I didn't get into the autograph industry 39 years ago for the money.  I got into it because I love it.  Looking through old collections, talking to folks from across the world etc.  I have never been attacked anywhere on the internet until Steve Cyrkin started attacking me with lie after lie.

Here is just a run down on what he has done:

02/24/2009      Cyrkin says Todd Mueller is insane

07/15/2009      Cyrkin meets with eBay to get Todd Mueller thrown off eBay as a seller

08/24/2009      Cyrkin says Todd Mueller knowingly sells forgeries or signs them himself

08/24/2009      PSA/DNA rejects items because they come from Todd Mueller

09/08/2009      Cyrkin says Todd Mueller is a chronic liar

11/02/2009      Cyrkin says Todd Mueller is forger and sells forgeries

11/05/2009      Cyrkin says Todd Mueller signs Michael Jackson signatures

12/29/2009      Cyrkin tried to get Todd Mueller’s eBay items removed

05/21/2010      Cyrkin says Todd Mueller is a fraudster

01/14/2012      Cyrkin says Todd Mueller is a criminal

02/13/2012      Cyrkin is working on getting Todd Mueller banned from eBay again

02/13/2012      Todd Mueller is banned from eBay

02/13/2012      Cyrkin points out that eBay has banned Todd Mueller’s items

02/13/2012      Cyrkin asks: “Where will forgers go [to work]? To Mueller?”

02/14/2012      Cyrkin is working on getting Todd Mueller banned from eBay again.

02/15/2012      Cyrkin is working on getting Todd Mueller banned from eBay again.

02/15/2012      Cyrkin states that Todd Mueller sold a $500k forgery.

02/22/2012      Todd Mueller is, again, banned from Ebay

02/22/2012      Cyrkin says Todd Mueller is a criminal

02/22/2012      Cyrkin claims Todd Mueller’s stuff gone from eBay

02/22/2012      Cyrkin claims Todd Mueller engaged in defamation of Danny Brams

02/23/2012      Cyrkin is working on getting Todd banned from eBay

02/23/2012      Todd Mueller is a “stupid motherfucker”

02/28/2012      Cyrkin says Todd Mueller is an egomaniac, a liar, delusions of grandeur, seller of  forgeries, actually 33% or more of his items are forgeries, and, he is insane

05/07/2012      Cyrkin says Todd Mueller sent a hitman to physically harm daughter; Cyrkin says that Todd Mueller hates gay people.

09/22/2012      Cyrkin says Todd Mueller is in a group called “UFO” which means “United Forgers Organization.”

11/29/2012      Cyrkin says that Todd Mueller is a forger

12/01/2012      Cyrkin says that Todd Mueller runs a forgery industry website

12/02/2012      Cyrkin says that Todd Mueller sold $500k fake item; he has 500 fake items for sale

12/18/2012      Cyrkin says that PSA/DNA and JSA are ok, the rest of them [including Todd Mueller] are frauds

05/08/2013      Cyrkin says Todd Mueller is a ridiculous coward


Of course everything he has said and done is false and why I, Todd Mueller decided to sue him.  Cyrkin is facing a $525,000 default judgment against him in the first case.

Mr. Cyrkin has not adhered to the courts orders having an unprecedented 6 motions to compel filed against him by my attorney's and one contempt of court filing asking the judge to put him in jail for five days as he has failed to honor the sanctions (fines) levied against him by the courts. This hearing is coming up.

Mr. Cyrkin was forced by the court to turn over his devices so we could clone them as he refused to turn over his emails.  What Mr. Cyrkin didn't know is he accidentally honored the court's rulings by turning over many emails, some 18,000 that incriminate others associated with him.  What these emails show is complete fraud by Steve Cyrkin and several others in this industry that we are currently suing.  Mr. Cyrkin told the judge; "What Todd Mueller has will destroy me."  I have not shared a single email yet but when I start sharing these it won't be a nice day for Mr. Cyrkin or those who have supported him.  They show lies being created and made up, they show things that people will not believe.  Stay tuned!

