It's getting really bad.  Just when we thought Jerry Lee Lewis would be the biggest mistake of the year we immediately move over to a bigger one, Michael Jackson.  I don't think the versions Wascher showed are any different than other forgeries being offered as (REAL).  This is Waschers examples to refresh

Looks like the same hand also signed this

I think someone needs to set up a recall hotline number or purchase a very large brush to sweep it all under the rug.  What would Brett-Livingston Strong say about this?

BUYER BEWARE NOW SELLING ON EBAY WARNING THESE ARE NOT MJJ WORKS OF ART- they are A Fraud - Jackson-Strong Alliance, Kathrine Jackson or the Michael Jackson Estate DO NOT accept or recognize these fake's as Michael Jackson's Fine Artworks.
To all prospective buyers of Michael Jackson's art. Warning : do not purchase any original art or fine art print reproductions of Michael Jackson's works of art, unless it is authorized in writing by either Mrs Katherine Jackson / Michael's mother care of her manager or the Estate of Michael Jackson or the Jackson-Strong Alliance. No certificates of authenticity in association with Michael Jackson's art are valid without the above written and signed authorization.

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  • Great job Planet of reporting!!! Always on the leading edge.
  • I agree this is a good topic.  Also while you do the DUE DILIGENCE in checking out a person or trying to get more information, you have the right to check into a person's credientials.

    When you get those, it's important to check into those also.

    My favorite one's so far has been Roger's

    Well "this person" says i'm a expert, so I am.

    I am NOT a "SELF PROCLAIMED" expert (yes he is) My PEERS call me a expert so that makes me one! (no it don't)

    I have a talk show on a radio station 4 times a year, and they call me a expert so I am a expert.

    (ODD, when people called and talked to the one of the radio stations, not only was a show not able to be found, but they had never even heard of the man)

    Same could be said for places he lists that he works for.  EBAY was one. 

    Ebay's reply on more then one time, "not only is does he not work for EBAY, but his COA/LOA are not on the approved authenticator's list"  (they are NOT on the banned list as of right now, but who knows what the future holds)

    You would think that such a great authenticator would be apart of every autograph club and community.

    NOPE (Until recently, where he joined the UACC as part of the authenticators, he is not found in the dealer or member sections of the club though)

    The UACC also states that they not only don't recommend that you use any type "Quick opinion" service, yet under Roger's name, it says that he offers just that, a "quick opinion" for customers.

    That's just more double speak from the UACC.  They say that to be part of the club as a dealer, you have to offer a LIFETIME MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, yet Roger's and RR AUCTIONS have been called into question in recent years, but they are excluded from this, it would appear, as Bob Eaton's daugher is on the board, as is Steve Zarelli, the ethic's chair and RR Auction's space authenticator.So it must be, those rules apply to everybody else, because "family" is running the club, rules don't apply to "family"

    In closing, one must do a lot of looking into those that are recommended.

    When Roger was asked who he considered a expert, he named Chris Williams and Steve Cyrkin.

    Chris Williams, the man that when you ask, "how are you able to give a opinion on autographs" his answer is always "I JUST KNOW"

    And Steve Cykrin....  The man who by his OWN ADMISSION is "NOT A EXPERT" Roger considers him one.  The same man that has "dissociative identity disorder or multiple personality's?


    And the same man, that is involved in the "autograph cartel" lawsuit.

    ENOUGH said...

  • DB, excellent post.  Something I think we should all talk about for a while.

    DUE DILIGENCE  What a great topic to discuss when it comes to autographs, and what has been going on for the past few years.

    DUE DILIGENCE:  is the process of systematically researching and verifying the accuracy of a statement.

    Let's talk about AML.  People go on there, and ask, "What should I do with these autographs that I have."

    People on that website, will recommend, PSA, JSA, RR Auctions and Roger Epperson.  Over and over and over again.

