Received this email.  I personally don't believe this was sent by Steve Zarelli who is associated with the U.A.C.C. gang and claims to be an expert on some autograph.   It is most likely sent by a troubled person who is certainly not a fan of Zarelli.
I have reason to believe it is from a very sick and evil individual who lives in Florida and who is known for stirring up trouble. Anyone else getting these type emails?

From: To: Sent: 7/5/2015 7:16:58 P.M. Mountain Daylight Time Subj: from: Steve Zarelli
Hi SKoschal
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  • Something very funny I remember reading several years ago of a UACC dealer trying to drop his membership in the UACC.  He didn't pay his dues for a few years and they wouldn't drop him. He was one of the original dealer members and the club was loosing so many members. The club didn't want to make it look like they were folding so kept him as a member for a few years without him paying dues.  He was finally able to get his name removed from the membership list.  So much for those who are still paying dues and for what. I would be surprised if anyone here on Planet is a member. All that "club" does  is pretty much collect dues and then complains they have no money to do anything. What a joke!

  • it appears the only legitimate dealer listed is Mike Minor of Lone Star Autographs who passed away several years ago. Oh my! Obviously he's one of the many members listed who is most likely not paying dues.

  • Why do you suppose that it seems everytime the U.A.C.C. is mentioned, there's always something negative to say?  This group is basically non-existant.  Look at the dealer members, does anyone recognize most of them? Where are all the big dealer names in this hobbby? Of the top 30 autograph dealers maybe there is two ot three left. 

  • Now that is funny and sadly becoming true DB

  • tell that to bill cosby; 

  • Sexuality is neither illegal nor immoral.
  • I would agree not to open it. The only "real" emails are from the Nigerian Government where if you give them $5,000 they will send you $100,000,000.00.  Lol

  • Wow! I hit that link and my I.Q. immediately, and mysteriously rose 50 points, I began to understand the world in a way that was always inaccessible to me. All of the drama regarding autographs and autograph collecting became easily understood, I understood so many new aspects, including the triviality and foolishness of it all.

    When I left the page my insight vanished, all that remains is a vague recollection. 

  • I clicked that link and it opened up a page showing live video of me, from behind, gazing at my own computer? At the bottom of the screen in large red letters was a message stating "We Own You Now!".

    How on Earth did they do that?

  • I wouldn't open up that link!   A call came in and it was Me, Calling Me.  I find those almost as amusing as the spoof emails, like above, that have your email and want you to open up a link.  Those spoof & phishing emails are just that.  Unfortunately, they also go to someone you know and if you are follish enough to follow the link, then "there you go".  I got one from Zipper on something else and know full well, it's nonsense and know better than click on the link.

    Much ado about nothing.

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