Steve Grad who claims to be an authenticator of autographs and cherishes publicity has avoided a perfect opportunity, at no cost to him, to have an interview.  The purpose of the interview was an opportunity for Steve Grad to discuss his qualifications to be an autograph authenticator.  A chance to clear his name regarding him being removed from the sports collectors convention in Chicago for selling forged autographs.  When asked in court if he was the Steve Grad who was removed from the sports complex by security, his answer was "I don't recall."  This was also the perfect opportunity to defend himself regarding the thousands of mistakes he has made in the past and recently authenticating autographs.

More people are taking advantage of the "autograph authenticating scam" and advertising themselves as "authenticators" since a judge said that everyone has a right to an opinion, there's no law against being stupid. Uneducated collectors are paying $150 + for a guess or opinion from someone who has no business authenticating autographs. 

One of the high profile person in the deep south claiming to be an autograph authenticator told me "it's a beautiful business, it costs a few cents for my letterhead and I can charge $100 or more for my opinion." That so-called authenticator has no reference files other than matching your item with those on ebay. He lists names of persons as experts who have no affiliation with the authenticator.  Basically, a total scam!

A copy of one of the letters written to Steve Grad is illustrated below. 

Stephen Koschal
7155 Sand Crest View
Colorado Springs, CO 80923
Ph: 561-315-3622 email:

April 7, 2017

Mr. Steve Grad
Beckett Authentication Services
4635 McEwen Road
Dallas, Tx.75244

Dear Mr. Grad,

I want to take this opportunity to request a two hour interview and debate on the subject of autograph authentication.

I am prepared to rent a space in a hotel at a time agreeable to both where the interview and debate can be held. I will arrange for the meeting to be filmed and recorded.

I hope to hear from you in the near future.


Stephen Koschal

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