    Let's look at autograph magazine.  It's a magazine about autographs.  It's owner, STEVE CYRKIN: Steve Cyrkin is the editor & publisher of Autograph, and focuses mostly on forgery, market and consumer protection issues.

    Well on the surface, this appears to be something of a good thing.  They wouldn't steer me wrong as a new person would they?

    Well lets look at what they do.

    Steve Cyrkin, the self proclaimed "PROTECTOR OF THE HOBBY" when people do their DUE DILIGENCE will find out that they may have put their trust in the wrong person.

    Steve Cyrkin's protecting of the hobby should have a ASTERICK next to his name, much like the New England Patriots should have next to their 4  SuperBowl wins in american football.

    That "*" would be, Protecting the hobby, unless it invoves people he deems are above others needing to know about.  Like, PSA, JSA, RR Auctions and ROGER EPPERSON.

    For 2 years leading up to the Michael Johnson case going as far as the "Class action status" part in court, Steve Cyrkin would not allow the topic to be discussed on his online forum.  He also for over 2.5 years, would not return emails asking to advertise on his website and online magainze about the ongoing lawsuit VS RR Auctions.  Numerous attempts were made to discuss the topic about RR Auctions being involved in a MAJOR lawsuit, and he would take the post down, ban the poster, or simply move it off the website, until it was such a hot topic that he HAD to allow it to be discussed on his forum.  At that time, he then made up a very strict set of "online rules" to seem to only apply to people when they wanted to discuss the ongoing case against RR Auctions, Roger Epperson, and now himself, PSA and JSA.  There is now a federal lawsuit involving all of them, but that is just getting started and will be talked about later.  These rules are that you have to post under you're LEGAL name, the address, phone number and 2 websites, including Facebook, twitter and Linkin must be available to him, IF, and only IF you wish to talk about the case, him, and those being sued in the case.   (Why are these rules made for this post?  Why do they only apply if you want to talk about this case and those invoved??)  Isn't Steve Cyrkin a protector of the hobby?  Does he not care about forgery, market and consumer affairs like his profile says?  Why isn't he worried about this major case of forgery involving RR Auctions?  Roger Epperson?  PSA/DNA?   Why is he not letting people know about it?

    He kept it off of his website, and even had LEON LUCKY over at NET54 keep it off of his, so there were no online forums to let anybody know of this massize case involiving fraud, forgery, and a major consumer issue going on, UNTIL AUTOGRAPH PLANET came around of course.

    Once it was talked about and more and more people started asking questions, he HAD to let it be talked about, but his damage had already been done.  He was able to keep it silenced long enough to not allow the case to get Class Action Status granted in California, as he didn't allow the information to be published on his california based forum.

    So lets also do a little more DUE DILIGENCE on Steve Cyrkin.  Just WHO is this guy?  How is he running a magazine?

    Well, it can be found that yes, Autograph Magazine used to be a great magazine.  It was great UNTIL Steve Cyrkin became the owner is what most of the hobby will tell you.  Advertisers left one by one becuase of how he chose to run the magazine and online forums.

    Turns out, his mother bought the magazine for him and let him run it.  Well like everything this man seems to touch, he ran it into the ground, until there were only  4 advertisers left.  PSA, JSA, Roger Epperson and RR auctions.  That over time went down to just Roger until Roger quit posting and advertising this past year.

    Let's looks some more at who is Steve Cyrkin.  He's a man that by his own admission is "NOT A EXPERT"  So how is a non expert in charge of giving opinions on autographs?  Now currently if you look at things being posted by him and about him, he's all of a sudden a AUTOGRAPH EXPERT. 

    (This is done, so when they go into court, they will have different article's to reference listing him and whoever as experts)  Keep in mind, by his OWN ADMISSION he is not a expert!

    What else has this man admitted to?  Well in another court case, he's admitted to being MENTALLY ILL and suffers from Dissociative identity disorder (Multiple personalities)

    He's been involved in numerous court cases for insurance fraud, (which he lost) and has numerous leans against him for failing to pay his taxes and court costs, fee's and judgements.

