Last weekend at the Los Angles collectors show Steve Grad of Beckett was there in person attempting to authenticate autographs.  What happened there may be a lesson for Grad  not to  come out of hiding from behind the curtain.

The owner of Beckett is based in India. There have been at a minimum of three letters to the owner detailing Steve Grad's incompetence as a wannbe autograph authentiator.   There has been no response! The amount of mistakes made by Steve Grad  is beyond belief.   Thousands of dollars have been spent and wasted by having Steve Grad authenticate autographs. This was proven once again with collectors at the LA show.

A blonde woman (name withheld) purchased two autographs from a dealer at the show. She took the autographs to the Beckett booth where Steve Grad failed them both.  She took the failed items back to the dealer who sold them to her as she wanted her money back.  The dealer who sold the items told her to follow him to Beckett's booth.  Grad was talking to a customer when the upset but calm dealer approached him.  The dealer said these two items are from my private signing.  Grad upset and embarrassed in front of some customers used foul four letter words and bumped the dealer with his chest. Screaming yet short of a brawl started.  Several customers that wanted to get their items stickerd, left Beckett's booth. The dealer who sold the autographs went to the show promoter. The promoter, the dealer and woman  went to see Grad.  The dealer wanted to have Grad removed from the show. Grad agreed to take the woman's autographs and sticker them as genuine.   What an embarrassment!

Just a bit later, an LA policeman purchased two signed photographs from the same autograph seller. The policeman went to Grad at Beckett and as before both sigend photographs were said to be not genuine.  The policeman went back to the dealer and again as above Grad seemed out of control. Grad told the police man that the dealer was here before and the dealer  created havoc in Beckett's  Grad said the the dealer  used foul language.  The blonde woman who followed the dealer and police man told the police man that Grad was lying and it was Grad who acted very unprofessional, got violent and used the foul language.  In the end in front of all, Grad agreed to change his opinion and the policeman's two signed photographs were now genuine.

The policeman who witnessed this event watched Grad switch his guess from bad to good only to save face.  It was quite obvious to law enforcement how corruption is out of control in the autograph authenticating business.  A police report regarding this incident is in the works.

It is said some collectors are really upset finding out that Steve Grad at Beckett was placing authenticate stickers on items for favored customers for $6.00 apiece.

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  • I  cringed a few times while watching Mr Grad on PAWN STARS. He is a very good talker, but that is as far as it goes. 

  • Here is a interview with Steve Grad from Dec 2017: He talks about autographs and how he became a "expert" and when he was hired by PSA/DNA. (right before he was hired he said he was on the Radio!!!) (the 29 min mark he answers)

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