You probably know by now if you purchased a forgery from Herman Darvick either directly from himself or from one of his auctions  you have found it's impossible.  He will tell you his Lifetime Guarantee is no longer valid or what he has told me in person:  my wife is like a Jewish princess and I am putting an addition on my house, I don't have the money...

Herman Darvick acting proudly forged presidential autographs in front of me at a New York autograph show.  He was so proud thinking his forgeriies were so good they would fool an average dealer.  I kept the forgeries and still have them today.  I also wrote a story about this incident and a well know southern dealer came forward with a forgeey Darvick did for him.  The dealer gave me the forgery and I also have that one.

Darvick for years lied that he never forged an autograph. Besides being a forger, we know he's a liar. He knows he's a liar.  It took several years puttting pressure on Darvick to finally admit he forged signatures.

Besides the presidentail signatures he has forged we are presently working of other signatures in a different field we believe he's a prolific forger.

See below where Darvick is dumb enough to offer a $1,000 reward if anyone can prove he's a forger.  He claims in writing he never forged an autograph then later responds that he did "in writing." 

This is our second request to claim the $1,000 REWARD.


 Herman Darvick wrote a little kiddie book on autographs.  He sent a copy of the book to someone he respected. Darvick back in 1981 or even earlier was forging autographs. He inscribes his book:  "May 1, 1981   To ................. with the warm regards of their good friend the Author. (You will never be able to guess which autographs in this book were actually signed by me. There are two of them.) Read....and enjoy! Herman Darvick



 Herman Darvick logs onto this site on a regular basis.  For decades he has complained he is broke. I will take the reward of $100 a month for twelve months.


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