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Due to the high demand  for our autograph authentication service, it will be expanded to authenticating  autographs for collectors, effective immediately.  We will be authenticating autographs from single items to entire collections.

For decades we have specialized authenticating autographs for dealers and auction houses. We thank those dealers and auction houses for all their referrals.

Why have we been a favorite authenticating service for so many years?  There is absolutely no politics when we authenticate.  The autograph you submit is either genuine or not!

Many others, for years still authenticate autographs as genuine depending on the submitter. If the submitter is a regular customer, it’s difficult to turn down something with the chance of loosing that customer.  I recall one customer in Las Vegas who stated “This will be my cover piece, if you fail it your not coming back.”  I failed it, as it was a forgery, then I walked out the door.

So common are those ABC name type companies who claim to authenticate autographs.  They will change their opinion at a later date when advised the item they turned down was sold to a collector from one of their own authenticators who sells autographs.  It’s amazing how fast a new Certificate of Authenticity is created.

There are all types of those who claim to authenticate autographs. One in mind in So. Florida is well known for passing most everything.  They are a forgers favorite.  They think if they turn something down they will lose the customer.  With a little bit of knowledge they would know that  collectors wants to know if the autograph they submitted is genuine.  If not, within a reasonable time, they can return the item hopefully for a refund.  Collectors hate to find out after holding onto something for years and it’s time to sell that they are advised by the dealer the item is not genuine.

Just this week we authenticated a very special sports item that was purchased decades ago in excess of $40,000 that all several signatures were fairly good forgeries.  The well known seller has on their web site their guarantee is only good for 10 years.

 Who knows when that statement was placed on their web site. What happened to the old fashioned “lifetime guarantee?”  We can thank autograph forger Herman Darvick,  also Father of the Useless COA for creating this mess.

Stephen Koschal has been called “A Father Of Modern Autograph Collecting” and known by all other authenticators as “Getting It Right The First Time.”

 One challenge to any collector submitting an item for authentication to an ABC type outfit is to just try and find out who turned down your item.  This is an impossibility.  An expression I have used for over 20 years is "Companies do not authenticte autographs, people do!"

                The following quotes are from competitive autograph authenticators:


"I, Michael Frost President and lead authenticator of P.A.A.S. Professional Autograph Authentication Services have known Stephen Koschal for over 20 years. I am proud to have worked with Stephen Koschal for many of those years on autograph studies and autograph authentication. I would consider him as the top autograph expert in the world today. Stephen Koschal's library of autograph exemplars is second to none and I have had the pleasure of using and viewing his autograph exemplar library. Stephen Koschal has written many books and 100's of articles on autograph collecting and autograph reviews and authentication. Stephen Koschal is one of my teachers and mentors when it comes to autograph studies and authentication. I have spent 100's of hours working with Stephen Koschal as well as reviewing his authentication work. I have always found him to be very professional and one of the most honest people I ever met within the autograph industry. In all the years I have known Stephen Koschal and worked with him I can not recall a single item ever being returned or questioned on the basis of authentication.".............Mike Frost Florida, PAAS Autograph Authentication

 "…Steve, thanks so much for your opinion....there are few people in this industry I have trust in their judgment like you" ...............Jimmy Spence, JSA Authentication Services

"...Jimmy (James Spence) and I needed a second opinion on this Nixon piece, and we would like your thoughts..." ...............Steve Grad, California, Authenticator PSA/DNA and Beckett Authentication

"...I love you and admire your energy... I have always looked at you as an honest man and true friend ..............................Roger Epperson, Texas, JSA Authenticator

"...your work may have helped change the certs which now clearly say that only one or more have looked at the item. Thus in some regard you have been part of the solution... hope your voice changes other policy... in fact when people ask me about you and your expertise I always give you glowing reports in fact I say that you are among the few left who really knows what he's doing..." ...John Reznikoff, Connecticut, PSA and JSA Authenticator


"...Bill (Miller,) is a blessing to me. He is truly my best friend and best mentor a person could have. I'm very thankful that through him, I got to know who you are better because he is so honest that I know that when he thinks highly of someone like he does of you, it is dead on target... I would have just liked to see eBay reach out to someone like you in the cases they needed guidance... I think your views on how eBay should correct their problems are important and they should listen. When someone has done something as long as you have, there is wisdom that many can benefit”... ...........Brandon Mysinger, California, Global Authenticator, eBay Authenticator

"...Bob (Eaton) asked if I could ask you for a favor... would it be possible for you to type up a general endorsement of our company on your letterhead... as far as we are concerned, you are one of, if not the most respected autograph authorities we know, and it we think it would be quite impressive to have a good word from you about us..."..............................................Ron Lavallee, New Hampshire, RR Auction

"...your last letter was of great help to me and I enormously appreciate your efforts in trying to stop the forgers, not just of my appraisals, but in every area... " Charles Hamilton, New York, World's Acknowledged Authority on Autographs

 ‘’Steve, This is a copy of the signature (Brandon Lee) I spoke to you about. What do you think? Thanks, Al Wittnebert.  Self appointed President of the UACC, Autograph Authenticator.

Since autograph authenticating companies respect the opinion of Stephen Koschal and use his service why shouldn’t you?



                    Stephen Koschal, Established 1967, Proud member of PADAH


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