Stephen Koschal, Autograph Authenticator, comments from high profile authenticators

Stephen Koschal has been authenticating autographs professionally since 1967. He has amassed and maintains what is said to be the largest autograph reference library in the world. He is the author of nearly 300 published articles on autographs for all the leading publications in the hobby. He has published several autograph reference books in addition to signature studies used by collectors and professional autograph dealers worldwide. He is the creator of 14 different autograph educational courses that were taught around the United States.
He is also the winner of many awards.

Many believe he is the leading autograph authenticator whose accuracy in authenticating autographs is second to none.

The following are just some comments made in writing by the high profile autograph authenticators in the hobby.

"I, Michael Frost President and lead authenticator of P.A.A.S. Professional Autograph Authentication Services have known Stephen Koschal for over 20 years. I am proud to have worked with Stephen Koschal for many of those years on autograph studies and autograph authentication. I would consider him as the top autograph expert in the world today. Stephen Koschal's library of autograph exemplars is second to none and I have had the pleasure of using and viewing his autograph exemplar library. Stephen Koschal has written many books and 100's of articles on autograph collecting and autograph reviews and authentication. Stephen Koschal is one of my teachers and mentors when it comes to autograph studies and authentication. I have spent 100's of hours working with Stephen Koschal as well as reviewing his authentication work. I have always found him to be very professional and one of the most honest people I ever met within the autograph industry. In all the years I have known Stephen Koschal and worked with him I can not recall a single item ever being returned or questioned on the basis of authentication”…......………….........................Mike Frost, Florida. The new P.A.A.S.

".Steve, thanks so much for your opinion....there are few people in this industry I have trust in their judgment like you" ..............Jimmy Spence, JSA Authentication

"...your work may have helped change the certs which now clearly say that only one or more have looked at the item. Thus in some regard you have been part of the solution... hope your voice changes other policy... in fact when people ask me about you and your expertise I always give you glowing reports in fact I say that you are among the few left who really knows what he's doing..." ...................John Reznikoff, Connecticut, PSA and JSA Authenticator

"...I sit in humble awe-oh great one! The advice was priceless..." .......Gerard A.J. Stodolski, New Hampshire, Authenticator, Professional Autograph Services & Standards, Co.

"...Jimmy (James Spence) and I needed a second opinion on this Nixon piece, and we would like your thoughts..." .....Steve Grad, California, Authenticator PSA/DNA

" a matter of public record, Collectors Universe paid over $300,000 in the twelve months ended June 30, 2004 for errors....we continually seek the advice and council of competent individuals outside our organization in the collectibles market-dealers, auctioneers, collectors-such as you..." ....................Michael Haynes, California, Chief Executive Officer, PSA/DNA

"...I love you and admire your energy... I have always looked at you as an honest man and true friend ............Roger Epperson, Texas, JSA Authenticator, RR Auction Authenticator

"your experience always brings a smile to my face...." Richard Simon, Sports Autograph Authenticator

"...Bill (Miller, Autograph Collector Magazine) is a blessing to me. He is truly my best friend and best mentor a person could have. I'm very thankful that through him, I got to know who you are better because he is so honest that I know that when he thinks highly of someone like he does of you, it is dead on target... I would have just liked to see eBay reach out to someone like you in the cases they needed guidance... I think your views on how eBay should correct their problems are important and they should listen. When someone has done something as long as you have, there is wisdom that many can benefit…” ............................Brandon Mysinger, California, Global Authenticator, eBay Authenticator

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  • Mr. Burris, I read your response with interest. First, like Nixon once said " let's make this perfectly clear".  Quoting your words "hardly any ringing endorsement..". You read my message and got that totally wrong.  Not one of those comments from the so-called autograph authenticators was endorsing their competitior, me.  Read every one of the comments once again. There was no endorsement!

    Look whaeveryone of them did?  When they were in trouble authenticating they ALL went to the single authenticator in this business they respected.

