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Are you actually being sued on this case ?
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Guess he spoke too soon.  The question was posed to him on the RR auction lawsuit. 

The very lawsuit that Roger has been bragging about not having to honor his LIFETIME guarantee on.  The one where he says.."RR has to honor it, not me"

Roger in his "White Hat" bragging about not having to honor his guarantee...

Michael Johnson has added Roger to list of people being sued

You can read about that here: Roger Epperson Lawsuit


Case details will be coming later on this month, NOV 2014. (Now April/May 2015) Until more on this case is printed, the emails between Roger and the man filing the lawsuit can be seen on Roger Epperson's emails

UPDATE: Roger's case is going forward.  He has until May 1 2015 at the close of business to pay $50,000 to settle his case, as per Texas Law.  If he does not settle the case, it will go to the next level, where Michael Johnson will be granted at least 3 times the damages, and AUTOMATIC court costs and lawyer fee's.  That is part of the 2nd step in the courts in Texas. (this is AUTOMATIC, and there is nothing Roger can do about not having to pay the fees)

More can be seen on the updated website, where you can read about Roger being charged with Deceptive Trade Practices and Breach of contract: Deceptive Trade Practices, Breach of contract

Roger is willing to buy the item back at the selling price of 10 grand, while stating he will not admit to the item being fake/forged. He also is saying he did not sell the other items in question to Michael Johnson. (He should probably re-read his emails that he sent where he tells Mr. Johnson that he has bought more from him in the past with no problems, now all of a sudden, in classic Michael Frost fashion, he's "forgot" and "didn't sell him any")

The other items in queston are:

A Fake/forged Paul Mccartney signed hofner bass

A fake/forged Jimmy Page signed guitar

A fake/forged Led Zeppelin album with 2 signatures

A fake/forged Led Zeppelin album with 2 signatures

The above items are the ones Roger denies selling, and has asked for proof of sale.

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  • I'm just guessing that a jury sees Grad's live signature and the rest goes in one ear out the other, who knows? that's the beauty of a jury!

  • I believe the lawyers involved dealt with the availability.  The problem trying to take something out of context or just citing one element is just that.

    If Steve Grad is not as available to you as you imply, I would be glad to have Mr. Epperson suggest some other authenticators. My client's insistence is only that the article be reviewed by someone qualified to do so. Perhaps your client can review who the experts are in this area and suggest someone with Led Zeppelin expertise.

  • yes they are as well as this is pretty clear (to me) when push comes to shove;  

  • If Grad is unavailable or unwilling for court testimony how would he have been available as a mutually agreed upon expert?

  • Yeah but those emails, Whew!!!!

  • Won't be the first time Grant, "a signed statement" is thrown as you can't xExam a piece of paper. Johnson, imo, never wanted to "settle" but rather send some of the most ridiculous settlement requests while using the "class action", that never materialized, as leverage.  In addition, he wanted to apparently keep the one item!   Just because a document is entered into as part of pleadings doesn't necessarily mean it makes it into trial evidence. I recall the boxing issue where PSA/DNA rejected the item and the owner sued the seller.  PSA/DNA did not show up to defend their opinion and the seller who can hold his own in boxing authenticity won.  

  • Didn't the Johnson guy say that he'd be willing to hand over the item to perry cox for $10,200.00?

    Johnson wanted it over, he was tryin to utilize Perry cox as an agreed upon escrow type intermediary? But somehow it never happened?

    Isn't the PSA signed COA a sorta signed statement?

    That and those emails? Whew! Seems simple for a jury? But like DB says if not settled who know what a jury ends up deciding?
  • & vice versa Heath_Rx7    Also "ken" don't always equate an action by a lawyer as coming from the mouth of a defendant.  Lawyers, tend to react to the detail of filings.  More often than not whoever they represent just pays the bills and goes along for the ride.  While anything is possible, if it goes to a jury I suspect Epperson wins the case.  A reimbursement offer was made but the buyer refused to return the item.  The plaintiff refused to find a mutual agreeable "expert".  PSA/DNA has never (as far as I am aware of) appeared in court to defend their opinion.  And that is just a few of the points...   Of course, in court one never knows how it can turn out which is why there are so many settlements.  

  • We never said Roger Epperson was an expert. We said he is known as an expert in the music industry and many people consider he is an expert. We aren't defending Roger Epperson. Many people have bad opinions about this guy. But you'll get your answers when Roger is in court or maybe he will win who knows.

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