    WOW, this is a person we should trust???  SAYS WHO???!!

    This person who promotes, PSA, JSA, RR AUCTIONS and Roger Epperson, is a un-educated, money handed to him by parent, mentally ill person, self proclaimed NOT A EXPERT and Medically proclaimed Dissociative identity disorder and we in the general public should just trust him because he runs a magazine?

    Well, after doing some due diligence I say NO. 

    IF he says we should use somebody, maybe we need to look into these people as well?  What are some of these people credientals?  What have they done?  What makes them qualified to render a educated opinion on autographs?

    IF you ever go on to his website/forum and ask people these are the reply's you will get.

    Chris Williams-  when asked what is his background:  "I JUST KNOW, I KNOW AUTOGRAPHS" ok, but HOW?  Where did you go to school?  What is your education?  I am just going to trust you because you say so?


    Roger Epperson-  "I KNOW"  "I JUST KNOW"  "IF YOU QUESTION ME ANYMORE, I'LL SUE YOU" oh wow, here's a guy that in about the 2nd or 3rd email that ANYBODY sends him and asks him, "how do you know, or why should I trust what you are saying is the truth, how do you know about autographs?" you are told that he will sue you for asking him.  There are numerous emails on various websites showing just this, INCLUDING his emails to Michael Johnson, where he tells him that he's one "sacred ground" when it comes to asking him about autographs...

    ohh yeah, and Roger, he went to high school, and has just that education.

    He's a man that went on to Rip Off Report and posed as a woman named TARA, and talked about sex, and how he/she "would spread her pussy lips on a casket of a dead man because it was the only pussy he would ever see, as a pap smear"

    He's the same man, that went to twitter to tell porn stars to come over to his house to do drugs.  And he asked one to drink her bath water, after she did a "gang bang" with 15-20 different men.  And asked another who was going to be getting married, if he could be a "bridesmaid"

    Of course he blamed others and deleted his twitter profile.  Thankfully the screen shots of each tweet that were made were saved before he could get to deleting it.  AND this was all done on PUBLIC forums, and he says his life if PRIVATE, yet he's on public forums talking about all of this. 

    Shows you the intelligence you are dealing with.  I'm sure the court's will agree.

    Gene Simmons said it best on twitter, "Roger, you don't know shit"  Gene Simmons knows, and slowly the rest of the world is finding out, that's true!

    Look at the names of music artist's that this man has gotten WRONG over the years.

    Jerry Lee Lewis, He has made so many unfond and un-susported claims against JLL that the killer himself is looking to suing Roger.

    Pink Floyd, The Who, The Rolling Stones, John, Paul, George, Ringo, Metallica, Led Zep, Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Jimi, Elvis, Allman Bros, Skynard, NWA,KISS,Eagles,Cream, Moody Blues,Vanilla Fudge, Jefferson Airplane, Doobie Brothers, Bruce Springsteen,Brian Wilson, Michael Jackson, the list goes on and on, if there is artist, chance's are he's made a mistake somewhere along the way.  Let's not forget about the Michael Jackson mistakes that he's part of.  Roger help cert 200-300 drawings recently, charging $150.00 per cert, making over 30 grand on just this one deal, and come to find out, all the itmes are FAKE!  100% fake, and Roger help flood the market with these, because he authenticated the person who had the items, he did not let "the autograph speak" like he says he does.

    RR Auctions- Well, here's another group of people that during their depo's in the current court case, we find out that Bob Eaton is a high school graduate.

    This high school graduate is accused of a lot of things, and he is getting his clocked cleaned in his current court CASES!

    PSA-JSA, these people hide from the courts, won't show up for anything in the courts, and thumb their noses at anything related to court cases where we can find out about them, and the people that work for them.

    It's rather funny that Bob Eaton worked for PSA, and when items bought from his auction were sent to PSA for additional certification, all the items that were sent it, were deemed to be "not authentic"

    and guess who's signature was at the bottom of all of the rejection letters on the PSA/DNA letterhead?

