I was goin through RRAuction's music auction they put up the other day.  There were a lot of autographs that I was unsure about at first look but the most obvious was this secertarial Michael Jackson autograph.

I heard that if the Jackson have this large K in Jackson that they are all secretarial.  I will look and see if I can find this information to back it up.  Roger Epperson gave his OK on this secretarial autograph TWO years ago and RRAuction gave their OK on it THIS WEEK.  Don't they check their items?  How many mistakes does Roger Epperson have to make for them to boot this guy? One article on Autograph Planet says that he has messed up Michael jackson so many times this year the total is over $500,000.

Please RRAuction- PULL THIS ITEM!  I will email them now if they don't check this forum.

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  • Technically I suppose RR could end up bidding on, and winning, that jackson item themselves?

    Lots may be subject to a reserve which is the confidential minimum price below which the lot will not be sold. Consignors may not bid on their own lots or property. RR Auction may, from time to time, bid on items that it does not own."
  • Interesting, I will have to research the 'tall k' that Steve Cyrkin stated is an indicative of a secretarial. Although after the entire Jerry Lee Lewis mess can AML be trusted to identify a secretarial signature?

    Speaking of mess, is this the guarantee that RR offers just in case the Jackson were to be determined secretarial:

    'RR Auction is committed to offering authentic - and only authentic - autographs. This commitment is the foundation on which R&R has built its reputation as a responsible, respectable auctioneer. Backing our commitment to authenticity, we are proud to offer a 100% Lifetime Guarantee on every signed item we sell. This guarantee is more than just a promise. It is a Certificate of Authenticity that accompanies every signed item and is good for the life of the piece regardless of owner. With the April auction, R&R will bolster its commitment to authentication by backing its own COA with those of highly respected authenticators in the fields of history, sports, and music. These supplemental COAs will be supplied on selected items and will serve to confirm and reinforce the authentication provided by RR Auction. While RR Auction is exclusively responsible for its guarantee'
  • This non-genuine item is still be offered for sale and even has a bid on it.  I often wondered if RRAuction knowingly sold non-genuine material.  NOW I KNOW!

  • Is he making a mistake?  Could he be the consignor as well. Can he come up with a source of the item?????

  • Here is where I learned about the big K. 

  • For what its worth Steve Cyrkin also thinks this version is  secretarial.  The dog breeder must have told him about this one.

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