It's getting really bad.  Just when we thought Jerry Lee Lewis would be the biggest mistake of the year we immediately move over to a bigger one, Michael Jackson.  I don't think the versions Wascher showed are any different than other forgeries being offered as (REAL).  This is Waschers examples to refresh

Looks like the same hand also signed this

I think someone needs to set up a recall hotline number or purchase a very large brush to sweep it all under the rug.  What would Brett-Livingston Strong say about this?

BUYER BEWARE NOW SELLING ON EBAY WARNING THESE ARE NOT MJJ WORKS OF ART- they are A Fraud - Jackson-Strong Alliance, Kathrine Jackson or the Michael Jackson Estate DO NOT accept or recognize these fake's as Michael Jackson's Fine Artworks.
To all prospective buyers of Michael Jackson's art. Warning : do not purchase any original art or fine art print reproductions of Michael Jackson's works of art, unless it is authorized in writing by either Mrs Katherine Jackson / Michael's mother care of her manager or the Estate of Michael Jackson or the Jackson-Strong Alliance. No certificates of authenticity in association with Michael Jackson's art are valid without the above written and signed authorization.

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  • Great points jeffects and well stated. 

    Notice Frost's response from Corey Feldman.  Pay attention to the last line.  Frost cannot stop committing fraud and why he is beloved by Roger Epperson and Steve Cyrkin. 

    Michael Jackson Artwork, Drawings and Memorabilia
    Date: 2015-01-06 09:20:38

     From: CF

    Dear Mr. Frost,

    I wanted to send you a formal response to the recent materials that you have forwarded to me regarding supposed artwork that I had supposedly been given and supposedly sold. 

    As you will notice above I have CC'd both of my managers in this email response, as to have a third party witness to the statements I'm making within.

    Let it be known, with no uncertainty or question. Upon opening your emails and resting my eyes on these images I can certify wholeheartedly that this has been the very first time I have ever seen any of these images. 

    I can also swear with no hesitation, that the written letters with signatures on them, are not of my own. There in fact is very little similarity from this fraudulent signature to that of my own. 

    Ironically my close friend MJ always taught me to have a unique one of a kind signature so that it would always be instantly recognizable, even if only to me. 

    I assure you, I did just that. I can spot my signature instantaneously, as I have a very unique insignia that I created and have never seen used by any other individual on this planet.

    I suppose that is one of my quirks that does make me unique. 

    Another of those quirks is the fact that I historically loath Blue Jeans.  I simply find the look and texture of them appalling and class less. Therefore as I interpret people who wear jeans as lazy dressers, and unfashioned, I have sworn to abolish them from my personal wardrobe since I was a school grade child. 

    In fact I can honestly swear that I have never even worn a pair of plain unfashioned blue jeans (film roles/characters aside) in my day to day teenage or adult life! 

    I can take it a step further and say that NO picture of me in "normal life" wearing Blue Jeans could possibly exist! 

    Therefore in summary, I proclaim, all of the statements, signatures, and photographs, which are supposedly of or by me, are without a question, 100% false, fake, and phony. 

    I can also say that for all future endeavors by you, or any party that you do business with, I do not, nor ever have owned art by or from Michael Jackson. 

    I do own several effects from Mr Jackson, and plenty of fan Memorabilia, and even personal gifts given to me personally by him, signed or otherwise as suggested in the letter, but none of them in the form of artistic renderings. 

    I can also state that I have never commissioned any of those items for a private auction.  

    At 1 time I had gifted a friend 2 pair of his sunglasses from the Victory Tour, and wrote a note for my friend to authenticate those. But to this date those were the only 2 items of Mr Jackson's that have ever willingly left my possession. 

    His personal Black crushed Velvet Victory Tour jacket with his name Inscribed on the lapel was stolen from me over 25 years ago, but that has no bearing other than a pleas for you to keep an eye out for it, should it ever come across your desk. 

    That aside, all that I have stated in this letter is true and factual, and I thank you for making me aware that such debauchery is under way. 

    I will now have my personal lawyers look into the people who are making these fraudulent claims, and defaming my good character.

    I wish you good luck in recovering your losses as well. 

