Steve Cyrkin is such a fraud.  A poster on his site shows Roger Epperson's COA's are being banned from ebay and Cyrkin changes the title so it won't show up on google search engines.  What's wrong with this guy?  Just proof he protects his buddies.  What happened when Roger authenticated a zillion dollars worth of fake Michael Jackson sketches?  I never saw any recalls, did anyone?  Who got burned?  Who got refunded?  Are people still selling these?  Cyrkin want's to make the truth silent and divert what he is doing to others, anyone.  Someone needs to find a home for him.  Cyrkin stated Stephen Duncan, Mike Airing, Brandon Mysinger and a dozen more were the BEST, then he called them all forgers.  Am I the only one seeing this?  The bottom post was the "REAL" post before Steve Cyrkin changed it to the above post.   

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  • Here is the biggest thing that keeps getting overlooked.  Roger Epperson's company REAL is NOT on the approved list of authenticators for EBAY.  He is not one it, HAS NOT been on it and that has been the way it's been for a very long time.  This goes back to at least 2007!!!

    So, should items bearing his COA be allowed to be sold on EBAY?

    He is not on the approved list, so what do you think?

    He is also, NOT on the BANNED list.(EBAY has a BANNED COA/LOA list, IE: Coach's Corner, ACE, STAT Authentic, etc)  So until his name in added to the banned list,  maybe nothing can be done?

    Something else, Roger never address are any of the mountain of mistakes that he makes.  The Michael Jackson prints.  This was addressed during the depositions during the Michael Johnson/RR Lawsuit.  They even asked different people if they used Roger Epperson (At RR Auctions) because he was "bargain basement" compared to other companies.  (you get what you pay for)  They asked if the Roger's "errors" were going to be discussed with him, since he dubs himself "THE WORLDS BEST" yet he made such huge mistakes, of course you got the famous Bob Eaton "I can't recall" comment out of most of him.  Even though those video's were taken down from Johnson's website, word has it that people here at Autograph Planet saved them, and are ready to put them back up on the internet when ready.  They were saved so they wouldn't be lost.  Roger will be deposed soon for his numerous on-going lawsuits anyway where he can address these and even more mistakes in front of the camera for all to see.  I'm sure that will be just as exciting to see as RR's video's were!

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