Roger Vs Todd according to Roger


I was looking at the above link, and was wondering what is going on with the case as it is now well past one year since much has gone on with it.


Upon looking at the Harris County Court Records, it shows that the case was dismissed for "WANT OF PROSECUTION" or DWOP, meaning that Roger Epperson Lost this case due to time constraints on letting this case sit on the court docket and not doing anything with it for over a year and a half. (again from what I am seeing)


Of course, he is getting hammered in other cases, so he might just be letting this case go to try to defend the others.

What I find funny, is how he goes on and on, about how strong this case is, and how he's going to win, and how easy it's going to be.  He even gets into it with a user, who stands up to him and shows him, that things are not as he see's them. (as we are now seeing)  

From the last page where Roger talks about how strong his case is...

Reply by roger epperson on November 21, 2014 at 4:15pm
These are very damning to say the least for someone who stated under oath for grounds of perjury that he had no knowledge of who the owner was of the site ANL was?  My case just seems to get more and more solid everyday.  Thanks Mike this has been sent to my attorney.


Reply by Mike White on January 9, 2015 at 2:51pm
These are very damning to say the least for someone who stated under oath for grounds of perjury that he had no knowledge of who the owner was of the site ANL was?
Again...not really.

He didn't say that he didn't know how to contact them. He said that he didn't know who they were.

It's extremely possible to be in contact with someone and not know who they are. That he constantly refers to them as "the owner of the site" instead of by name would actually strengthen his case that he didn't know their name, rather than yours, much like OJ & the glove.

I would strongly suggest letting your lawyer handle this case, because you seem out of your element.


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  • Roger appealed his loss in 2015. 


    The court orders that ROGER EPPERSON pay ALL appellate costs related to the case. (including Attorney fees)

    Judgement rendered/entered Aug 11, 2016


    Looks like things are not going good for the white hat gang.  There is more information posted on some postcards that were sent out but that website is down for a while.  Once the information can be accessed it will be posted. 

    Lots of lawsuits, and lots of losses.  He has been ordered to sit for a video deposition in the Michael Johnson case, which will happen very soon.

    More info to be posted, stay tuned...

  • Any updates on this case?  It's been sitting for a long time...

  • Anybody else look at what he filed with the courts?  Below are excerpts from his actual filed court documents.  I encourage everybody to get a account with the office of Harris County and look up the cases themselves, it is a free service.  I can't get over what he has filed with the courts!

    Todd is a PUBLIC figure.  Therefore he (Roger) is allowed to talk about him under first amendment.

    Does not admit to saying anything but if he did, it would be covered under the first amendment.  Even though "Todd Muller Autographs" sells autographs, he does not know what he does for business.

    Example of Roger putting something down was given, Roger had his listed reply "Not my intended audience"  (REALLY?   On a autograph blog?  On the Internet??  Really?)

    Lots of legal cases given as examples, and of course his loss to motion after motion after motion in the case.

    3-6-15 Filed a appeal with the courts

    3-18/19-15 notice went out that the appeal was not filed in time (or at all) and that if more time is needed it should be requested immediately!  If not, the case will move forward as previous noted.

    Nothing until

    4-8-15 where again he files

    He denies saying ANYTHING unless it's PROVED he said something.

    Todd is a PUBLIC figure any harm done is justified and deserving/protected by 1st amendment

    IF anything is shown to have been said by Roger, Roger will then in turn show that whatever statement it is, is indeed TRUE!

    If anything was said by Roger publicly or in writing, he is a media figure and or consultant and has qualified privilege and first amendment rights to make any statements he sees fit.

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