    Thank You
    And God Bless

    Corey Feldman
    Notice how Corey Feldman stated; "I wish you good luck in recovering your losses as well."  What is this about?  Well, Mike more than likely got Corey's attention by claiming he was a victim in this mess when in actually he perpetuated it in part by trying to claim Epperson's COA's were fake like he always does with his own messes.  Cyrkin deleted this last line to protect Mike Frost to keep him in line with protecting forgeries and frauds which Steve Cyrkin is so good at.  But Mike Frost posted the original letter on his stupid club which contains 1 member, himself.  Total fraud by these guys all the way around from start to finish. 
  • Hi Chad and all.

    I got kicked off AML as well,  I probably got angry and said things that actually justified that.  I really don't worry too much about it though.

    You have the freedom Chad to say whatever you want here, you won't be kicked off.  People here aren't afraid of what you have to say. Enjoy it, It's called honesty.

    I got angry on that site, honest collectors were getting insulted and demeaned, because they had the audacity to question the self proclaimed boy wonder Epperson, who has a history of treating people and customers in a way that any decent person would find vile. 

    You obviously have never sought a refund for a forgery from him.

    Have you even read the e-mails to the poor guy (loyal customer) who bought the forged Led Zepplin album from him?

    There are those who know the type of person he is, who get angry that he's knowingly ripping people off.  Sorry we can't contain that. 

    Yes, I got angry, but I would never buy anything from Epperson. I just feel sorry for others, who may believe the garbage spewed by those with a self serving agenda. (greed and dishonesty)  "Cert mine and I'll cert yours."

    It happens every day with that cast of characters.  So Epperson get's caught re-handed, obvious forgeries, and he brags about them, and demands us to think they're legit, because it's HIM.

    Makes a bunch of dough off innocent collectors who trust him.  So sad.

    Then wascher comes along and exposes him for what he is, cares about the other collectors who are being obviously ripped off.  But she has to try and blame everyone but him, because he's Cyrkins boy.  So she backs off.

    What is Cyrkin to do?

    He lets it go on, hoping he can divert it, hoping Roger can lie his way out of it, as usual, but no, Roger can't do that because he has more of them he wants to sell.  So Cyrkin starts kicking people who questions it off his site, or allows his attack dogs to insult and ridicule them (victims of theft).  So they leave.

    Eppersons making a fortune off these MJ drawings.

    Have you even considered how R&R auctions consigned and sold 10 or 12 of these drawings within a month or so, long before MV had them for sale?  Do you think they got them from MV?  Ha Ha, I doubt it.

    Epperson is their rip-off expert (R&R).  Anything he signs off on is good by them.  (but no more refunds) They both make plenty of money off his brilliance.  Well. now they both have a big problem.  Cash only.

    Have you noticed how people with honest questions have gradually disappeared from that AML thread?  They get booted, or fed up like prashant, who was a victim of Epperson, and wanted some answers, and asked to be deleted from the site because of the insults thrown at him.

    According to Cyrkin and Epperson, Mike Frost has been a thief and a crook for 30 years, selling forgeries and stealing from people. (His customers)  Honest people were ripped off Chad, does that even bother you?

    But Frost came back 2 years ago and kissed their ass and begged forgiveness, now he's respected?  Are you insane.  You want to buy something from him based on his honesty? 

    But Cyrkin loves him now.  Would Cyrkin ever invest a dime with that crook?  But he tells others to trust him.


    So I go on there, and I'm being insulted by kiss ass crook Mike Frost?? 

    Cyrkins loyal followers post cartoons ridiculing American Soldiers as a response to my questions?  Are you kidding me?

    Yeah I got angry, Oh, but Cyrkin booted me from his self serving lair... Good!!!

    I'll take my dignity and honesty over those thieves letting me in their good 'ol boy crook network.

    So you end up with a thread showing that Epperson is a liar or incompetent, (who do you think consigned all those forgeries to R&R)? 

    The only ones still responding to that thread are Frost, Cyrkin and idiots promoting themselves like Chris Williams.  Insulting people and proclaiming themselves geniuses.  (ask Cyrkin about all the forgeries he acknowledged selling through Star-Brite and see how long you last.)

    But for me, having someone like Frost, with the audacity to say the nonsense he said repeatedly, made me sick.  (are you stupid enough to believe he paid to fly to New York to investigate this nonsense)?

    Even Cyrkin has called him a crook several times.  And Cyrkins boy Herman Darvick?? One of the biggest crooks on the planet is now respected over there as a honest authority?

