This guy is nauseating to me.

Here is what he says...sounds like some BS.


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I appreciate the inquiry. However, given there is an ongoing case (which does not involve me or items I reviewed), I think I should limit my commentary.

To answer Mike T's question: Yes, RR always sends me items to review in hand if I request them, and I review items in hand often. I have a number of images on my web site of me reviewing items that appeared in various RR Auctions.

In terms of standard industry practice, the following applies to PSA, JSA, Heritage and a host of others: Experienced people on site review items to ensure they are live ink, not laser copies, etc., and they typically weed out obvious fakes. Items that pass the initial review onsite are sent via high resolution scan to the consultants for their input. As far as I know, RR is one of the only auction houses that is willing to ship items to consultants.

As far as how in-depth "pre-screen" goes, I can only speak for myself. I review each and every item carefully like I was going to buy it myself. I do NOT quickly breeze through items and I do not take "pre-screen" lightly.

I've consulted with RR for almost four years now, and to my knowledge, not one item I reviewed has been returned for authenticity reasons. That's probably over 6,000 signatures. No authenticator is perfect and it is a constant learning process, but I am proud of my track record and the fact that RR's Space Auctions are the most prestigious in the world.

Steve Zarelli


 Here are what customers say


Zarelli Space Authentication - Steve Zarelli reviewed Autograph turned out to be a fake after a second opinion from PSA

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Reason of review:

Not as described

I bought a First day Cover Signed and it came with a Steve Zarelli Letter Stating this was, in his opinion, authentic.I was not authentic at all based upon a second opinion from PSA.

I also discovered that Steve Zarelli works for RR Autograph Auctions. RR Auction is being sued because a buyer got a second opinion on autographs , purchased from RR Auction, from PSA. Their is even a huge web site about the civil suit OMG !

The web site has some scary things including a notarized letter from a former employee stating that shill bidding,fake autograph, and other indiscretions have been part of RR's operational procedures !


STEVE ZARELLI, BALLSTOWN Complaints & Reviews - Inacurate Autograph Findings

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Inacurate Autograph Findings

I have an autograph that I bought from a seller on eBay and it came with a Zarelli Space Authentication Certificate of Authenticity. There is however a clause along the bottom that states that the document only represents an OPINION and has NO LEGAL REMEDY about authenticity. I have since received a conflicting opinion from another expert. It is too late for me to open up a case in eBay and the limit of time for a refund has also passed and I might be stuck with a bad autograph. Yes these AUTHENTICATORS should be licensed.



Zarelli reviewed one of my collectors item, and declared it not authentic.THE BAD NEWS IS THAT I HAVE ALL RECEIPTS FROM BUZZ ALDRIN , AND MIKE COLLINS, AND NOVASPACE.

I think it would be better if he would stick to his original, used car salesman job, and not to leave the car lot. When Buzz ALDRIN AND MIKE COLLINS say the signature of Neil Armstrong is real I tend to believe to those guys and not to Zarelli. When NOVASPACE says the ARMSTRONG IS REAL I tend to believe NOVASPACE and not Zarelli

Besides NOVASPACE would not put their reputation on line, if they would not be 1000% sure.


Zarelli admitted,on the phone, that he make MISTAKES.


AUTHOR: johnalden - ()

I too, got an **OPINION** from Zarelli and his **OPINION** was not correct. He did not declare that one of my INPERSON signatures to be bogus but instead he told me that an autograph that I considered buying  was**IN HIS OPINION** Authentic. It was not. I found out some time later that the autograph that I bought was indeed 100% Bogus. Even if Steven Zarelli guesses abou an autograph, he has a fifty percent chance of being correct. Zarelli should keep his opinions to himself. 


AUTHOR: Uncle Martin - ()

Zarelli gave me free advice on Collectspace opinions and advice that cost me well over $ 400 because Steve Zarelli's opinion about the authenticity of an autograph on ebay was not correct and after attempting to get PSA Certification, it became apparent the zarelli's free opinion was wrong and i was out well over $ 400 . He covers his backside by calling his assesment an opinion and not a certification so if I sued him in court I would not have a leg up. Zarelli can cover him poor advice and bad opinion as being a good samaritin .

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  • DB I haven't seen you post on AML lately.  Where have you been?

  • DB- I know buying a forgery from Roger or RR doesn't get me far.  All they do is call PSA and my forgery becomes real according to and how they handled that customer.  Besides the email exchange between Roger and the burned customer would be more then I could put up with at my age.  I prefer buying from experts who give refunds, even when the items are good.  Zarelli may have been correct on Heston but he was wrong on JLL.  A coin flip will give me the same results.  Again, just because RR says he's good doesn't make him good in fact when they promote someone as an expert I stay away from those people.  Their experts have long reputations.  I find it incredulous that those holding the top records for selling the most forgeries are experts in the very same material.  This may make sense to you but not to me.

    According to google Zarelli is wrong on a lot of things and this is what a collector has to go by.  I've read enough on Zarelli to pass and his association with Cyrkin should scare the hell out of anyone.

  • WilliamQ; you believe gripe site comments like the ones above & you'll go far.  And anyone who needed to know, knew, Mr. Zipper;  that is those who were aware of his blog and vistied it.  Then again, there are some like yourself who do nothing for the hobby but bitch about others.  When you create a signature study that simplified, changed and exposed secretarials as he did on Heston, you be sure to get back to me.  Until then, there are way too many troll comments like yourself and you know absoultely nothing about what I support or don't support.

  • DB you support a side of the hobby that is being exposed as crooked. Just reading customers comments on Zarelli is enough to turn me off. Didnt he use the fake name; "Mr. Zipper" for years? I notice he helped expose TPA's until they made him one. I never trusted a person that changed based on money or promotion by one company.

    What this hobby needs is experts. There is nothing about this guy that makes him an expert. Just because a company says so doesn't make him one. Just because a website likes him doesn't make him one.

    DB, glad to hear you wouldn't go to Zarelli for a music item. We know you'd go with the guy who authenticated six figures or more in fake MJ's for that. Well I wouldn't go to Zarelli for space or anything else. I just wouldn't. Anyone associated with Cyrkin is a crook in my book, and those that haven't figured that out deserve what they get.

  • I wouldn't go to zarelli for a music item but wouldn't hesitate on space items.  as far as the UACC goes, I think it's an organization of do nothings.  He, however, appeared to be one of the few that was trying to keep it going but like many of these clubs it's fleeting as time goes by.

  • I'm still waiting for the Jerry Lee Lewis secretarial study from him. Like Heston, I belive that he has labeled a certain JLL as secretarial, personally I believe it was premature without conviction. My gripe with the guy.
  • now what did he do?  self-promoting?  if the numbers work that way then they are what they are.  How anyone can go to the "gripe sites" and use what can be unfounded or just crap has always amazed me.  There are perhaps some value in a few of him but knowing which ones to cherry pick.

    what did he do - upend someone's Armstrong?  He is well thoughtoff on the collectspace forum and does know more that many around here combinded when it comes to space items.  If it weren't for him, Charlton Heston would still be selling secretarials (although EBAY is selling them like hotcakes). 

    Do I have an issue with self-promoting; sometimes but at least he uses his real name, discloses who he is, most of the time, and who he is affiliated with.  So why the attack thread?

  • Why is everyone surprised?  He's a board member of the UACC.  Doesn't that say it all?

  • He's another one that's great, if you don't believe it, just ask him, he will tell you, "I'm GREAT"!!!!

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