    Non other then BOB EATON.  So Bob Eaton sells stuff one place as authentic and then when it goes to another that he's apart of, it comes back, with his signature as NOT AUTHENTIC.

    Now, in Bob's own words, even though he had "worked" for PSA/DNA for close to 10 years, in those 10 years he NEVER ONCE SET FOOT ON THE PROPERTY OF PSA/DNA OR EVEN SAW ONE ITEM FOR THEM.

    INTERESTING, right?  WOW, glad some due diligence was done here...

    So we go back to AML, and what do we have, this mentally ill person, (by his own and by the courts) telling the questioning body of the autograph community to trust in PSA, JSA, RR Auctions and Roger Epperson.

    Now these people all together are being called a "CARTEL" and it's a little ironic that all the above mentioned people have huge ongoing legal cases and there are FEDERAL COURT CASES going on, where they have been called the "AUTOGRAPH CARTEL"

    PSA/DNA, James Spence Authentication LLC, R&R Auction Co. LLC, Roger Epperson Authentication Ltd. and Steve Cyrkin, claim the group has conspired to control the autograph authentication industry by disparaging other dealers and stifling competition.

    SO the people that this mentally ill person says to used, including him, are being sued in federal court. (In addition to all of them being sued to numerous CIVIL suits by various people)

    Ah, I see, so don't pay any attention to the man behind the curtain, right? You know the one with Dissociative identity disorder/multiple personality disorder!!

    It should also be mentioned that those involved in that lawsuit have made numerous attempts to take this website down, like they have with so many others that have talked the truth about them, and the pasts that they so desperatly try to hide.  So far they have not been able to get it taken down, and that is a good thing, because the truth needs to be heard.  The "other" side needs to have a voice in this as well.

    Go on to AML and try to talk about the cases, see where it goes... Then try to talk about Todd Mueller, Steve Koschal, Nelson Deedle and see what happens, see what goes on.  Of course because it's being pointed out here not much, but do a search on those names, and see what is written.

    See what he does about RR auctions, how he edits posts over the years in regards to what they have sold, fakes, questionalbe items etc..etc.  There was one forum post that had over 40 pages, once it was buried, he went in, closed the discussion, and changed the title which was "Questions on items being sold by RR auctions" and it is now "."  wow, that's hard to search, as it won't pop up, but thankfully the links are saved, as are the websites.

    What kind of due diligence is out there on things?

    Well, if people are told to trust others, you have the right to QUESTION that.  When you look into these people you are told to trust and you find the above, what do you think you should do?

    Trust them?  People that just went to high school, then formed a cartel where they pump each other up, while putting others down to make themselves look better, have a person who is mentally ill go on to own a magazine and promote you and then avoid court cases when you are asked to come in and prove what you have been saying is true.


    Like a big ponzi scheme, this house of cards that Steve Cyrkin, Roger Epperson, RR Auctions, PSA/DNA and JSA are standing on, is very close to toppeling over and what's going to happen.


    If you think about it, it's a nice little racket these people have created, and have been apart of.  They and others not mentioned have gotten away with a lot of things.

    Look at what they do, when questioned, and are brought into court cases.  Ask yourself, are these the actions of somebody trustworthy?

    Deleting posts, editing posts, changing web address in hopes that IP address will fade away, hiding, destroying records, working with known criminals, buying and having relationships with known forgers, changing terms and conditions, deleting items from online records, saying you didn't sell a item in hopes the person didn't keep a record of where it was bought from, the list goes on and on, and that is what all these guys are doing or have done so far in the court cases.

    Steve Cyrkin made a big deal about Michael Johnson and Todd Mueller having the same law firm in the cases.  Almost calling it a crime.

    YET, when RR Auctions hires the same firm that is representing PSA/DNA nothing is said about it.  Now that same firm, will be representing Roger Epperson in the federal case. 

    Nothing will be said about that by Steve Cyrkin will it?

