Signatures of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, What Happened

Does anyone here on Planet know why the signatures of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Justice of the Supreme Court, has skyrocked in price?

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  • Mr. Koschal, amazing information. You must have the largest autograph reference library in the entire hobby. Thank you for your response.. 

  • Here's an illustration of the mock check of Ruth Bader Ginsburg that upset her so much. This is the final blow that made her decide not to respond to mail requests for an autograph.



  • Prices of Justice Ginsburg's signatures indeed have risen dramatically in the last several years. I was working with her in 2007 regarding the abuse of her signature.  Mock checks for one cent were being sold by an East Coast Autograph Auction House.   This and other reasons of abuse of her autograph caused her to finally make a decision "to decline to provide signatures in response to mail requests."  This decision was made around the middle of 2007. 

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