Koschal's newest book is a must read for all. Certificates of Authenticity For Sale, Exposing the Incompetence in Autograph Authentication, Choosing the Right Autograph Dealer will be released on January 22, 2019.  No punches are pulled in this educational work. The book begins letting the reader be their own authenticator.  It's simple anyone can do this. Working your way through, the reader will without question see the incompetence of the companies who claim they can authenticate autographs.  In black & white you will see how worthless COA's are from these comapnies.  It's seems to be no longer autograph authentication but simply COA"s for sale.  Shockingly, read how true professionals think about the so-called authentication companies.  Learn why to trust only the professional autograph dealers listed in this book.  Most importantly learn about the challenge offered to the high profile authentiticating companies.


Those who have seen the prepublication example of this book all say that anyone with a brain wll never waste a dollar supporting the high profile authenticatinh companies. More importantly one will learn never to purchase an autograph because it comes with a COA.   This study, etc. is heavily illustrated. Reading this work is similar to taking an autograph course that will save you thousands of dollars. Price $8.50 + $2.00 shipping.

Stephen Koschal 

7155 Sand Crest View                             PayPal  skoschal@aol.com

Colorado Springs, CO 80923














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  • I really enjoyed your new book, short and to the point!!  I HIGHLY recommend it to new collectors as well as to those who have been collecting for a long time.

    Greg Jeranek

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