Steve Grad now known in the hobby as  avoiding to discuss his experience/education in authenticating autographs. Grad has not taken a single course of the dozen educational courses that were taught free of charge throughout the United States.  The result follows:

The signatures of President George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush are extremely common!

What excuse could possibly been given to have made the above sophmoric mistake.  This mistake is a major embarrassment and the person making this should be avoided.  To pay good dollars for this atrocity and then for a company to claim to be a dealer in autographs and advertise this on ebay tells everyone to do your homework when purchasing any autograph on eBay.

Steve Grad was the head authenticator with PSA/DNA when the above item was authenticated.

If he was not aware (hard to believe) that he does not know the difference between George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush then what did he use for exemplars?

The above slabbed signature is of President George H.W Bush. It is now authenticated as President George W. Bush.  As far as slabbing, it is not yet known how much damage could be done in the future to a slabbed signature in plastic.  Most are well aware of how much damage is done to signatures filed away in plastic sheets.  This item on Bay was listed as $507.40. A simple reminder as how a slabbed PSA/DNA signature increases value.

Steve Grad can now be found attempting to authenticate autographs at Beckett Authentication.

He has avoided all requests to do a taped interview at no cost to him.  The interview would have given him a chance to explain this mistake as well as thousands of others.

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