    You, not in this business, are making some very unwarranted statements. You say grow a pair?  My pair, for years,  was exposing many of these undesirables in the hobby.  I wrote and published hundreds of truthful stories on about who you call maggots.  Combined they had millions of dollars and three of them got together to file 3 separate law suits, at the same time, to stop the press.

    Undesirables in this hobby made multiple death threats against me as well. My response was "bring it on cowards".  And that is just what they were, cowards!"

    I feel your pain regarding Kay. I guess you don't know, back then, that a female family member of your family reached out to me for information (name withheld here).

    For accuracy, you were not outed by me on this site. You did this to yourself with the numerous messages you have posted on this site.  As far as your location, I do not know where you are and most likely no one else reading this site knows where you are.

    If we do get to met in Federal Court one day it will be because some attorney hired me once again as an autograph expert to defend his client against an undesirable in this hobby.

  • Mr. Koschal, it doesn’t matter under what rock; at the bottom of which ever rubbish bin or muck pile; or the top of any random mountain you find it, the truth is always going to be the truth.  Truth is an absolute.  If it were a physical element, it’d be on the Periodic Chart, for sure.

    I realize (and appreciate) you’re not responsible for what anyone else claims nor what motivates them.  However, no matter what the fancy name is on the restaurant; or how expensive the steaks are; maggots on your plate crawling all over your steak are still just maggots, crawling all over your expensive steak.

    The autograph hobby needs, more now than ever before, honest people with real integrity who’ll call those maggots out by name, so others in the business don’t get burned by them feeding on their expensive steaks.  Grow a pair Mr. Koschal, and name those “high profile authenticators” on your list that you will no longer deal with or “even answer their emails or phone calls”, to quote you directly.  Be a man.  Be a leader.  Be a “beacon so all others” might see Mr. Koschal.

    Kay Burris (my late wife) paid with her life to expose what she did in the affidavit she swore out the week before she died (March 2008).  You, sir, don’t know the death threats that were made against her in the weeks prior; nor do you know the threats made to her against me; or against the lives of any of our three children.  You don’t have even a clue of the cover-up or lies spread against her (and me) since her death, either.  I don’t fault you, or anyone else in the trade, who isn’t central to her case against those principals named in her affidavit.  That is because I completely understand that any one of you in the hobby, or all of you for that matter, only got your “truth” from the maggots you say you once associated with.  (FYI Mr. Koschal, Kay Burris was that beacon.)

    So thus, l can now share this particular truth with you (why I list my location on this site as “Somewhere Safe”).  Having had eight boxes of detailed financial records in my possession; two old company computers (handed down to my daughters that Kay’s former employer used to communicate with clients and to take autograph auction bids on; and four (plus) years of work-related emails from/to Kay on another home desktop computer while Kay worked for the maggots that ultimately ended her life, perhaps even you Mr. Koschal might appreciate my need for anonymity and keeping my location somewhat mysterious.

    But now, with all the federal investigations going on; people in the hobby going to prison; several depositions of various maggots (many on your “high profile authenticators” list, actually) making their way into the light of day out there in the public domain.  You might even imagine my joy knowing that ALL of the above items from our home have safely been placed in the hands of federal investigators and lawyers, despite your indifference to “outing me” here.  I look forward when perhaps you and I will get to meet formally one day in some federal court, as the maggots start getting their desserts!

  • Dear Mr. Burris (aka The Truth) when you registered at Autograph Planet you didn't give yourself a ringing endorsement. You registered as "as female" and you listed your location as "somewhere safe".

    As for myself, I cannot help who claims to be an autograph authenticator.  HOWEVER, I can tell you something you already do know - some of these people who claim they can authenticate autographs are still accepted by a majority of the autograph community and ebay. They all came to me in the past and requested my opinion on autographs.  Today, knowing what I know about most of them and what I have experienced with many of these so-called autograph authenticators through the years, I would not even respond to one of their emails or phone calls.

  • ...I'm not an expert, but aren't most of those references in trouble??  Hardly any ringing endorsement, no?

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