It appears that Roger Epperson will do anything to save himself, including biting the hand that feeds him!  While Bob Eaton and R&R Auctions are now on their 8th law firm in the on going legal mess over not giving refunds on selling fake autographs (most given the thumbs up by none other then ROGER EPPERSON HIMSELF)

Why not look at what the guy that only cares about himself did recently in his court case VS Michael Johnson.

In the Harris County District County court case, Court 270, cause 201524710-7

Look past all of Roger's "motion's to quash"  He has filed 4 so far, lost 3 of the 4, and the 4th one will be lost as it was ruled on already, so why he filed it looks rather weird.

I call everyone's attention to filing number: 70769552: Defendant's Motion to Strike Testifying Witnesses:

In this 6 page document he quotes from the SEALED video (transcript) Deposition  of Steve Grad.  PSA/DNA won a protective order from Judge Geck to have their video deposition's not allowed up on Mr. Johnson's website while the court case was/is going on.  (After the case is over however that will be a different story)

Now this isn't over, it only gets better, as Roger the man that ONLY cares for himself, takes it one giant step forward in his favor.(or so he thinks)

He files more...

In the same filing, the motion to strike

there are 3 Exhibit's

Go to Exhibit 03 (70769552)

You will see that this is the WHOLE transcript of the Video Deposition of STEVE GRAD from the R&R AUCTIONS LAWSUIT.  It's on PAGE 1.

It shows that there are 224 pages in his transcript, and Roger has them ALL. (HOW DID HE GET THEM?)

It list's the LAWYERS and Michael Johnson, and those are also the people that would HAVE access to the transcript.

So where do you think Mr. Epperson got this from?  HOW did Roger get his hands on a SEALED court deposition when it has NOTHING to do with his case?  Well it has a little to do since he is the seller of a item or two.

We do find out that Steve Grad did INDEED sign the letter, that was interesting, since Roger said there was no way in hell that he did. 

What I find interesting is that Roger will just send anybody down the river to save his sorry behind, and he does not care WHO it is.

R&R Auctions, the only people who have stood with him, for who knows why, and here he takes information he shouldn't have in the first place, files it with the court, not once but two times, to try to save himself!!!

When he goes, he goes in a blaze of glory doesn't he??!!  I have seen some blunders in my time on earth, but this has got to be one of the dumbest moves I have seen somebody do in a long, long time.

Not only is this going to hurt him, but it's going to cost R&R in their case, and PSA/DNA can more then likely kiss that protective order goodby!  Look at the reading, how Grad acts when he's asked about Mastro's involvement in his former business, he wants to go to the bathroom.  It looks like that Grad once had a business, and Mastro's bought it in exchange for things.

This is going to get interesting really, really fast, all because of Roger Epperson.  He also lost his motion to not have his video deposition put up on the website and he has had the court compelled his name to SIT FOR IT!  ROGER ROBERT EPPERSON/ AKA TARA of REAL and SIGNED SEALED DELIVERED will be video taped and it WILL BE PUT UP ON HIS LAWSUIT WEBPAGE in the next month or two

Roger just sold out anybody and everybody to try to save himself, and this will do little to nothing in his case, other then prove what I think a lot of people already know about him.  Is this person trustworthy?  I think this proves that he is not!  Imagine what he will do next?  It is only a matter of time before they all start pointing the finger at each other to get out of the cases that are filed and to be filed.  Roger is spinning his wheels and going nowhere and crossing Bob Eaton was not the smartest thing to do.

Good luck Roger AKA TARA you are going to need it!

Just because he says something does not make it a fact, remember that!  I personally can't wait to see how he tries to spin this, and I wonder how long before Steve Cyrkin drops him like a bad habit?  The writing is on the wall people, what is everybody waiting for?

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  • Let me do a little re-cap and see if I have it straight.

    Roger for the duration, has said that he does NOT accept PSA/DNA as a "agreed upon expert"   That PSA/DNA is a company not a person, and you don't know WHO is looking at the item(s) in question at any given time.  He would allow Steve Grad OF PSA/DNA the PERSON to look at it, but only if he could talk to him, so he could influence him on the piece. (To tell him the elaborate story of how the signatures came to be on the item)
    He even went as far as to call Joe Orlando the President of PSA/DNA to talk to him about the item who told Roger that they felt all 4 signatures were fake/forgeries!

