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Are you actually being sued on this case ?
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Guess he spoke too soon.  The question was posed to him on the RR auction lawsuit. 

The very lawsuit that Roger has been bragging about not having to honor his LIFETIME guarantee on.  The one where he says.."RR has to honor it, not me"

Roger in his "White Hat" bragging about not having to honor his guarantee...

Michael Johnson has added Roger to list of people being sued

You can read about that here: Roger Epperson Lawsuit


Case details will be coming later on this month, NOV 2014. (Now April/May 2015) Until more on this case is printed, the emails between Roger and the man filing the lawsuit can be seen on Roger Epperson's emails

UPDATE: Roger's case is going forward.  He has until May 1 2015 at the close of business to pay $50,000 to settle his case, as per Texas Law.  If he does not settle the case, it will go to the next level, where Michael Johnson will be granted at least 3 times the damages, and AUTOMATIC court costs and lawyer fee's.  That is part of the 2nd step in the courts in Texas. (this is AUTOMATIC, and there is nothing Roger can do about not having to pay the fees)

More can be seen on the updated website, where you can read about Roger being charged with Deceptive Trade Practices and Breach of contract: Deceptive Trade Practices, Breach of contract

Roger is willing to buy the item back at the selling price of 10 grand, while stating he will not admit to the item being fake/forged. He also is saying he did not sell the other items in question to Michael Johnson. (He should probably re-read his emails that he sent where he tells Mr. Johnson that he has bought more from him in the past with no problems, now all of a sudden, in classic Michael Frost fashion, he's "forgot" and "didn't sell him any")

The other items in queston are:

A Fake/forged Paul Mccartney signed hofner bass

A fake/forged Jimmy Page signed guitar

A fake/forged Led Zeppelin album with 2 signatures

A fake/forged Led Zeppelin album with 2 signatures

The above items are the ones Roger denies selling, and has asked for proof of sale.

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  • Roger does not want to sit to be deposed!  He files the same lame reply to every request to have him sit.  He must be scared that all his lies will be exposed.  His motion to quash gets tossed every time he files it!

    From the looks of things, in his current case, he's going to be ordered to sit, and nothing will save him from it.

    I don't know about anybody else but I personally can't wait to see him sit for 8 hours of questions. (or more)  This will be unlike anything we have seen.  It will for sure beat Bob Eaton's "I can't recall" one that was up for the longest.


  • Roger has been ordered by the court to SIT for his video deposition next week.

    He really should have gave a refund!  Sure is amazing what people will do to get out of honoring things.

    I saw in real small find print, that he's a UACC member on his website.  Do they think it's ok for a dealer to treat a customer like this?

    Talk down to the person?  Call PSA/DNA on his behalf, (how man ethic's violations is that breaking) telling him to put it in various auctions after it's been deemed a forgery? Won't give money back no matter what.  Deny selling things.

    Then when sued, tries to dictate the court, "I'll BUY IT BACK, I won't REFUND"

  • I just love seeing what this guy files with the courts.  He is going to be one fun person to see when he sits down for his deposition!

    He states, that because PSA/DNA was awarded a temporary motion to NOT have their video's put up on Mr. Johnson's website, that he too, should be awarded the same motion.


    A guy who will not honor PSA/DNA's opinion on items returned as forgeries that he sold, he won't stand by his 100% LIFETIME GUARANTEE (says the statute of limitations among other things is up on his 100% Lifetime Guarantee) wants to be lumped in with PSA/DNA on this ruling because it would be in his favor, yet when when it comes to giving a refund you get nothing and have to sue him for him to honor it.

    The courts saw it and him for what it is, and DENIED the motion of course! 

