I am the manager of the Certificate of Authenticity Reference Library. I maintan all the records mostly, mostly donated by those who have been harmed. On file are numerous items, deemed to be not authentic that came with the original COA.

On Mar.8,2019 an email was sent to Roger Epperson who represents two companies who issues COA's. These were two questions:

1) Please advise when you changed your authenticating business from Signed, Sealed and Delivered to Real?

2) Please advise, Are the guarantees for your Signed, Sealed and delivered COA's still effective?


Nine minutes later there was a response but not to me. Epperson sends myemail to his attorney. He writes: "I got this email from Todd Mueller's partner with Autograph Alert, Anal and Autograph Planet. Could you please take care....Roger"

Obviously, Epperson avoided answering the two question. His non response to me pretty much tells all. In addition Epperson lied to his attorney and his attornet acted on the lies.


Now, we have a third question for Roger Epperson,

Mr. Epperson, since you have finally admitted in the past you have purcahed forged items from a friend of yours in Texas. You, claiming to be an expert and was not aware you were buying forgeries over a period of time. Now, what makes you feel you can authenticate autographs for others?

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