    Steve Cyrkin wrote a article about RR suing Mr.Johnson back in June, yet that case has been tossed from court, and he has yet to "report" on it like he said he would.

    Well, what can we expect from somebody that is mentally ill?  The only question is, maybe Steve Cyrkin should be removed from the public eye, since he is so ill, and can't be "objective and UNBIASED" maybe he should be put into a mental hospital so he can get the proper trement for his illness.  Should this man really be in charge of a NOW DEFUNT magazine, and online forum?

    I guess, do some DUE DILIGENCE

  • & before you take the bait, "now, which side do you believe?" we have;

    Mattie King and her now-deceased husband bought the Divine Comedy collection from Park West Gallery in Southfield on a cruise ship in 1999; the $150,000 set of 100 pieces came with certificates of authenticity and appraisals, according to court documents. A decade later, when trying to sell the art, the plaintiff said she was told by an expert that the signatures might be forgeries. Park West said its own experts authenticated the signatures

    She sued Park West in 2011, but the next year the case was dismissed in Oakland County Circuit Court because the statute of limitations had run out and the court said King had not done her due diligence.

    However, The appeals court, agreed with King’s argument that the gallery’s alleged fraud prevented her from finding out the Dali signatures were bogus and that because of the gallery’s expertise, she wasn’t negligent in relying on their assurances about authenticity and reversed the lower court's decision on a very narrow technicality in Dec of 2014.

    “The Court of Appeals’ decision touched on only one side aspect of the case. We look forward to the case going back to the court and being dismissed on a variety of grounds not even addressed by the Court of Appeals,” the gallery’s lawyer Rodger Young said in a telephone interview.

    btw, Several other buyers went on to settle with Park West later, before Grant ultimately dismissed the whole case in late 2012 in similar lawsuits.

    Park West also sold Sports items such as Ali, Montana and so on.  So now, which side do you believe?

  • remember theresa franks and the park west donnybrook over the dali prints?  There were some experts there as well on both sides.  that is what is great about opinions, everyone has one...but if you do it for a living then you have to take the good with the bad.   In Teri's case, although having won some in the end the lawyers won and she folded her Fine Arts Registry as a result and those who were the target of not doing due diligence boasted about it.  Now, which side do you believe?

  • Seems a lot of supposed experts don't know "Michael jackson signatures from Michelangelo", seems also so called experts can be confounded by a single Rembrandt.
  • what I find interesting is none of you know michael jackson signatures from michelangelo but you are so willing to jump on the wendy ascher band wagon because "she", the dog groomer from appleton wisconsin, says it's so.  If she is right then Roger should just come out and end this nonsense once and for all!  On the other hand, is she?   Recently, St. Joan of Cyrkin boasted about how he testified, according to st. joan in an arbitration case against Gotta Have it.  The lawyers for the plaintiff released the following, "Steve Cyrkin, manager of Autograph Magazine Live, a popular online forum for collectors of autographed memorabilia , and an expert in Michael Jackson autographs, said that the Bad poster in particular was “a very impressive and unique piece."

    What I find more intriguing is that Cyrkin has not defended someone who has defended him tima and time again.  

    Hi Simon Parr,

    This may solve the problem: Why don't you ask Roger Epperson to confirm his opinions on the MJ drawings being questioned in this discussion?

    Wait a minute St. Joan!  I thought you were the expert according to the law firm that you boasted about!

    That is what I call a snake!

  • --------> Greg "The Man" Vanderhoven, Moderator - Posted 1 hour ago

    That does it Frank, you can consider yourself suspended, perhaps banned, I haven't decided yet, I'll consult the I Ching.
  • yeah but this could all be cleared up and straightened out if speaks out publicly about it. consumers would then have greater clarity.

  • --------> Greg "The Man" Vanderhoven, Moderator - Posted 1 hour ago

    Funny Frank...., NOT!!!
    Keep it up and you will know what it's like to walk a "mile in Miles shoes"

This reply was deleted.