Interesting accusation:Where is the proof?

The Vanderhoven knows that when he carefully signs Holiday, or Anniversary cards for those he loves that the signatures are quite different than a signature that he would create for a signed legal document. Quite different!

For special cards the Vanderhoven takes his time and lovingly draws out each letter that way he was taught so many years ago in grade school.

Again..., where is the proof?

Are some individuals simply so abrasive, so full of themselves, that they are unable to traverse other avenues, other possibilities? 

Could there be an alternate explanation? 

Why place yourself at odds with one of the Greats of Rock 'n Roll? Such flimsy evidence. In fact is there any evidence?

Perhaps only an "Arrogant Hunch"

I'm not sure who this Roger Epperson guy is, or who he thinks that he is, but he sure seems a bit quickly dismisive of the Jerry Lee Lewis family. 

One would expect substantial evidence when accusations are put forward.

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  • I really thought this would get more action when I posted the website link. I guess folks are burned out of the killer and his varied signature.
  • What I find so confusing is the contradictory level of "expertise" that comes from AML.

    Here you had Mr. Cyrkin chiming in on what he felt must be a "Judith" secretarial:

    Now isn't this the same styled signature that is currently Available at Roger Epperson's website for $75.00?

  • If you mean the gift bag, I saw that image on a Jerry Lee fan page on Facebook. If I remember correctly, a huge fan who I believe is an admin of said fan page (and I believe his son) met up with Judith Lewis before a show Jerry Lee did in London. This held a gift to that fan from Jerry and Judith. I could be wrong on who penned the dedication but it corresponds to other writing of hers I posted on the page. Thank you for checking it out.

    I love Jerry Lee and autographs and just want fans to know what they have.

  • I haven't looked at the pages for six months. I'll have to check on the handbag.

  • Thanks Chad, a lot to digest, maybe some crow. where did the handbag come from?

  • I just posted it this on the autograph magazine site as well. Thought some here might like to see Jerry Lee Lewis Autograph Site

  • Miles, thank goodness that there is such a site as Autograph Planet! Can you imagine the incredible damage that would have occured if that lesser site had been permited to go on, unabated, with all of the false and silly secretarial claims? This is why free speach, allied with honesty and integrity are such a powerful combination.
  • Grant, those 2 items are obviously from the same hand! It was a sad thing when that whole posse was just running wild shouting 'SECRETARIAL" 

    They caused so much harm! 

    Quite Troublesome. 

    Thank You, Mr. Vanderhoven for having the courage, and integrity to clarify the matter, if not for us then for the children, those who will grow to become men and women!

  • At left is a recent "To Dave" At right an item in which the authenticator stated, "Here are the ones that I feel are secretarial."

    Personally I disagree with that authenticators claim, I believe both of these items to be from the same hand, the hand of Jerry Lee Lewis.

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