Richard Bristow who sells autographs in England was asked by a blog on the dark side of this hobby: "What is your level of expertise?"  He was only able to come up with one word, in his opinion. "Professional."

Bristow is/was a member of the old supposedly now defunct Universal Autograph Collectors Club*  (UACC) and a group called "AFTAL." After the listing of the "Preferred Autograph Dealers and Auction Houses" was published, Bristow discovered his name was not listed.

An email using the name "Manor House" was sent saying a negative thing about the list of truly professional dealers. He also commented negatively about a well known professional autograph dealer.  The coward who sent the email did not state his name in the email.

A volunteer of the COA Reference Library after doing some clever research discovered the email was sent by Richard Bristow in England. The old UACC dealer list has Bristow listed as a fairly new member.  He is Registered Dealer #249 going under the name of Richard Bristow of RBEE"s Autographs based in England.

An email response was sent to Richard Bristow asking for further information about his negative comments.   Most likely shocked he was discoverd to be the sender of the negative email, he has not responded. 

A discussion was held with the autograph dealer whose name was tarnashed by Bristow.  The dealer said he is not aware of anyone named Richard Bristow. He has never talked to a Richard Bristow and has no record of ever selling anything to a Richard Bristow.

Why does anyone say negative things about a person they don't know, never met or never done business with?  Is this is what is described as a "Professional."  A serious problem in this hobby for years is people saying negative things about others they have never talked to or met. They were told or just simply read fabrications by a few with an agenda on an autograph blogs representing the dark side of the hobby. 

Still wainting for a followup reply from Richard Bristow!

* Three professional autograph dealers from "PADAH" took a look at Bristow's ebay sales store.  Not to go into a long list of his inventory but a few examples should be enough to pass judgment.  Those interested in this story should take a look at Bristow's ebay store and check his listings for Muhammad Ali, Clint Eastwood, Roger Moore and Sean Connery as a start.

* Checking the last listing of dealers in the UACC we find some who have gone out of business years ago. others who have not paid dues for what they said "is decades."  All though there has been no action withing the UACC since March of this year, there is one or two in the group that is hoping some will still send in a check for membership dues because of habit or pay for advertising in long gone magazine.

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