It's getting really bad.  Just when we thought Jerry Lee Lewis would be the biggest mistake of the year we immediately move over to a bigger one, Michael Jackson.  I don't think the versions Wascher showed are any different than other forgeries being offered as (REAL).  This is Waschers examples to refresh

Looks like the same hand also signed this

I think someone needs to set up a recall hotline number or purchase a very large brush to sweep it all under the rug.  What would Brett-Livingston Strong say about this?

BUYER BEWARE NOW SELLING ON EBAY WARNING THESE ARE NOT MJJ WORKS OF ART- they are A Fraud - Jackson-Strong Alliance, Kathrine Jackson or the Michael Jackson Estate DO NOT accept or recognize these fake's as Michael Jackson's Fine Artworks.
To all prospective buyers of Michael Jackson's art. Warning : do not purchase any original art or fine art print reproductions of Michael Jackson's works of art, unless it is authorized in writing by either Mrs Katherine Jackson / Michael's mother care of her manager or the Estate of Michael Jackson or the Jackson-Strong Alliance. No certificates of authenticity in association with Michael Jackson's art are valid without the above written and signed authorization.

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  • DB, according to Simon Parr, Roger authenticated 200-300 of these, at $150 a pop and made between 30 and 45 thousand on the deal. He bragged about it to somebody... Most of the COA/LOA's that were seen are from July of 2014, but were not discovered until Nov/Dec. When they were discovered and put up on AML, he quit blogging.

    Now when they are shown, or anything with his COA, from any auction house, when the item is questioned, you are told to contact him for answers.  Everybody is hiding behind him, instead of doing the right thing and removing the items.  It's real sad, and sick to see what is going on in this hobby.

    I will say this, the Epperson deposition's are going to be great to see, and those should be coming up in the next month or so.  He's going to be talked to for 28 hours and that's before the the 7 hours in the federal case. (Johnson has him 2 times, 1 in the RR and 1 solo, and Todd Mueller has him 2 times)

  •    A quick, simple, easy way the entire Parr debate could be enjoined and have clarity provided            were it not for the hesitation and apparent impotence of the "White Hatted Leadership".

       To think that there was a time when they tried to label so many as "Friends of the Forgers"

       Certain forgers have benefited from lack of explanation?

       Certain forgers have enjoyed benefit from silence?

       Seems those hats have become awfully stained.

       Are those Cowboy Hats even genuine?

       Do they come with a COA?



  • & if you don't get in line as I told you too... Simon Parr is welcome here as long as he does not harass people or break other common sense rules. Let's give him a chance to get his behavior in check

    However, Chadb asked a straightforward question and Wendy gives the allusion she is speaking for Roger.  Since when did someone speak for Roger?  I have never known Roger to duck a misfire on an authentication he made regardless of the story behind it.

    Chadb; Was it not determined in this thread that Roger Epperson was wrong on many of these? I am not sure if he personally has commented on it. I know when these were being questioned in earnest (beginning in December I believe) was about the time Roger stopped participating on this site. Does my memory serve me correctly?

    Chad I don't even know why I engaged with him again, but yes it was determined they are forgeries.

  • And true to form St Joan stop picking on our Lizzie or we will suspend you.  It is OK for her and Wendy ascher to make claims, accusations and lob hand grenades but put it to the test ....  And you will be suspended.  What I find sadder is mindless support and no one speaks out.  What a maroon. No wonder authenticators avoid that place lately.

  • Mr. Parr is asking for too much?

    Reply by simon parr 6 hours ago

    "If Roger turns around and says he was wrong, then we wouldn't sell them. Unless someone else says they are right. Roger as far as we know is sticking by his word."

  • Bunch a members at AML saying, "Have you asked him what his opinion is now?"


    As if they can read his mind? Look he's taken the fee, issued the certs, and stated nothing to show any current, contradictory beliefs.

    It is what it is.

    Simon Parr is having a Blast!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  • it's an insane world Grant.  Now the exposer, if wendy ascher, is correct claims she is "no expert".

    What a mess the collecting business has become as it's easier to call out some and cherry pick others!.

    Epitomized by this (except on 9/2015 they say; We are proud to say that we work with Park West to provide art auction services on the following ships....)


    05-11-10 Royal Caribbean Drops Park West Gallery

    Park West Art Auctions, suffering from fraud allegations, loses a major customer in Royal Caribbean

    In the latest blog of Adam Goldstein, president of Royal Caribbean Cruises, he quietly drops this bombshell:

    Quick note #2 - our contract with Park West Art Services has expired and we have decided not to renew it. There is a wind down period in effect and the art auctioneers will finish on different ships at different times over the next few months. We are evaluating what if any art-related programming we may offer in the fleet in the future beyond Oasis of the Seas where Art Actually is our provider of art tours and art for purchase onboard.

  • When Williams says "The silence is deafening" is he referencing those who provided certification?
  • Thanks to the powers at be for allowing me back, ill be good!

    A purported email from the Parr camp

  • at least One correction for the moment (as it's a mouthful);  the motion to dismiss or transfer the RR Auction Suit Against Johnson for cybersquatting has not been ruled on and as recently as august RR Auction fiiled a supplement that ties  Michael Johnson to commercial activity in their opinion.  So to say it has been thrown it is premature.

    Due Diligence is important and we'd probably have alot more people calling themselves "experts" but many, including myself, have to trust someone and hope we don't get burned in the process.Then, if there is a problem that whatever it is can be worked out.  I once had a thread about T&Cs on auction sites on AML.  To say I became a cynic and disillusioned as a result of reading what I posted would be an understatement.

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