Interesting accusation:Where is the proof?

The Vanderhoven knows that when he carefully signs Holiday, or Anniversary cards for those he loves that the signatures are quite different than a signature that he would create for a signed legal document. Quite different!

For special cards the Vanderhoven takes his time and lovingly draws out each letter that way he was taught so many years ago in grade school.

Again..., where is the proof?

Are some individuals simply so abrasive, so full of themselves, that they are unable to traverse other avenues, other possibilities? 

Could there be an alternate explanation? 

Why place yourself at odds with one of the Greats of Rock 'n Roll? Such flimsy evidence. In fact is there any evidence?

Perhaps only an "Arrogant Hunch"

I'm not sure who this Roger Epperson guy is, or who he thinks that he is, but he sure seems a bit quickly dismisive of the Jerry Lee Lewis family. 

One would expect substantial evidence when accusations are put forward.

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  • Sorry, I just googled Steve Cyrkin and realize I'm new to this and didn't know Cyrkin's past history. 

  • If Cyrkin really deleted that strong piece of evidence he is proving he is a fraud.  A cover up.  If he thinks he is right, why hide the truth?

    I don't trust anything he says.  I wouldn't trust any "so called expert" he may recommend. 

    I just don't trust the guy.  What exactly is his agenda?  I read online he invented the forgery industry but I still don't know where it is located.  California?  Does anyone know since nobody seems to know of the forgery industry but him?

    I vote 5 as well.  The evidence seems overwhelming.

  • Here is a very important image that was on Steve Cyrkin's "Autograph Magazine Live" website for only a short while before it was removed so that members could not see it!!!!

    You'll have to ask yourself why? Do members there even have an opportunity to view all the evidence? The removal of this important piece of information results in a penalty for AML, (15) in favor of JLL and a first down!!!

  • My current theory, based upon observation, is that only White, Male, Land Owners have votes that are even considered at AML. This would explain why Wascher's vote on the Michael Jackson Crayola Drawings have been entirely ignored up to this point by a certain 'Expert'.

  • A Jake Wooten just sent me this email, I believe that his (5) should be considered a (10) for the mistreatment he suffered:

    Hello Grant,

    Not believable, Mr Cyrks new poll! I am not at all certain how an honest result can take place when differing opinins are cencored and banned from his site? it reminds me of old Soviet styled manipulation that i am all too familiar with. Anyways please post my vote which is emphatic nubmber (5).

    jAKE wOOTEN 


    5 FOR SURE

  • I don't know why Cyrkin is picking on Jerry Lee Lewis. He must think he's Jewish.

    Definitive 5!!

  • I'm going to vote a strong 6.  Some people are out to lunch.


  • 5

  • Can I vote too? (5)
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