe (aka Burt Reynolds!)

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  • With the passing of Burt Reynolds I’m glad I had the opportunity to meet with him at the show for the vipS.  While he may have regretted his cosmopolitan shoot he regretted more doing his own stunt in deliverance of going over the waterfalls.  He apparently never recovered from the injuries.  Here is one of several obtained items. 126476204?profile=original

  • Burt was charging $75 but Ric Flair was charging $80.

  • WOW, cool event!!!  Bert is looking old!  I didn't realize he was in such poor shape?  How much were his autographs?  

  • It was a fun show!  Picked off several from the top list - Burt Reynolds (3), Dina Meyer & Casper Van Dien Cast Picture,  Corbin Benson Script & 6x10, Lee Meriwether and at 80 years old she looks great, & Cynthia Rothrock.  I'll post the signatures later.  Reynolds was funny as I may now have a one off as the Deliverance one instead of putting lewis put bandit (lol!).  I was surprised to see him using a wheelchair.  Here he is with three wrestling superstars; 

    SMegaReynoldsFlairFoleyBischoff.jpgand a shot of Chewbaca - Smega2016PeterMayhew.jpg?width=721

  • This beats the hell out of this year's Emerald City Comicon. I know I'm getting old but I simply don't know who hardly any of the celebrity guests are this year. The only one is Sean Astin and I've met him. But, I'll go for the people watching. It can't be beat.

    Stephen King does a 12 city book tour in 12 days this June to support his new book, End of Watch. He misses all of us: Jersey City, Sewickley (PA), Dayton, Charleston, Nashville, Louisville, Iowa City, Omaha, Tulsa, Albuquerque, Salt Lake City and Reno. 400 pre-signed books will be randomly given out at each appearance. At least there should be an ample supply for sale later that month.

    And belated Happy B-Day, Heath!

  • I'm heading to a card show that psa is gonna be at and I'm bringing my Cobain in Massachusetts
  • Cool are you from mass db?
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