Richard Albersheim, Bill Corcoran, Kevin Keating and Zack Rullo

all of PSA Cannot Authenticate a Babe Ruth Signature

What’s wrong with this group? Could it be they are all so-called autograph experts who happen to be on the PSADNA team. PSA claims to have on hand the world’s leading autograph experts who they say can use state of the art technology and they have a four level authentication system. Founded in 1998 with 19 years experience and they issue unbiased opinions.

The so-called experts at PSA made autograph history on hundreds maybe thousands of blunders in authenticating on places like the TV show Pawn Stars and mis-authentications on eBay, etc. Stories all over the Internet including www.haulsofshame expose the atrocities made by PSA.

One major outstanding blunder made by the so-called experts at PSA was illustrating a forged Babe Ruth signed baseball on their homepage and on their financial report as being genuine.

Still years later four boys who claim they are experts in the field of sports cannot authenticate a signature of Babe Ruth.

What’s frightening is something signed by Babe Ruth is one of the most common items submitted to any authenticator.

Yesterday on March 7, a collector from the state of Washington found a signed Babe Ruth item on eBay. The Ruth signature is a “10”. Nice and dark, black ink signature with no faults. The collector is a newcomer to eBay with only 9 feedbacks and with little history in the business thought PSA Quick opinion was the way to go.

With the four so called experts on sports autographs listed above in the title, PSA came back with “unable to render an opinion”.

The first thought was for the thousands of Babe Ruth signatures they have made opinions on in the past, shouldn’t all those people get their money back for the boys at PSA just admitted they can’t even render an opinion on a graded “10” Babe Ruth signature.

Signature the 4 Boys at PSA Can’t Authenticate

The item is listed on eBay and comes with something else that is a gift but not mentioned in the items description. The reason this item has such provenance and not mentioned is the fact of the BS at PSA stating they issue unbiased opinions. It is believed that if this Babe Ruth item ever made it’s way to PSA based on the seller, it would not pass inspection.

This item was purchased from the family of Lester Eggers. Lester Eggers obtained the Babe Ruth signature “in person”. What accompanies the Ruth signed portrait is a 8”x10” photo of the East In All American Game lineup at the Polo Grounds that will meet Ty Cobb’s westerners. Standing in the rear, left to right, the third player is Lester Eggers. Babe Ruth is the third player to his right. A post note on the photo is by a family member who sold these items: “This is my stepfather Lester Eggers”.

This story is posted simply to help educate the 4 boys who claim to authenticate sports autographs at PSADNA. In addition, to help educate the collectors in the hobby about the so called expertise at PSA.

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  • They couldn't authenticate Babe Ruth if you spotted them the bab and the rut.

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