Just the other day I had a phone call from an old timer in the hobby. As in many phone calls it seems the name Steve Cyrkin comes up.  The conversation is almost always not positive.  I was reminded of a story Cyrkin wrote on his web site about me that was 100% fake news.  Seems like Cyrkin has never forgiven me for posting his words "that he was shutting down his autograph business (Starbright) while he pulled all the fakes out of his inventory".

Obviously very bitter/embarrassed he created and published a story that a well respected dealer said that he would go to the grave thinking Steve Koschal was a forger.  Of course Cyrkin would make this claim from someone who was no longer with us so it could never be confirmed.

What Cyrkin obviously didn't know was that the dealer he mentioned was a personal friend of mine for many decades.

The dealer who Cyrkin chose to create the quote from was Michael Minor of Kaufman, Texas.  Both Michael Minor and I specialized in autographs of the presidents of the United States.  Our similar interests allowed us to spend time every time I attended a Texas autograph show. Michael was a customer of mine, we talked frequently on the phone and exchanged ideas through correspondence.  Mike Minor would often send me gifts such as back in April 1992 he sent me copy #38 , signed of his book A Lawyer Argues For The Authenticity of The Shroud Of Turin".

In "1999" he was kind enough to send me two copies of a book he contributed to on Geronimo's autograph. One was the paperback edition and the other was copy#46 of the signed hardcover edition.

As one can see from above 7 years later Mike refers to me as his friend.

Several weeks after receiving the book I noticed a signature of Sitting Bull illustrated as "Genuine" which I knew was a forgery.

As I always shared info with Mike, I wrote him advising him of my findings. His response to me was thanking me for the Bob Dylan item he purchased from me and with my advise on the Sitting Bull signature he responded that: "and you are on the money on the Sitting Bull playing card".

aOver a year later, May 2000, Mike after coming back from Turin, Italy working on the Shroud of Turin, Mike sends me a Rare gift. A small piece of the precious and very rare red silk that was wrapped around the Shroud of Turin for 400 years.

aFour years later, January 2004, Mike and his co-author write an inscription in their book on presidential signatures.

Note Mike writes: "warm regards & admiration of his friends, the authors..."

Enclosed with this book was a handwritten letter from Mike Minor stating in part: "It was a pleasure chatting with you as always....we were indeed honored to sign the book and honored that you would want us to....

My long time friend David "Michael" Minor passed away on December 23, 2008.  I very much miss our educational conversations.

Most important, what type of a person would use the name of a respected autograph professional who is now no longer with us and create a "Fake" news story using the deceased persons name. How much lower can Steve Cyrkin go?

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  • One has to just love the infighting.  Let them destroy each other from the inside.

  • Meltdown is an understatement? Perhaps?
    What a way for a grown man to spend his holiday. Gotta kinda feel sorry for the old feller.
  • Steve Cyrkin is having a mini meltdown on his website today.  He again is going after a seller, who he seems to a major beef with. 

    From what I can tell, he accused this man "Stephen Duncan" who is a IN PERSON autograph collector of selling "FAKE" items, and also going as far as to say that his stuff "would NOT PASS authentication" from the sticker company's.

    This man, sent 22 items in, and all 22 came back with stickers, and as per his “Avoidant Personality Disorder” of being proved wrong and a LIAR, he won't admit to harming this person and the business, he just goes on as if nothing has went on.  Typical behavior of this disorder.

    A interesting find about Cyrkin can be found here: Rippedoffonline report

    It goes into a great deal of information and the numerous judgements that have been filed against him and how he uses "fake name" to attack people on his website.

    Something must be going on, because this man Duncan is standing up for himself, and WINNING and Steve Louis Cyrkin is doing nothing to admit to HIS mistakes. 

    This seller should join the lawsuits going on against Cyrkin, or file one on his own.   He has to have suffered from the negative writing's on AML by this person and some of the "names" that popped up only to have disappeared since they were used to try to discredit this mans items.

    Watch more of this meltdown as it happens: Current May Cyrkin Meltdown

    Stephen Duncan's Page
    Stephen Duncan's Page on Autograph Live
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