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Are you actually being sued on this case ?
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Guess he spoke too soon.  The question was posed to him on the RR auction lawsuit. 

The very lawsuit that Roger has been bragging about not having to honor his LIFETIME guarantee on.  The one where he says.."RR has to honor it, not me"

Roger in his "White Hat" bragging about not having to honor his guarantee...

Michael Johnson has added Roger to list of people being sued

You can read about that here: Roger Epperson Lawsuit


Case details will be coming later on this month, NOV 2014. (Now April/May 2015) Until more on this case is printed, the emails between Roger and the man filing the lawsuit can be seen on Roger Epperson's emails

UPDATE: Roger's case is going forward.  He has until May 1 2015 at the close of business to pay $50,000 to settle his case, as per Texas Law.  If he does not settle the case, it will go to the next level, where Michael Johnson will be granted at least 3 times the damages, and AUTOMATIC court costs and lawyer fee's.  That is part of the 2nd step in the courts in Texas. (this is AUTOMATIC, and there is nothing Roger can do about not having to pay the fees)

More can be seen on the updated website, where you can read about Roger being charged with Deceptive Trade Practices and Breach of contract: Deceptive Trade Practices, Breach of contract

Roger is willing to buy the item back at the selling price of 10 grand, while stating he will not admit to the item being fake/forged. He also is saying he did not sell the other items in question to Michael Johnson. (He should probably re-read his emails that he sent where he tells Mr. Johnson that he has bought more from him in the past with no problems, now all of a sudden, in classic Michael Frost fashion, he's "forgot" and "didn't sell him any")

The other items in queston are:

A Fake/forged Paul Mccartney signed hofner bass

A fake/forged Jimmy Page signed guitar

A fake/forged Led Zeppelin album with 2 signatures

A fake/forged Led Zeppelin album with 2 signatures

The above items are the ones Roger denies selling, and has asked for proof of sale.

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  • as far as the grad view, I'll go out on a limb - he never reviewed it.  Rather, someone at PSA/DNA did and Did Laura Rosenberg make a statement that was untruthful...   Nope, she will claim, imo, that she was mistaken and misinformed in issuing her email.  

  • we may never know as neither of us were there.  It's easy to cherry pick items in order to prejudice the matter or try and conduct some sort of trial in the world of "public opinion" grant.  Just like the claim from the johnson camp that indicates "the johnson camp was informed by EBAY, that Epperson's COA's are now banned".   Totally false but you don't find those exchanges visible, do we?

    Needless to say rampant claims, innuendos, & misinterpretations of what people read is why social media and pop up lawsuit sites need to be taken with a grain of salt and not the gospel according to...since they don't present the complete picture (imo)

  • To be fair to Roger, I believe Grad screwed this authentication up. 

  • I like the Laura Rosenberg email as an example of legible, easily understood communication. It is very clear, easy to understand, and seemingly straightforward:

    "Hi Mike-

    Yes, Steve Grad examined your item and signed the letter; although there may have been other authenticators who examined it as well.

    Let me know if you need anything else.


  • "You offered the full price for this album by lance in south africa and you declined to sell it to him as you told him you would rather sue me instead."

    Now if 'were' were not meant to be a part of this statement then does it mean that Johnson was offering full price and then going to utilize a South African Man as a courier for the funds?

    Then, he withdrew from those negotiations and decided to sue?


  • This all isn't going to be resolved on an autograph forum. The parties involved, I'm am sure, each believe in what they stand for.

  • I added the "were" and now it seems to make more sense. It seems Johnson was stating that he'd prefer to use the United States Court system for seeking possible compensation rather than pass a questionable item on to Lance. 

    This is assuming that DB is correct that the word "were" was somehow forgotten.

  • Did Mr. Johnson decline that sale to "Lance" after he was told the item wouldn't pass PSA authentication?

    Why would he sell it knowing that? was he expected to sell it then?

    I dont get it?

  • add a "were" (just a hunch) between the "you offered" portion and it makes complete sense.

    Now, why wouldn't someone say, "no can do, as I have a rejection letter from PSA/DNA" rather than what is stated?    "I have the emails from you (Johnson implied) to him (lance)."

    As I said before emails taken out of context, speculation & tainted views only add fuel to the fire.

  • Tue May 3, 2001 Johnson contacted Roger asking very nicely for a REFUND on the album, the ONLY time Roger offered a refund was here: which, after last friday, I bet Roger is going to regret writing:

    From: rogerssd
    To: Mike J
    Sent: Tue, May 3, 2011 7:50 pm
    Subject: Re: Led Zepplen LP

    No I will refund you $100k for the problem. Is there anything else I can refund
    #1 Fraud rog

    Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T

    He goes on to tell him that he is " you are stepping into very sacred grounds with me, be careful with yourself....i have talked with PSA, if you are fucking with me i swear i will do what i can to report you to everyone i know regarding this!
    ... Now you can forget it. Put it in an auction and get some $ that way....I will counter sue you for harrasment and a slapp lawsuit as RR Auction also said they would take the LP. I will slao sue for slander as to the statements you and your lawyer

    Lets face it here DB.  Roger should have gave a refund.  Why should ANYBODY have to go through THIS to get a refund?  This is good business???  This is how a PROFESSIONAL acts? Tells a guy that he's won't give him a refund?  Makes him sue him, and now wants to "settle"?  Of course he does because he's going to get his financial and professional clock cleaned six ways to sunday in court.  AND when Johnson's done, he's got 5 more cases right behind it.

    So answer us this DB.  You are OKAY with a person treating customers this way?  Talking to somebody this way?  Making somebody go through this much trouble to get a refund?

    My other question is, how many others has this gone on to?  HOW many others have contacted him for a refund and got this very run a round and could not afford to go the distance in court?  Didn't want to go the distance in court?  Got a letter in the mail from a thug lawyer making threats?

    When somebody makes a claim, the proper and true businessMAN thing to do is, "i'm sorry, please send it back, and i'll refund the money right away"  Why is he hiding behind some bullshit statement on his website.  Why not list those agreed apon experts so there is no infulence after the fact? You know why?  Because when a issues comes up, you contact him, he tells you who, and he contacts the same person and says PASS MY ITEM! (in my opinion)

    If Roger is as good as he says he is, and the item is as REAL as he thinks, then sell it himself!  Back then nobody knew about this album, but him and Johnson and PSA, which according to Roger, he could infulence into getting the grade change.  So refund the money and re-sell it, maybe for more money.

    Now this is going to cost him, maybe 300 grand or more.  He's on the hook for all of the lawyer fee's, and once the court see's that email, it's 3 times in texas.  300 grand!

    Maybe he will stop shooting off at the mouth then?? 

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