    I just find it very humorous that if it is something that is good for him, he wants it!  I know that is something that he has done numerous times on his blog posts.  Roger likes to lump himself in with whatever is good.  I recall him saying to somebody, "Would you question Frank Caiazzo if PSA/DNA said a item he sold is no good?  No, and i'm that good" (or something close to that)  He likes to put his name in here and there, and drop it into conversations.  I did notice that nobody answered him on that, so I don't know what that says, but I will say this, people are starting to ask questions now aren't they Rog?!

    Another thing I noticed in the emails,that he entered (and then asked the court to not allow any emails to be entered to help Johnson's case, another motion that was DENIED)  for somebody that calls themselves a "very smart business man" how can that "very smart person" make so many deals for NOTHING???!!!!   He claims that he didn't make "ONE DIME" on that Led Zepp album!  And that he did hundreds of COA/LOA and quick opinions "FOR FREE" over the years!

    To me, that's not very smart business practice's.  Wouldn't you agree?  How could a person not make ONE DIME on a TEN THOUSAND DOLLAR SALE???!!!!

    I'm sure his record keeping and or tax records will shed light on this, but again, for somebody that claims to be "A VERY SMART AND EDUCATED BUSINESSMAN" not making a cent on a TEN GRAND sale is pure STUPIDITY!  Unless of course you signed the album yourself, or had somebody else do that, and passed it off as real/authentic when you knew all along it wasn't.  Then another company comes along and says that WOW, look at this, it does not match up to ANY KNOWN EXAMPLES of these guys, anywhere!

    I guess he is going to have to learn the old fashioned way, through the court system.  The other question is, how many others have had to deal with him this way?  He must be hurting, as Hysinger his "defamation of character" lawyer of hire, was let go, (money owed)  Looks like somebody is having money issues of their own???

  • Judgement Day:  Mike Zito and The Wheel  Great song, and it's coming soon for "the music man"

  • Have a good question for the group here.  Now that it is coming out that all of these people associated with autographs have no education, no background in it, most didn't even go to college or if they did failed or didn't get degrees. Will they stop using the phrase "I am NOT a self proclaimed expert, I am a expert because my PEERS call me one"?

    Just curious how fast that is dropped?  When you look at the "brass tacks" so to speak, you have one high school graduate telling another high school graduate that they are a expert.  Nothing to back any of it up!  They formed this little group, all put on white hats, and even called themselves "The white hat gang" at one point!  Of course when they realized just how silly they looked with the white hats on, they went around trying to delete them from every website they had since so proudly put them up on.  Get a guy with mental issues and will only print one sided story's and you have yourself one nice little racket!  That's what this this all is, one little racket.

    You don't have to look very far to see that either.  A man goes from selling a little bit of everything, after some complaints and being told he has to have his stuff looked at by somebody else, OVERNIGHT he becomes a music only seller, and authenticator, and starts saying he's the worlds best!  Then the peer thing happens, and boom, the racket it born.

    This house of cards isn't all that stable (much like the people in it)

    Just because somebody says something does not make it so, and I think, they are all realizing this.

  • Vanderhoven doesn't have the right to keep this information to himself! An extraordinary method of authentication that he has been secretly utilizing for over 12 years now! If you follow his ritual exactly you will be permitted a 20 minute period of perfect clarity in which you will be able to correctly authenticate any autograph with complete certainty!
  • Keeping with what I just posted in the Todd Mueller case.  Here is what Roger filed in this case:

    That the Zeppelin item was not found to be authentic by a agreed upon expert.  That Roger Epperson offers a 100% money back LIFETIME guarantee of authenticity for every item sold.  If a item is sold is ever found to be not authentic by a agreed expert, Roger Epperson will refund the purchase price to the buyer.

    The Statute of limitations bar/ failure to timely file had passed

    Roger states even though he has a 100% LIFETIME money back guarantee, this is passed the statute of limitations to file for it!

    (SAY WHAT?!  What's the lifetime of then?  LIFETIME OF??? And this is one of the "good guys")

    That Michael Johnson should have done his DUE DILIGENCE, and should have known what he was buying and can't blame the seller for this.  The buyer should accept the responsibility. 