On December 10,  2017 a JT 1972 person known as Gail using the email address she claims is her son's which is jimturow@gmail.com posts that I sold her fake autographs.  This person uses an Avatar of the Joker from Batman claiming she showed David Lee Roth a record I sold her and how David Lee Roth laughed.  All of this is completely false.  Mr. Cyrkin is always quick to protect his friends who are accused of fraud by requiring that the poster use their real name, IP address etc but not here!  Cyrkin responds;

"Your experience with Todd Mueller does not surprise me." and

"we will try to help you Gail." and

"As far as I know, most of the autographs he offers at auction are not consignments" and

"It must be terribly disheartening.  Why do you think that some of the autographs they sold you are fake?  Feel free to post some if you'd like."  and

"JT197...Gail How did you come to believe that autographs you bought from Todd Mueller aren't real?  Could you post examples of ones you think are good, and ones you believe are not?  And why if you don't mind."

Mr. Cyrkin egging this person on, feeling compassion for her, while letting these lies stay up on his site.

Here are the facts;

This person did sign up on our site but we noticed they put our company under their name.  They were denied bidding access.   They never won a single item from us!  So here again is a lie posted that Mr. Steve Cyrkin runs with feeling empathy and sorry for a liar, a person that never purchased anything from us.  This is the type of nonsense Mr. Cyrkin represents and why he finds himself being sued and losing in court.  See the proof.

Notice this person was denied bidding status due to putting our company name under their name when registering.  This is just bizarre.

Notice this person never bid on anything!

Notice above this person never won a single item, yet they lie on Cyrkin's site and he asks them to post images which they can't do as they haven't won anything.  Cyrkin facilitates this fraud, this complete bogus piece of fiction against Todd Mueller autographs and other foolish bloggers participate not even realizing the whole story is a fake piece of made up garbage.   Legitimate people within the autograph industry refer to Steve Cyrkin and his site as "Revenge of the Nerds," but even the Nerds on film got things right.  Cyrkin doesn't care what he's doing even when it's proven he's stands for lies and nonsense.  He just can't seem to tell the truth.  

Soon, I will create a website and start posting emails between Steve Cyrkin and others.  What is amazing is while Steve Cyrkin has and continues to attack and defame my reputation he protects those selling and authenticating some of the biggest forgery scams in the history of autographs.  These emails will show you more than what you wanted to know about Steve Cyrkin and the cartel he works with and protects.

Steve Cyrkin is a liar.  He's lied about me authenticating the Julien's Michael Jackson items.  He stated this 3 times.  It never happened.  He's lied about me being part of a forgery industry.  He lies about everything and why he is losing and being sued in court.  The above time line on his actions against me and my company can easily show anyone why I sued this man.  Who wouldn't?  Those who contributed $5, $10 and $20 to his "fund my lawsuit" campaign now see what they are funding by supporting Steve Cyrkin.  What a joke!  The emails I will publish, all court record will show the minions who follow and support him how they have been fooled all along.  They will show what Steve Cyrkin is truly like.  They will show corruption by others within the industry who are supported and protected by Steve Cyrkin.  They will show how 3rd party authentication companies truly work, without exemplars, basing opinions simply by the source submitting them.  These facts will expose many and exonerate the honest.  It's about time vindication is coming and the truth will be shown shortly. 

Mr. Cyrkin claims he is judgment proof, that he's broke.  He once owned 5% of Collectors Universe stock worth anywhere from $5 to $20 million dollars.  All original shareholders are wealthy but him.  Only he could screw this one up!

It's sickening to read a story published on rip off report about me by a fake name, posting fake things that never happened.  It's hard to defend yourself against a lie where the liar whose not even using a real name post lies that never happened.  That's what's been going on and Steve Cyrkin has been behind it all.

Stay tuned.