    He DENIED for this entire time that Steve Grad looked at the item and was the live signature on the rejection letter.  Made all kinds of statements that there was no way that Steve Grad signed that letter, (which we found out from the sealed video transcript that Roger filed Grad did INDEED sign the letter, OOOPS for Roger)

    So for 5+ years he keeps saying, that he will not honor PSA/DNA's rejection form letter, and that Steve Grad didn't sign the letter.

    Now, PSA/DNA's Joe Orlando and Steve Grad have their video deposition taken for another court case, they file for a protective order to not allow their video's to be up-loaded to the RRAuctionlawsuit website.

    SOLELY because PSA/DNA is a 3rd party to the lawsuit, and not directly IN the lawsuit the protective order is granted.

    Now, guess who all of a sudden wants to be lumped in with PSA/DNA??  ANYBODY want to take a guess?  I'll give you 3 guesses and the first 2 don't count!

    IF you guessed ROGER EPPERSON, give yourself a cookie, You are a WINNER!

    Roger now starts filing motions that he too, should be granted the same status.

    NOW, keep in mind, this is with the same court, same judge that he has told, he does NOT HONOR or RESPECT the OPINION of PSA/DNA, he is now telling that court and judge that he (the Judge) needs to give him the same status.

    Now i'm not there, or in the chambers, but I'm willing to guess that the Judge in this case is going, "who does this guy think he is??!"

    The motion is filed, and the motion is DENIED.

    Roger files it again, same thing happens.

    Roger filed it again, and it has not yet been ruled on, but I think it's safe to say what will happen.  He has been "COMPELLED" to sit for the video deposition, and now's he's saying he not "available" trying to delay as much as possible.

    Not to be done in his stupidity, he breaks a protective order on PSA/DNA's video's which more then likely will now allow Steve Grad and Joe Orlando's to be posted in the VERY NEAR FUTURE, which is only going to harm R&R Auctions case, and piss of a already angry Bob Eaton, who is on his 8th set of lawyers.

    How the mighty has fallen!  Such a smart guy, if you listen to him tell it, yet when you see what he's doing, this is like a textbook example of what NOT to do.  The only thing that he's done, which has got to be eating him up inside, is he's staying off the blogs, but with the mountain of mistakes that he's made, how can he really come back? 

    Good luck, you are really in over that giant head of yours!

  • All Johnson has to do is have the protective order revoked if it was violated by PSA and shared with Roger.

  • I'm curious as to what Mr. Burris thinks of this action by Roger.

    If there is any doubt that he did any of this, just look at his past actions.  I loved the summery judgement that he filed.

    Said he didn't do ANY business with Mr. Johnson since before 2005, yet he himself supplied a document showing business in 2006/2007!

    Said that he has not talked to him via email since before 2005, yet he himself again supplied emails from before then all the way up to 2012!!!!

    Denied selling anything to him since before 2005, yet supplied the 2006 hand signed COA of the Led Zeppelin album!

    We all are used to him lying, it's just part of dealing with him, or talking with him, but to actually do it with a COURT OF LAW!!!!???  Just how stupid is he?  I mean really!!?  At trial, which is coming up, once you are caught doing this, everything you say will be tossed out, because you are a proven LIAR to the courts, and the Jury will be instructed to disregard anything and EVERYTHING that came out of his mouth.  IF this guy can't keep things straight when he has them right in front of him ON PAPER, can you imagine what he's going to be like on the witness stand.  (We all will get 7 hours of that real soon when he honors the motion to compel his video deposition)

    Goes on to say that there is a Statue of limitations on his LIFETIME money back return policy?

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME??! Again, just how STUPID does he take people to be???  This is stuff he's filed with the courts!!!  PUBLIC RECORD!

    He's allowed to say and do whatever he wants he's protected by the 1st amendment it's  Freedom of Speech!

    If that were true, it would apply to EVERYBODY, not just HIM!(as he really thinks, he's protected, but nobody else is)

    Of course what needs to be mentioned also, everything above that he has filed, has been tossed out, and or DENIED.

