It's getting really bad.  Just when we thought Jerry Lee Lewis would be the biggest mistake of the year we immediately move over to a bigger one, Michael Jackson.  I don't think the versions Wascher showed are any different than other forgeries being offered as (REAL).  This is Waschers examples to refresh

Looks like the same hand also signed this

I think someone needs to set up a recall hotline number or purchase a very large brush to sweep it all under the rug.  What would Brett-Livingston Strong say about this?

BUYER BEWARE NOW SELLING ON EBAY WARNING THESE ARE NOT MJJ WORKS OF ART- they are A Fraud - Jackson-Strong Alliance, Kathrine Jackson or the Michael Jackson Estate DO NOT accept or recognize these fake's as Michael Jackson's Fine Artworks.
To all prospective buyers of Michael Jackson's art. Warning : do not purchase any original art or fine art print reproductions of Michael Jackson's works of art, unless it is authorized in writing by either Mrs Katherine Jackson / Michael's mother care of her manager or the Estate of Michael Jackson or the Jackson-Strong Alliance. No certificates of authenticity in association with Michael Jackson's art are valid without the above written and signed authorization.

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  • Mike Frost is the biggest loser here. He traded a promising company and lifelong friends to the devil. Cyrkin claims he will NEVER recommend Mike Frost. Mike of course is a forger according to Cyrkin and traded in a pretty good thing in return for the lies he would spread on Cyrkin’s site. That Koschal is gay, allowed to use fake names to promote himself and frauds, claiming Epperson’s COA’s were forged and all sorts of other fraudulent nonsense that Cyrkin allowed. I read an email where Mike even claimed Mueller was a cannibal. Mike is being used like a woman in all this by Cyrkin. Roger even stated on Rip off report he would piss on mike’s coffin. Mike is fine with all of this and in the end is left with ZERO. Mike sold his soul to the devil and got absolutely nothing in return but more defamation against his horrific name and future. Oh, and I forgot about all the lawsuits he has against him for his lies on Cyrkin’s site all for being accepted. Nobody accepts a liar and rat and for that Mike is left with no friends, no support, no reputation. What a tragedy But if there is anything left of Mike he should be able to sue Cyrkin for being used in such a horrific way. I don’t know what he was promised in return for lying about Cyrkin’s competitors but unless it was several million dollars he is totally screwed.

  • Still being offered, along with others, no one seems to be revoking any certs.
  • I'm trying to recall if a larger autograph authentication blunder has ever taken place? It is simply a blunder correct?
  • Seems Todd Mueller had been warning against these for years now. AML and their experts are just now putting the pieces together. Bravo Todd! Can only imagine what they will discover 2 years from now. LOL!
  • Jeffects!

    Glad to see you on the site.  I really loved reading what you had to say over there, and am very surprised that you lasted as long as you did.  As you have found out, you are not allowed to question anything of Roger Epperson, RR Auctions or people that Steve Cyrkin likes. 

    Look at the recent post of RR auction's no longer accepting credit cards or paypal because of charge backs.  He buried it, and it will soon be deleted because one of "his guys" looks bad.

    Same thing with the Michael Jackson stuff, the person that warned everybody about the it back in 2012 had her posts deleted..

    Reply by Face 7 hours ago
    Alright, hi everyone,

    Took me quite a while to read the 30 pages of research on these drawings, and signatures on this thread.

    Back in 2012 I wanted to point out that a parallel business of fake Michael Jackson memorabilia was going on… It has been on for years, but now it becomes crazy.

    Actually now it’s all about faking COAs, LOAs, and made up provenance stories! How insane is this…!?

    I have written an extensive post in 2012 that was kindly found by a moderator from here. My post was on this forum, but was actually REMOVED.

    Here’s the link, and please, ALL OF YOU here read it!


    All I wrote is the truth, it’s about JASON MAKRIS, a Canadian seller mentioned by Wascher in one of her latest post here, who sells forgeries to many fans and collectors. He is actually quite good in faking things, but always do tiny mistakes that showed me he is a real fake. He sells privately and on eBay under JAYSTER321.

    The MJ American Music Awards mentioned before are from him.

    Anyway, my point is, we are actually seeing these forgeries in real huge auction house! Which means these guys have polluted the world of MJ memorabilia with fake stuff. It’s worse than the Michael Bush story who faked MJ’s signature on REAL outfits just to raise their value.

    I have a few autographs that Makris did himself that I will post here.

    Common of what goes on over there.  Just like he will go in and edit things so google does not pick them up.   Ever notice how when so much of one topic is being talked about, out of the blue, they will start talking about something with the same name?  IE Jerry Lee Lewis, anything with LEWIS. Anything with Michael Jackson, Reggie Jackson or another Jackson will be talked about for no reason at all.  It's to bury it in the search engine.

    In regards to the Led Zep album.  That to me is a huge talking point, one that Steve will just not discuss.  He pimps out his guys like no other person in the world, where there is a issue he does not help in getting it fixed.  You want to talk about a lifetime guarantee, talk about his!  Bottom line, the man wants a refund and Roger will not give him one.  No matter how he tries to spin it, it still comes back that the album is not good to the customer.  The thing that I just love about it is this.  Roger offered the man 100 GRAND for a refund in a email.  That is a legal contract that Roger entered into with him, and now he's on the hook for at least 100 grand.  To me that is just EPIC!  The man only wanted 10 grand and he's going to get 10 times that!  JUST FOR ONE ALBUM!