    But now thery're all buddys.  Scratching each others back to make quick a buck and obtain credibility.  Sick.

    You won't see that here.  But trust who you want.  Whine and snivel as much as you want about the anger people have toward those who have knowingly ripped off others for years, it's called stealing Chad. 

    Let me know if you ever buy anything from Frost or Epperson in the future.


  • Chad-  I agree with Grant.  Your doing a great job.  

    I wish Wascher wasn't silenced.  It seems everyone with tremendous knowledge about a certain subject is eventually silenced.  It's all about the agenda, not the autograph.  Wascher is welcome to come here to share her knowledge and more of what she uncovers because I have a feeling once this is forgotten those pieces will be selling hundreds of years from now.  I guess she needs to determine if she want's to listen to an agenda and keep silent or protect collectors and future victims.  

    I have purchased autographs like you Grant that sellers/authenticators claim they never sold.  Jimi Hendrix comes to mind of recent.  

    Part of me wishes I sold these MJ artwork pieces.  I'd refund everyone as fast as I could and go after the source.  I feel bad for all the collectors who are "protected" (Cyrkins word) by the sellers and authenticators of these autographs.   About a decade ago my stock broker told me he "would protect me by purchasing solid stocks."  I was pretty upset when I realized $40,000 worth of money I "Trusted" him to invest were invested in Enron.  I suppose my interpretation of "protecting collectors" or being "protected by my stock broker" are different than others now.  

  • 10 or 12 years ago I spent a hefty sum on an autograph I didn't know much at all, the day I received it and held it in my hands I kinda knew it was a klunker! I was pissed! Within the nest few days I saw that the same dealer had sold an identical signature about 6 months earlier and I knew for certain id been had. I called the guy, he denied, I showed him what I'd discovered, he still denied. I told him I paid with a postal money order, that I would file a postal fraud complaint and that I'd become his worse nightmare.

    I got my refund!

    I can only imagine how the people who've purchased some of these Jackson items, now seeing so many other items with identical signatures must feel. Crap!

    It doesn't require much effort or study to discover the normal variation that should occur within a group of 9 Michael Jackson signatures, to be confronted with the grouping of signatures that Wascher has done has to be devastating to many.
  • Finally--I generally refrain from being overly adversarial with strangers on the internet. I go to AML and the Planet because I like the hobby and usually enjoy the conversations. Questions like "What side are you going to be on?" are just silly to me. I'm on my side and I hope on the side of making the hobby just a little better by sharing whatever knowledge I have.
    I'm not here to argue too much. A dealer I like told me about his view on getting into many of these discussions. To paraphrase, he said even when you argue and prove them wrong they don't concede. There is really no upside. I try to choose my battles and stay friendly.
  • As you can see in my avatar pic I'm just holdin'my breath waitin' for a day when we can all co-exist.
  • Chad,

    This is good! And I hope that we can allow you to be an ambassador!

    I really want Chad to get a free pass from all sides!

    He has the proper temperment for the task. Not many are so well suited for it.

    Don't quit us Chad! And don't quit them!
  • Furthermore-
    Raiderchef, I have not had the same experience you have. I feel I can speak/write freely over there and have never been censored by a moderator or Steve.

    I questioned Roger so much at one point he asked what my problem was with him. He was irritated with me but I was never harassed by anyone about it. I started the discussion on the website and it received plenty of attention. I asked Frost about the lawsuit he claimed to win twice and never got a response. In other words, I ask the questions I want and write what I think.
  • Jeffery Hunter- Some of the comments in your post are what I find inflammatory and unnesscary. Why would I want to or expect to have a reasonable conversation with someone who condescendingly tells me to "open your eyes," that I am drinking the kool-aid, am potentially high, drunk or don't care, that I can't be "that stupid" and says if I don't ask the questions I am just as much to blame. I also feel Referencing Nazi Germany rarely aids the direction of the discussion. If you spoke to or about me on a site I owned and ran like you talk about people here I would probably not want you as a member either.
    I was attracted to this site because I liked the work Grant was doing and thought he was funny. He can make his points without being hateful and he attempts to factually back up what he says.
  • Vander, the way we do it round here is to jump in a pit with about 40 - 50 grown rattlers. When you come out live on the other side yer good! Yer cleaner than sunshine!

    Trust me, this is all th skoolin' all the tranin' any 'thenticator would ever need!!!
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