Interesting accusation:Where is the proof?

The Vanderhoven knows that when he carefully signs Holiday, or Anniversary cards for those he loves that the signatures are quite different than a signature that he would create for a signed legal document. Quite different!

For special cards the Vanderhoven takes his time and lovingly draws out each letter that way he was taught so many years ago in grade school.

Again..., where is the proof?

Are some individuals simply so abrasive, so full of themselves, that they are unable to traverse other avenues, other possibilities? 

Could there be an alternate explanation? 

Why place yourself at odds with one of the Greats of Rock 'n Roll? Such flimsy evidence. In fact is there any evidence?

Perhaps only an "Arrogant Hunch"

I'm not sure who this Roger Epperson guy is, or who he thinks that he is, but he sure seems a bit quickly dismisive of the Jerry Lee Lewis family. 

One would expect substantial evidence when accusations are put forward.

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  • Daggone it!!! Don't do it!!!! Those things play like butta!!!!!

  • Vanderhoven doesn't take himself too seriously, willing to make an absolute fool of himself:

  • It's nice to get some closure on this with examples and facts......instead of votes.

    Thank God for Autograph Planet.

  • Beginning clockwise, from top left.

    1. Genuine, 1969 pre-Whitten contract signature, compared to B & N book signature. (upper left)

    2. Epperson approved signature compared to B & N book signature. (upper right)

    3. Mark Shull gathered, in person signature, compared to an AML 'erroneously branded Whitten type' (lower right)

    4. A signed 45 rpm record with undeniable JLL inscription shown along a B & N book signature. (lower Left)

  • This is awesome grant could you do this on my cobains? not sure how time consuming it is to do?
  • Excellent idea Heath!

    A visual point to point analysis.

    Mr.Cyrkin would have us to believe that this 1969 Pre-Whitten Management era signature is done by one individual, and that the The signature from the B&N book was done by Whitten? Well Whitten must have done an amazing , Super Human job of arranging every little detail to fall in line.

    Fact is, Jerry Lee Lewis signed the books! 

  • I like doing a visual point to point analysis. This checks out nicely.
  • The top image is from a 1969 signed contract before Whitten was JLL's manager, the bottom image is from one of the Barnes and Noble signed books. Steve Cyrkin is dead wrong for implying that ANYONE other than Jerry Lee Lewis has signed these books!!!!!

  • Signature at left is from a '69 signed contract. Years before J.W.Whitten became Jerry's manager. Wonderful match for the B&N books!

    Case Closed!!!

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