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  • "Stay tuned"?  Well, we shall see.  Everyone on that site and here,  and Autograph Alert, Hauls of Shame etc. have been predicting the end of those on the other side for 8-10 years.  Lots of redundant chatter with few results. 

    For me, following this endless saga/bickering expecting some results is reduced to not much more than tedious soap operas.


  • I saw that Michael Frost of PAAS was named in one of the lawsuits with both Steve Cyrkin and Roger Epperson.  Is he going to be brought to justice as well?

    Have you seen the YELP! review's for PAAS?  WOW!  All 1 star (except for the one that Frost did for himself) He fights with people who submit items, talks about doing things to a person's mother, real shallow stuff!  ALL ON YELP!These are the people that Steve Cyrkin is hanging around with and working with???  What is wrong with this world?

  • Unless they are talking about an AML unapproved seller or authenticator, then they leave the title alone.   It's really bad that they take sides and are not for the collector, but for their personal, selfish, self interests, trying to keep the money in the proverbial family.

  • AML likes to alter titles it seems. Wonder why?


    After Alteration:

  • People are scared to talk about the truth on Cyrkin's site.  Once this hit's google he's got a lot of explaining to do to those he pretends to honest with.

  • As soon as you get the judgment signed, go after him!  He has so much debt with the IRS, he has to be a "expert" at hiding stuff though!  I bet with all of those emails you will find out where he's hiding things and that has to have him scared!   I seem to remember him talking about a lake house not that long ago.  He will have to disclose that and if he moved in into somebody's name the judge will reverse the title, anything going back 5 or 7 years, maybe longer in CA.  If he's hiding stuff with his daughters, add her name to the lawsuit to if possible?

    Congrats on this huge victory Todd!  Another victory for the good guys!

  • It is expensive to live in California. He is making money somewhere. He has advertisers on his website. His job at coin graders associates pulls in some cash. And if I was him I would take a job at subway as a sandwich artist, who knows? But the guy is not destitute.

  • No one has ever said Steve Cyrkin is smart. If he goes to jail he will tell his readers he had to get away and gather his thoughts for a few days and they will believe him. There are always two sides to a story and the side that loses in court loses in life.  That site is internet trolls just trying to feel better about themselves.  They don't care or know what they are doing over there.  It's just stupid!

  • UNREAL!  Congratulations Todd!  Keep up the great work!

  • WOW!!!  Look at what STEVE CYRKIN has gotten himself into now!  You would think a person would learn to shut up after digging that big of a hole!  NOPE!  He just keeps going don't he?

    Now all the people can see what they are "helping to pay for" too!!!  That's nice!  Any money that has been "donated" will be confiscated with the judgement so the people that are donating are just giving their money to Todd in a sense, his bank account will be sized I'm sure!

    Steve has been wanting Todd to blog for the better part of 2 years now.  Looks like he finally got his wish!

    Talk about a nuclear  E-bomb!!!  WOW!   This is a guy that is involved in how many lawsuits too? He just keeps allowing stuff to happen!  He's going to end up having MILLIONS in judgement owed to Todd before this is all over with!!  How stupid can one person really be? 

    Look at Epperson, at least he shut up since he's been hit with all of his lawsuits.  He used to be like that dog in a car as you pass by, always barking! Not anymore.  You don't hear nor hide nor hair from him, he become a almost mute on the site, a site that he lists is one of his JOBS.  Cyrkin should learn from him, and those others involved.  Learn when to SHUT UP!

    Cyrkin was listed as a top 10 stockholder of CLCT for many years, what did he do with all of those shares?  His name appeared in the shareholders book, with the number of shares for many years.  It should be easy to find out what he did with all of them if they were not cashed.  20 million dollars in stocks is a lot of money and not easy to hide.  Is that why he thinks he's "judgement proof"?  Hiding those somewhere?

    A person can only run for so long, and it looks like he's getting to the end of the road judging from what happened today.  Good luck Mr. Cyrkin, you can't lie forever!

    Congratulations TODD MUELLER!  Hopefully you win more and collect on it too!

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