    So now, he goes and somehow gets a sealed protective order from another court case, all the way in California.  Files that HE HAS IT, files the FRONT PAGE showing that it came from R&R AUCTIONS, so in a way he can directly place blame on them.  There really was no reason to file that page, other then to show what case it was, which, is one that is NOT INVOLVING HIM!

    Roger crossing Bob Eaton, the guy that's paying his legal bills!  Once again, just how stupid is this guy?

    Anybody think Roger will sue Bob for dropping him because of this?  Then again, he still has his new friend Mike Frost the Hillary Clinton of deletion when it comes to getting rid of mistakes.  2 peas in a pod so to speak.

    Quoting Steve Cyrkin here  now,  Roger is one of the GOOD GUYS!

    Ask yourself this, are these the actions of one?

  • Things must be really bad for the once mighty Roger Epperson.  There was a show down in Texas a few months back and this man that bought a lot of items from him, has been trying to get his money back on some of the things, has now decided that he just wants to get a full refund on everything.  He's a Doctor, in Houston and wants out of collecting.  When pressured to give a "estimate" on the amount of money spent with him, he said "between 30 and 40 thousand dollars!

    So here are the excuses that this Doctor has been given.

    "no longer has a return policy....  Outside the return policy window.... if you want money put the stuff in a auction, don't come crawling back to me looking for cash...(because of the lawsuits)  He also went as far to say that this Doctor didn't buy the items from him, he said that on some of the pieces he bought them from somebody else.  The man was taken aback by this, as he's not bought from anybody else, and he had never even heard of the other person, so he googled the guy, and it turns out the person that he was told he bought his stuff from was arrested for selling fakes and is being indicted by the FBI!!!

    This Doctor is really besides himself.  He spent good money with Roger, is now trying to get a refund and is being giving a complete run-a-round by him in return.

    No return policy?  Outside the window? Didn't buy from him, bought from some guy that was brought down by the feds? 

    What a web of lies!  LIARS LIE, THAT'S WHAT THEY DO!!!!

    Hopefully this man kept good records of each purchase.  He went on to Steve Cyrkin's website and wrote it all out, only to have the whole thing deleted and himself kicked off for "lack of proof"  and he was told "Roger is one of the good guys"

    Are these the actions of a "GOOD GUY"?

    How is it that once again Roger just happened to know of a guy that sold fakes, and accused this man of buying from him?   Could it be that's where HE, himself got the stuff?  Just like all those Michael Jackson drawings....  Those all had 10 grand price tag stickers on them with REAL COA/LOA's until it was found they were all fakes....

    Now Roger comes into a protective order that has nothing to do with him, Steve Cyrkin protects him, by not allowing the events of another massive sale to be told on his website!

    How did this case not get to go forward on the federal level as the CARTEL?  It's all right there!  Each one helping the other, all while saying they are not doing it, with the proof right in front of everybody's eyes!

    If this Doctor is smart he will contact the Lawyer's in the case that is going on and tell them his events.  It is NOT the Dr's. fault that Roger is broke.  Guess he should have been a smarter businessman and not gave away so many "free coa/loa's"!  Crossing Bob Eaton was not in his best interest either, the guy that's been paying his bills and he goes and screws him over??!!!  At least he showed his true colors so everybody could see!  I'm sure Bob "I can't recall" Eaton was less then pleased to see how he was treated, and if and when that protective order is lifted because of what he's done, the place of blame can only come down on one person. 

    As many will agree, this couldn't be happening to a better person, I would have to agree with what I have seen written elsewhere, it looks like KARMA is catching up with him!  Good luck music man, from what it looks like you are going to need it!I wonder who else he double crossed?

  • There was doubt about a Cartel right?  Hope people are taking notes, stuff just get proved over and over.

  • I notice also that Roger keeps filing his 100% money back guarantee too.  I thought during his caught in a web of lies summery judgment that he filed, that the court ruled his wording was crap and that it was tossed.  I know it was tossed as Johnson won on all 3 accounts, in spades, Roger was caught in lies, even FILED LIES and this guarantee he has is nothing.  "a agreed upon expert"  He can always hide behind that until you just give up.  He never HAS to agree on somebody.  Talk about a LOAD OF CRAP!  Can't be surprised though, look at what he's doing.  Lies, doing whatever helps him, and throwing anybody he can under a bus to try to help himself.  UNREAL!

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