Wherefore art thou Steve Grad? Was he fired from PSADNA?  His mistakes in autograph authenticating is legendary!

Grad who has mis-authenticated an abundant amount of autographs with PSADNA has turned up as what is called an autograph authenticator with Beckett Authentication.

Some question why any one would pay for a certificate of authentication (simply an opinion backed by nothing) from an individual who "doesn't recall" under oath that he was physically removed from a Sports Collectors Convention  in Chicago for selling forged autographs.

Others say, why waste your money on a COA from a  fellow when some dealers do not recognize his "opinion or guess" and will not refund money based upon Grad's "opinion".

Last I personally heard from a judge during a trial on an "autograph authenticator" was that their opinion on autographs is just that, an opinion and there is no law against being stupid!

Steve Koschal has attempted to contact Grad through his new employment on two separate occasions.  Once on April 7, 2017 and after no response again on Mat 6, 2017. One of the attempts copied in the principal of Beckett.  NO RESPONSE!''

Grad, who loves publicity all of a sudden seems to be in hiding.  The request was that Steve Koschal request a two hour interview with Steve Grad on the subject of autograph authentication.  

1) Koschal will agree to do the interview at a time convenient for Grad.

2) Koschal will pay for a conference room in a hotel of Grad's choosing.

3) Koschal will pay to have a person video tape the interview.

4) Koschal will pay for the video tape to be published on the Internet.

This is a gift of a life time for any professional, free publicity to be published for the International Autograph Community.

 What has Steve Grad to loose?  

In the past at shows where Grad has operated a booth, authenticating autographs,  has requested the opinion of Koschal during the event. Multiple times, Grad through emails, has requested the help/advice of Steve Koschal. 

Since 1982, Steve Koschal has published 12 books on the subject of autograph collecting. In addition it comes close to 300 educational articles on autograph collecting that Koschal has had published on autographs and signed books for every autograph organization and magazine in the industry.

Koschal is the recipient of many awards from industry leaders.

Koschal was chosen to represent the United States of America and the FBI in "Operation Bullpen."

Steve Koschal once again, will be a guest speaker at the International Autograph Club base in Germany on Saturday, June 17, 2017.  The subject will be on "Worthless COA's (Certificates of Authenticity). Collectors and dealers from around the world including Russia, Norway, Europe, USA and United Arab Emirates will be in attendance.

The event is free, everyone is welcome!

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  • Why would he meet you?  To show how much he doesn't know?

    If you were interviewing him to proclaim he was an expert he'd likely be there wearing his skull rings and fancy jewelry but if your going to show he's an imposter don't expect a response

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