Roger Epperson hires new Lawyer...

It has been brought to Autograph Planet's attention that Roger Epperson has hired a new lawyer to represent him in his current cases.(In Texas)  David Tang will be his new LEAD LAWYER in all cases.  His case with Michael Johnson is close to the trial date,(7-4-16) and he has been avoiding his video deposition.  With Johnson winning the protective order's in the RR case, it should not be hard to get Roger in front of a camera. (Just my thoughts from across the pond as you guys say)

He also has his 2nd notice of dismissal for Want of Prosecution in his case vs Todd Mueller.

What will happen in that remains to be seen.  With this new lawyer the case might start to go forward?  Who knows?

Stay tuned...

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  • It's posted on the Harris county website.  

    Also, all motion's Roger filed, he lost, he MUST sit for his deposition so ordered by the courts

  • I haven't been up on any of this, but is this information publicly available anywhere? About the lawyer change?
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