It's getting really bad.  Just when we thought Jerry Lee Lewis would be the biggest mistake of the year we immediately move over to a bigger one, Michael Jackson.  I don't think the versions Wascher showed are any different than other forgeries being offered as (REAL).  This is Waschers examples to refresh

Looks like the same hand also signed this

I think someone needs to set up a recall hotline number or purchase a very large brush to sweep it all under the rug.  What would Brett-Livingston Strong say about this?

BUYER BEWARE NOW SELLING ON EBAY WARNING THESE ARE NOT MJJ WORKS OF ART- they are A Fraud - Jackson-Strong Alliance, Kathrine Jackson or the Michael Jackson Estate DO NOT accept or recognize these fake's as Michael Jackson's Fine Artworks.
To all prospective buyers of Michael Jackson's art. Warning : do not purchase any original art or fine art print reproductions of Michael Jackson's works of art, unless it is authorized in writing by either Mrs Katherine Jackson / Michael's mother care of her manager or the Estate of Michael Jackson or the Jackson-Strong Alliance. No certificates of authenticity in association with Michael Jackson's art are valid without the above written and signed authorization.

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  • Vanderhoven makes mistakes all of the time.
    He just asks for forgiveness and moves on!

    This morning the organ player played the drums...,
    the drummer gave it a shot at playing the organ...,
    and the Vanderhoven gave a shot at playing his crappy Peavey guitar...,

    Then we all asked for forgiveness!!!
    What else to do?

    It seems that we mess up when we try to put ourselves above others.
  • What is college?
  • I think Chad can do what he wants.  I think he is fine.  I wasn't banned on the other site, just realized it was "FIXED."  My lawyers are constantly asking me who this name is and that name that attacked me with lies on that site.  They are all fake names.  No background, no history, nothing.  Another fake name, Ralph Camerdean posted a rip off report on me claiming he purchased an MJ autograph from me and it was fake and I laughed at him.  Ralph Camerdean isn't a bidder on our site nor ever was.  Ralph Camerdean never purchased anything from me.  Ralph Camerdean never returned a MJ to me.  I would never laugh in anyone's face, so this also never happened.  Ralph Camerdean simply doesn't exist.  It's one of a small handful of people just lying about me since we still accept paypal, credit cards and give refunds even when the items come from our highly documented private signings.  

    Things will change.  Give it 18 months, maybe 24 and the industry will be much different in my opinion.  Everyone can make an honest mistake.  But some people make them (honest or not) and then do nothing about it.  Since I take care of any and every issue it really upsets some folks.  I'm not trying to make other dealers mad, it's just what I feel is the right thing to do.  In an upper level business marketing class in college we were studying about some of the best companies and how Nordstrom's once gave a refund for a tire and they don't even sell them.  Nordstroms philosophy was to make the customer happy.  Cyrkin once stated I was the only dealer to give a person a refund that didn't even buy the item from me and that he didn't know of anyone else who would do that.  Recently he stated I am suing Roger for protecting collectors.  This recent statement by him is simply untrue and he knows it because my lawsuit doesn't state that as a reason nor does it make any sense.  He does this in an effort to harm me.  

    I'd be curious to know how many people who bought the MJ art have been protected thus far?

  • I was banned also.

    Not allowed to talk about certain things.  I'll try to find the screen shot of what I was told.

    It was  "this is not the place to talk about things like that"

    He has his people that are untouchable, and I think everybody is seeing that now. 

    I think that OJ reference was perfect, and like I said earlier.  "further on down the road" sums it up!

  • The only time I've seen problems is if people are cursing, making unprovable claims as fact or slamming people personally/being inflammatory.
    There has been a lot of information gathered and presented on the other site.


    That's all those people do!  If you do what is done to everybody else, to Roger or RR auctions, see what happens.

    RR won't take credit cards, paypay because of chargebacks, and now only take cash, check, money order or wire, and Cyrkin burys it on the website.

    According to him, in his story, "how to buy rock, without getting rolled"

    Do this, but not from Roger or RR auctions!

    he tells people. ONLY PAY WITH A CREDIT CARD

    What does he have to say about this now?

    LIFETIME guarantee of 10 days???  That's ok?  Lifetime is LIFETIME OF THE PERSON WHO BOUGHT IT, not lifetime of 10 days!

    You are either high, drunk, or you just don't care, to think that this is OK behavor of Steve Cyrkin!

    He's a 2 faced HYPOCRITE!

  • Chris Wiliams AKA, MR YOUTUBE is having items he's trying to peddle on EBAY pulled and he cries about it.

    Look at all the damage he's done over the years to people trying to sell items.  He says they are fake, does not support it with anything other then "I KNOW" and we are just to take him at his word? 

    NOPE!  i have my own mind and own brain and choose to use it!  I ask questions, my mother taught me to do that.  That's it's ok to ask questions.  Those who don't answer are the ones to worry about, not the ones that ask questions!