    (WOW, just WOW!  How's this make you all feel?  Drop 10 grand on a item, find out its bad, and learn you should have known better!)

    Wants it to be proved to the courts that this and all other items were bought from him. (Again, the Due Diligence, when in doubt, blame somebody else right Roger?)

    Now for the real great stuff that got the summery judgement dismissed, see how many lies you can count.

    Has not done any business with Mr. Johnson since before 2005.  Had not been in touch with him since that time also. 

    Now, you see entered into evidence emails dated from 2005 to 2012.  The COA dated 2006 and 2008.

    None of this is made up, this is all what he has done, with the court.

    I can't imagine they like being lied to either.  Now I get why he does not want to be video tapped.  If he can't keep this stuff straight, and its sitting RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM, how's he going to do with other things?

    Can you even imagine, "you have not done business with him since before 2005, yet here are 2 items with coa's hand signed by you in 2006 AND 2008"

    All he can say is PROVE IT. 

    Goes with the whole DUE DILIGENCE I guess.

    Just a FYI, Roger lost all his motions, his rush to judgement again failed, that means that he loses out on things, you give up the right for settlements, and things of that nature when you run into things like that.  He was already behind the 8 ball in this case, now lying to the court in documents, OUCH!

    Federal case tossed to state level.

    My only other question is, how many others had to go through this?  We all know, when you ask a question you get the "i'm god, i'm holier than thou!"  "How dare you question the great ROGER EPPERSON" so this isn't out of the line that he was the first, but he is the first to take it this far!

  • Allen, did you happen to get a screen shot of that or know of anybody that did?  My guess is he will do anything to not be in front of a camera asking about his credientals or lack of them really, and his education, and his training etc...etc.  He has none, he like most of these "experts" are SELF PROCLAIMED, and overnight sensations!  Get caught selling questionable items, overnight become the "worlds best and only music authenticator"   yeah right!

    He did say once though, that he did learn a lot from John Reznikoff, I wonder if he was taught how to shill bid by him because John is a pro at that!  John "Serial Shill Bidder" Reznikoff both at Heritage auctions and the same system was in place by the same people and the former worker Karen "KAY" Burris said the John was a shiller there.  Was Roger one too?

    Who is he turning over on allegedly?  Steve Cyrkin?  RR Auctions?  PSA/DNA?  I've looked all over but can't see anything, and it looks like the cases against him are all going forward.  There are trial dates in a few, and motions to compel him to be deposed in the Johnson case it looks like according to the court's website.  Michael Johnson did just move things around on both the RR Auction lawsuit page and the Roger Epperson lawsuit page, but that's it.  I don't see anything about him rolling over.

    Think about it.  IF he were to do so, he would have to do it in all of his cases, because even though each case is with different people, it covers the same kinds of things, so he would have to turn over on everybody, to get out of everything.  Bob Eaton is taking on his legal bills in the Federal lawsuit, but everybody is sure that is until he gets sick of him and then he will make him pay his own way.  If there is any truth to this, this shows him as a liability and i'm sure the people footing his bills will look at it that way. 

    With that list out now, every dealer in the country has got to be worried who is going to turn on who, especially when they are ALL dirty like these crooks are. 

  • I have a psa/dna cert that has joe Orlando on it.  do you really think Joe Orlando examined the multi-signed helmet?  I'd bet a $1.00 that if I had queried Laura she would say, "absolutely Joe examined it but it will include, "although there may have been other authenticators who examined it as well".

    Doesn't matter what any of us think as what matters is what the judge (or jury) if it goes that far thinks. 

  • Reminds me of a poem I recall from childhood,
    Dr. Seuss?

    Tis no small matter when two strong wills colide,
    often the best turn to quell anger and pryde.

    Men suffer ruin, oft fueled by hayte,
    and to loose in such case shall open floodgate.
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