    If the album is authentic as Roger claims and if he could get that or more for it, then why did he not just give the refund and re-sell it or put in RR AUCTIONS like he has numerous times before?

    Maybe that's why RR AUCTIONS no longer allows paypal and credit cards... CHARGEBACKS on music items???  Time will tell as that info will be coming out in the Depo's taking place on this week.

    I just love his "LIFETIME" guarantee.  (after 10 days a agreed upon expert must be used, "AFTER I TALK TO HIM")

    So his "LIFETIME" is that of 10 days, after that you are screwed!!!  How long before Roger does not take Credit Cards and Paypal?  In the wake of what is going on with him and his company, I would suspect that a lot of people are scared that what they have might not be good.  I know if I had anything that he signed off on, esp any Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis, Metallica, Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson, Pink Floyd items, I would be very uneasy right now.  Like Roger said in his profile "a real item is worth a lot, a fake one is worth nothing"  How many people have "NOTHING" because they trusted somebody with little to no education and isn't good at their job?  Somebody that goes into hiding when questioned about the numerous mistakes and screw ups that others have found?  Why hide?  Why all of a sudden just shut up, when you are known as a blowhard and a person that has no problem telling others just how good you are, at ANY, GIVEN, TIME, if they ask you or not??!

    If these guys were as good as Cyrkin says, then why are they involved in 2 class action lawsuits, ones that are MILLIONS of dollars!!!!  These are the "GOOD GUYS"???  Come on Cyrkin!  Are you really that stupid and naive? 

    The best thing written yesterday was this:

    Reply by Sam Iam 9 hours ago
    Where is Epperson?

    Where indeed!

  • My last post here was a bit disjointed because I only had my responses written to him on my computer, maybe their still on their site. I don't have access to the site anymore.

    "Bad person who thinks!" I know...

    Oh by the way, if someone could pass this on to Steve:  I only went onto that site today to try and remove myself (no where to be found) and saw the latest nonsense written and couldn't help myself but to respond.

    Spanking time for Jeffects! Darn.

    I was so busy recounting what a crook Frost was, and Eppersons dirty deals, I didn't have time to get into Cyrkins forgeries at Starbrite, Darn yet again.

  • Hello,

    Well, you were right.  I got the very sad news tonight that Steve booted me from his site.  I feel so bad because I never got to properly say goodbye to them.

    His message informing me of this was quite funny,  I wanted to copy and paste it here because it was so silly. 

    He seemed to tolerate a lot more than I thought he would in the last couple weeks, but someone posted that I had joined this site, and apparently that broke the crooked camels back.

    He did assure me that the forged Led Zepplin album that Epperson sold was "good", and blasted me for ever doubting his honesty.

    Well, knowing that now, I can at least sleep better tonight, unlike the poor guy who bought it.

    Knowing that steve, mike, et al apparently read this site regularly, 

    Bye Kids.

    Like Groucho said "I wouldn't join a club that would have me as a member"  Mike Frost has a signed photo with that inscription if you're interested, and Epperson swears on his porn star wannabe girlfriend that it's REAL.

    One of my last messages is funny.

    Reply by Steve Cyrkin, Community Manager on Thursday :Jeffects, 
    No profanity here please.
    If you're going to make all these accusations, how about having the guts to use your real name?
    You are required to use it, because you said the other day that you hosted collectors shows, which makes you an industry professional, even though you call yourself a collector in your profile.
    Each profile says it:

    What kind of member are you? Industry professionals must use their real names and identify themselves as such. (You don't have to pick just one!)

    So tell us your real name, and change it in your settings."

    Reply by Jeffects 3 hours ago
    What in the world are you talking about?  I have never once stated I hosted anything (collectors shows included)
    That IS my real name.
    How about a little honesty and a little less fabrications.

    You're a liar Steve, or have a real problem with comprehension.  I suggest that you read things twice or three time before you accuse someone of lying.

    You'll probably get slapped around less frequently if you said it to someones face.  I have never used any name other than my own on any chat site.

    You have access to that and my information, but keep lying to your minions here, perhaps they might even believe you.  You want my social security number also.

    Do I also need to remind you about Frosts history?  What you've said about him?  Brutal! But true, Ha Ha.

    According to you, he has been a liar and a forger for 20 years.  But now he's your buddy. and respected?  Not in the real world.  

    Are you a liar?

    is epperson selling forgeries?
    is frost an established forger/liar according to you?

    I think so.

    Jeff (once again for the stupid kids here, my real name)

  • Chad-  My first instinct is to share the contact that offered me these fake MJ artwork pieces.  But here's the problem with doing that.  I was just offered them, didn't buy them, am not a victim and I am not sure if the source was the forger, a middle man or how his involvement was other than offering me two of theese.  This isn't my mess because I had and have nothing to do with it from creating it, believing in it nor authenticating them.  I think it's the job of those involved to answer these questions.  I prefer to stay as far away from this and other scandals and those involved in them.  I believe if people did the right thing they wouldn't have to fix things.  If they screwed up, it's their job to fix it.  I have absolutely nothing to do with this mess!

  • Song I recorded at Church this morning. Full of all the libel, slander and other crap us AP members are known for. Was playing my crappy Peavey guitar. Admittedly not as much fun as playing at home, alone, with a cardboard cutout girlfriend.

    Don't let anyone at AML hear, I specifically refer to... 

This reply was deleted.