Rock & Roll, Music Artists selling items.

Here might be a good posting of Artist's that sell signed items.  

Upcoming concerts.

Shared musical exploits. 

Shared autographs and the like.


I know Joe Bonamassa sells items out of his store: Hand Signed Joe

CD's, Albums, Baseballs, Posters, Lithos even Guitar's.  They range from $40 to $799 PLUS!

Robert Cray also has some cool items : Robert Cray Vault

His stuff is $20-$30  He also used to sell his CD's pre-order signed.  His autograph is and has been just the "RC" initial for about 20 years now, but it's still cool to have.

Buddy Guy also has some cool stuff for sale in his store:

Currently there are 3 guitars being offered for sale: $349.00 SIGNED: Buddy Guy Guitar's   (A black, White and a Red the sunburst sold out) 

(NOT Cheap guitars, these are AWESOME Guitars:: Fender Squier Bullet Strat with a beautiful black finish and our special Blue Seal Certificate of Authenticity. It features an alder body, 3 ply pickguard, 3 single coil pickups, and a maple neck.)

No outside COA's are needed all items come with ones from the artists, keep the BILLS OF SALE'S and you will be good for years to come.

Buddy also is selling CD's Poster's and photos and books, these items will be found in the SIGNED BY BUDDY section of this website:Buddy Guy signed

I'll update this as I notice others, and please feel free to add to this list as you all see bands selling items.

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  • Another great place to get stuff DIRECTLY from artists before they become even available is Pledge Music

    Artists put up a store where they sell various items in support of making a "new project" which is a CD or DVD.  You give money, and in return you get something.  The CD/DVD, shirt, signed items, phone calls, all kinds of things.

    They have every artist and band you can think of with more being added. 

    Little Steven is up there right now of Bruce Springsteen fame, Willie Nelson, even CHUCK BERRY's latest project is up, sadly before he passed, so no signed items, but there are records, t-shirts and photo books of the project.

    Cheap Trick and Foreigner have stuff up right now also. It's a cool site with a chance to get some cool stuff right from artists themselves, with NO NEED for any outside authentication needed.

  • After just a few days Buddy Guy has sold out of most items since I posted this.  His people are happy to be "SOLD OUT" of everything.  They will have more items this summer...  I'll post when I get a update from his management.

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