    So what does Chris do, he creates a forum about all his fakes and says "look at what ebay did to me, they are mad at me for showing all the money they make off of forgeries that now they are going to punnish me"

    SO now he's a mind reader??  WOW, awesome!

    Cyrkin does the same thing.  He posts a email about a person having lunch, and act's like he KNOWS what went on at the lunch.  He was not there, it was not in the email, but he says "they were working together to put *** and *** out of business"

    So he's a mind reader and knows what went on 5 years ago at a restaurant 10 states away?

    Is it because that's what he does with his friends, so he projects it onto others?

    Something to think about, and SHAME ON YOU if you ask questions about it.  You are to just take it that HE KNOWS!

    He's a evil, sick person. 

  • Chad.

    Sorry man, but you are drinking some kool aid.

    If you question anything Roger related, you are banned from the site.  Same thing has happened over and over and over again.

    I tried to ask about the RR auction lawsuit, the stuff with Roger and was banned right away.

    told "this site is not for that"  Asking why lawsuits are being filed and WON, and why Roger is so bad at his job, is not allowed.

    Look at what is going on man.  Jeffects asks the same question's and was banned right away.  Another guy does the same thing, and POOF, gone and comments are deleted.

    Are you not seeing this or do you just not care.

    Why don't you ask what is going on?  See what kind of reply you get, either it's made public on the forum, or it's done private via instand message or phone call.

    This site was created for the banned member's of that website.  Travis was one, Grant another, the Raiderman, Todd Mueller, all of them, on that site and gone...

    Look at what the moderator did, Washser.  She starts pointing out things that discredit Roger and she's told that "we need to talk ON PHONE, NOW!!!" by Cyrkin... and she's not posted since that!

    OPEN your eyes man!  I've seen what you write and how you ask questions.  You seem to be a smart man.  You can't be that stupid to believe that Cyrkin really cares about the hobby.

    Look at what he did with the auction house that had MJ itmes that his boy, Roger didn't authenticate!  He goes on inside editon and any other program saying they are fake... all because they didn't use Roger.  The sale went on, and now they are selling Elvis's jet's.  MV vault was created and used for Jackson itmes, that have all been authenticated by Roger Epperson, and now it's being shown that all these items are bad.  The AMA Award, 100% fake, it goes right back to Epperson, and what is being done about it?  These drawings, over 300, all with REAL (Roger Epperson) COA's all come back to HIM!  What's being done, other then SILENCE!  The topic has gone from #1 to #6, because nobody is allowed to talk about it.  They are hoping it gets buried in google so nothing is being posted.  Then all of a sudden stuff with "michael" and "jackson" are being loaded and talked about each day, in hopes to bury it in google traffic.  What's being done?

    NOT A DAMN THING!  No talk, silence.  If you talk about it you are "BANNED" and "DELETED" as that info isn't needed.

    Come to F on man!  Really?

    If you don't ask about this stuff, they you are just as much to blame for letting it go on. 

    Look at what they did to Jerry Lee.  Now he's joining the lawsuit against Roger.  They state things as fact, with no proof other then "WE WEAR WHITE HATS AND WHAT WE SAY IS THE LAW"

    They run things like Nazi Germany. 

    The empire is falling and they are all running like rats.  All those guys were caught in the end, and so will these guys.

    What side are you going to be on?

  • ChadB,

    Not sure about Jeffery, but I got my account over there deleted by Steve because he didn't like the fact that I was pointing out how much "group think" went on in the post and threads on the other site.  I was personally accused of trying to "spoon" with a third party authenticator I had the audacity to defend due to the amount of crap several members of that site spew in their threads and posts about him.  It seemed to me that if you towed the PARTY LINE and didn't ask too many questions then you were fine.  However, if you asked questions and went against PARTY Leadership then you had to go.  Thus, I went.

    BTW, I never used profanity in anything I typed over there nor did I post a comment aimed at another member over there unless they hammered me first.

    SO, ChadB how about going into the Rodger and/or MJ thread over there and asking what is going or has been done about the points Wascher research has laid on the table? 

  • Jeffrey,
    If you would like to set up an account on AML you can make any comment you wish. It is free. Most of the people on that site are decent and reasonable and would gladly debate any points you wish to make. The only time I've seen problems is if people are cursing, making unprovable claims as fact or slamming people personally/being inflammatory.
    There has been a lot of information gathered and presented on the other site.

    My take is Roger obviously made some major errors, Wascher and others showed this and now Roger has vanished from the site. There is nothing anyone on that site can do about it that you and I can't do ourselves. If I wanted to or had anything to contribute I could post it there and I don't think it would be a problem. I think between this site and that site a reasonable collector can take in all the information and decide what it means to themselves.
  • Chad:

    You write on the other website, why are you not asking what is being done about this mess?

    You should be asking some questions over there, like Jeffects was.  If this was any other auction house those clowns would be going nuts about it. 

    Now, because it would appear that they are all behind it, nobody's saying anything?

    Sure don't seem right does it?

This reply was deleted.